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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

🍞 DIY BREAD N BUTTER PLATE ($7.50 ++) 🧈 made my own beautiful breakfast plate of my favourite brunch ingredients 💕organic scrambled eggs 🍳 (tasted like brekkie in the UK especially in the “winter” weather❄️) with sustainably sourced salmon and sautéed mushrooms ✨ absolutely love it all as decided all to my taste hehe🤤 this adds up to $25 but I won’t have it any other way hehs 👌

GRILLED 3 CHEESE TOAST🥪 heard and seen so much of this! Tbh maybe too high expectations so it is kinda disappointing😅 as I had a better one elsewhere before oops. Could have more cheese 🧀 as it bit cooled and there isn’t much of a flow or pull😭 I do love the tomato purée jam🍅!!! It’s relish but would love like double the portion for both halves lol. For $14, bit on the high side but to be fair it’s well toasted in butter😁

💡 I do love the whole botanic vibes with large windows filling the space with natural light 🥰 it’s not very crowded as well due to its slightly off-central location yet still on the fringes of the CBD😌 price wise not the most value for money but would still return for the beautiful space 🪴

Mad roaster opened at Joo Chiat💗 more like a take out booth!

📍 @twobakerssg 😍
⭐️ modern Japanese brunch and desserts!💓
💰 ~ @fuzzieapp 30% off!

🎉SPECIAL PROMO $50 1 YEAR @fuzzieapp MEMBERSHIP PRICE USING MY REFERRAL CODE < IRIS4927 > and PROMO CODE < 65411146 > only till 30 SEP 2021🎉

💡: overall, it’s really a quality standard cafe spot to get your brunch fix with in-house signature cakes 🍰 use @fuzzieapp for additional 30% discount! Also note that the menus are quite different across their branches and [email protected] which have set menus and onigiris!😮

⭐️ bird eye chili Sara with smoked brisket ($24)
This is lontong pasta!😂✨ the sauce closely resemble lontong which is definitely an interesting fusion dish to consider.

⭐️rainbow sausages with nasi lemak bakar and mango salad ($16) 💯
All natural handmade sausages with infusion of spinach, beetroot and curry❤️made from antibiotics-free chicken 🐔 with no added addictives and colorings✨the meat is bit too loose for my liking (can have a better solid bite) but I like the idea👍

🇺🇸 American fried chicken cafe @birdfolks.sg has a new menu!🐓 located in NEWest building together with new cafes in the area💕 this part of clementi is your next foodie place to explore✨ I like how affordable the menu is, priced at around or less than $15 for much better chicken than KFC😂 tender, juicy with good fried or grilled seasoning paired with Asian fusion like mentaiko sauce and oregano fries 🍟💕 they serve birds of paradise @sunbirdbrewing beers for that chicken and beer perfect combo meal as well as completing that bird theme 🐦🍺❤️ do check them out especially for the westies! Suitable for all time of the day👍 #HappyBurpday


their nasi lemak ayam berempah ($10) is exclusive at their FANGKO+ outlet ✨ where the presentation is on point with its price! They have burgers with choice of fries like truffle or mentaiko too! Of cos must get their fangko coffee which is freshly brewed in house special blend as well🏠 check them out any time of the day, definitely one of the wallet friendly ones in the area😊 #HappyBurpday


From the same team behind @breadyard ✨ visited @hathawaydempsey is an upscale Asian-inspired cafe cuisine restaurant at @dempseyhillsg ✨ the space is delicately designed to with soft curves from the furniture and archs that creates a spacious illusion befitting of the natural lighting☁️ #HappyBurpday


[ Kopi Jawa ]
latte topped with Gula Jawa (sugar harvested from coconut palm) and decorated with a pandan leaf 🍃 love the ombré and it’s a huge cup for $7.50 iced! Not overwhelming sweet but tad too milky.

[ Crack of Dawn ]
So so pretty 🌈☺️ and surprisingly my favorite!😍 the mix of strawberries purée is a good substitute to sugar syrup hehe 🍓 personally wouldn’t mind getting it again cos it’s really refreshing!🙌

[ Pulat Hitam tart ]
Must have in a Peranakan cafe righttt. Personally the tart was bit too dry for me but does have a good amount of butter aroma. The black glutinous rice was pretty well done but the top of milk kinda overdid it abit. Not amazing but not too bad too😊

Now that it’s on @burpple it’s definitely more enticing to go over for a cafe chill out moment 💗 cos I really do like the space 💯

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They have their own house blend - tried their in-house KELUAK espresso blend which they used for their cold brews🥰 and it’s actually one of my top favorite among Jalan Besar cafes 🤭💯 It has smooth nutty taste profile👅 with a pleasant hint of sweetness from the chocolate ( but not turning it into mocha😂). It’s definitely a 👍 for people who like well-balanced coffee blends☕️ ( not too sweet, not too bitter, not too rich, just nice perfect✌️)

Iris Lim

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Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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