Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Nothing special at all, the coconut sorbet was good, and the chendol had more bite than normal as well as seaweed inside. But the Maldon sea salt wasn't applied evenly and that made some parts very salty.

Feel like a lot of stuff here is overpriced and with the cafe-esque decor it's really hard to convince myself to fork out high end restauarant prices, even though their menu is interesting. I guess you're paying for the knowledge and the novelty but the taste isn't particularly stellar(I didn't try any of the super ex seafood but this was alr 60 bucks)


It goes tgt, the combination of flavours from the kombu and the lime was quite interesting and very light so it serves as a base well. However at the same time it's not very stunning either


The rice flour bottom was crispy but it turned soggy at the end of the meal. It was also burnt at parts, but overall there's a nice smokey flavour

The baby squid's texture was excellent. Just a bit of pleasant chew, plus it's (somehow) very creamy inside.

If not for the rice flour base(which they would take note in the future), it's definitely a must try


W calamansi juice, fried shallots, can't rlly rmb which pepper

It's not bad but it's softer than I expected, on top of the unique crunch iceplant have. with the spice and the aroma and the acidity, it needs a bit of body. However it's severely overpriced for what you taste, although understandably iceplants are hard to source. If you're curious you can try it but otherwise don't waste ur money


Press into the website then press the menu, that's the updated one

The bread had quite some bite, and a faint butter smell. Exterior was crispy, and interior was almost flossy

What stunned were the butter. The kelp butter had a very pronounced kelp umami, and the garlic butter was good too, if a tad light

Overall it's pretty good but abit too pricey

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Pulled pork was solid, and it's paired w a variety of things that go w pork from kimchi to caramelised onions and pineapple. As crazy as it sounds, pork takes centre stage and so everything is in harmony.

This place's toppings are very hearty and that's really their strength, while the dough is passable

Basically Tom yum taste profile but tamed down. I'm surprised it works very well. Worth a try if you're in the area

Their dough isn't the best, as a handmade one it obliterates pizza hut and the like obviously but it's not as good as the Italian restaurants. However at this price point it's hard to complain

I don't take fried food but their tzatziki was v bright and that's why the rest loved it

Lemon curd, meringue, apricot jam, fruits, cookie

Forgot what the cookie was, and didn't feel the apricot jam added anything. The lemon curd tho, it's ridiculously good. I'm not a fan of lemon generally but this rendition was on point in terms of texture, acidity, and aroma. It's not shy about the lemon at all but it's not jarring either. Utterly delicious and I asked for the recipe.

With crabmeat, savoy cabbage, gnocchi, seafood reduction

Supposed to be mullet but was changed to red snapper. Crispy skin and flaky flesh, still really delicious though. The generous chunks of crabmeat were nice too, and everything else was executed well

Idk what's the name but it's the harder one compared to the soft roll. There's some crisp but it was difficult to bite through, highly recommend the soft rolls instead

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