Comfort Food And Environment

Comfort Food And Environment

Need somewhere decently quiet to dine during the weekends? This is a list of them.
Boon Wai Hoong
Boon Wai Hoong

The wild wood classic is a all day breakfast that features fried chicken. It comes with toast with butter, small salad and egg.

You can choose the type of egg you like. They have Sunny Side up, Scrambled Eggs and Egg Benedict. I had the Egg Benedict for this visit.

The dish had good intentions but ended up too heavy for an all day breakfast set. I don't think fried chicken works well.

Toast could be more brown and I don't think vinegar is needed for the Egg Benedict. It changed the egg texture quite abit.

The ambiance is pretty good here. It's slower here compared to northpoint city.

Overall it is pretty value for money though. At this price it is pretty fair. I'll probably go for the classic breakfast set next time though.

Set came with 6 meat skewers and 2 vegetables skewers. With beyond you get total of 16 skewers (for 2 persons).

The concept itself is novelty. With an automated system cooking your skewers evenly, it's a fuss free experience for the aspiring homecooks.

As for the experienced homecooks, go with a friend and the experience will be more enjoyable.

Hearty braised pork served over rice. Set comes with vegetables topped with fried egg and a braised egg.

Taste authentic like what I had over in 西门町 in Taipei. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

Will visit again!


Iced latte that's made with double shot espresso in crushed ice and cold milk.

Perfect drink for a hot day when you need coffee.

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Trying out the new place for grilled unagi. Had the hitsumabushi.

The unagi is well grilled and dipped in sauce. It's slightly crunchy and the charcoal taste does come through. Pity the dashi was a little dull and doesn't really lift up the dish.

Overall still a pretty decent place. Come earlier to avoid queueing.


Walked past this new store at Eastpoint and couldn't resist after smelling the 卤味. Went in straight and ordered the specialty with pork belly and skin, tofu and egg.

The 卤汁 is done so well. Very rich soy sauce and flavorful with hints of Chinese herbs. When eaten with the duck it is light and doesn't overwhelm you with grease. The pork belly and skin just melts in your mouth. The egg is cooked properly without overcooking.

It's quite a enjoyable experience. Ended up sipping the 卤汁 haha. Will come again.


Had a 1 for 1 Confit De Canard. Was surprised that the duck is finished like deep fry but it isn't too oily.

The duck is crispy, tender and falls off the bone. The mash is buttery and fragrant. When paired with the sauce it's pretty awesome.

Value for money definitely.


Finally got to try their salad. Famished comes with a protein of your choice. I chose the roasted beef.

Smells fantastic when paired with some roasted eggplant and tomatoes. Now I'm famished.


Ohana at changi city point offers a selection of ingredients for making your own poke bowl.

Had a poke bowl with 5 superfood and it can get a little pricey. Pretty satisfying bowl. Comes with complementary miso soup.

Great for people living in the east who doesn't want to travel for a bowl of poke.

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Saw this dish many times so had to try it. It's brunch with a sousvide steak. Enough reason for me to test it out.

Didn't like the scrambled eggs as much as it's watery. Overall the dish is value for money.

Note the lowest doneness you can order here is medium rare.

They do not accept credit card here, so be prepared to pay via nets or cash.

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Superb bowl of greens readily available with 4 different superfood to choose from.

I chose all 4 of them ($1 per additional superfood) with 2 poke. Pretty worth it.

Will come more often.

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