Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The buah keluak aioli thing was quite interesting, but not overly strong

Took a while to come but eggplant was soft and minced lamb was decent too. The small pieces of cheese didn't help too much, and the popcorn things were soggy but that didn't rlly matter much

Overall safe choice

Not very pecan, it's got a lot of Chinese ingredients and overall quite restrained on the flavours

First of all the tiger prawns are grilled perfectly. Super smoky and very tender, for a moment I was wondering if it was carabinero lol

The laksa sauce was rich and reasonably fragrant but there's this certain powder I think which had super familiar spices and was superb. The mafaldine had a good bite too. There's even chunks of tiger prawn in the pasta

Great dish overall, must try if you're here for the creativity and execution

Don't get the hype. The crustacean dumpling was decent and so was the mushroom broth.

But just that and the fancy plating doesn't deserve 12 bucks lol

The waiting time wasn't too long, about 10mins plus only

They manage to do this by having a lot of random crispy bits inside instead of actual burnt rice, achieving a similar effort. The flavour profile was completely western tho, it's basically a rather flavourful chorizo stock base. The toppings of morel mushrooms and chorizo and other angmohs ingredients made a lot of sense and came tgt nicely

Worth a try

3 kinds of chocolate. The top halved milk chocolate were too hard, not enough crunch and didn't contribute well

The brownie itself was more pure fudge, it's almost cake batter consistency, definitely not solid. It's way too salty and smoky, it doesn't taste like a dessert at all.

However, with the olive oil and mascarpone taming the brownie it's quite interesting and much more manageable

Worth a try only if you're adventurous, and definitely not if you're a brownie lover cos this is nothing like a proper brownie

Oh this was heavenly. The banana cake has a super dense, melt in your mouth quality. That in itself is alr maybe the best I've had, but the banana cream was superb too and worked well with the chocolate

Must try

This was pretty good. The butter cake itself was not bad with dry crispy crust and savoury aroma, it's rather dense and a little dry. The camembert ice cream had but a hint of edge, and everything worked well tgt.

The butter cake centre could have been abit better but overall worth a try

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Tiny portion

They said it looks abit undercooked, but the texture wasn't ideal either. There's chew from the undercooked centre, and there's neither a meaty crunch as you would expect from perfectly cooked pork, nor extreme tenderness you would exprct from "undercooking". No crispiness either

The nduja emulsion was interesting, quite flavourful. Celeraic remoulade and grilled leek flower were fine too

Passable but immensely overpriced for what it was

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Sauce wasn't strong and the Brussels were not roasted till crackling and caramelised.

Meh. Somewhat crispy top, the centre wasn't fluffy enough

Smoked feta is their 7th rendition of butter, it's got almost a scarmoza flavour from the smoking process. There's supposed to be onion salt on top but can't taste that at all

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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