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Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Pretty sure the Char was a pun if u just look at the glorious piece of meat. One month ago they werent sure if they were keeping it on the new menu, but it would have been a sin not to which they realised this month haha.

The Char siew is rlly mild, which was just as well cos then it basically serves as a dark glaze to a fatty piece of well Grilled Lamb rib. So tender and smoky, the Mint yoghurt with an adundance of minty fragrance worked well in alternate bites w the Lamb ribs

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The jelly was almost completely tasteless except for a bit of saltiness, which might actl be a good thing because the highlight of the dish was the lime chili sorbet which was refreshing and has a bite that only comes thru at the end. Still not recommended with their wife selection of sides

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Scallops, ikura, butter sauce, roasted cabbage, chive oil

The sweetness of the Scallops was completely covered by the strong butter sauce, which was rlly too generous. Same problem with their squid ink Risotto last time. The dish is too jelak but otherwise i actl enjoyed it q a lot, due to the well roasted sweet cabbage. Chive oil overwhelmed by the butter sauce too, only the pops of ikura and the sweetness of the cabbage came thru

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W scallions, chorizo crumble, lobster Porridge.

I personally q like the mild lobster Porridge, and the octopus was cooked q well too tho it lacks a bit of smokiness. Abit weird they use the same ingredient, tho i hope it's to garner feedback on it so as to improve on the new menu coming 1st FEB

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Can add on uni for 6+

Crab, caviar, chorizo crumble, confit lemon. With lobster bisque sauce

Worth a try for the unique combination of flavours. Lobster bisque was again slightly fishy, or else my friend said he would have enjoyed it very much. The chorizo crumble has a hard texture despite the Small size, so definitely needs improvement there. Confit lemon doesnt come thru as well. Pasta was also slightly hard. Though there are all Small issues, it tastes pretty ok

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Bread was rlly good, crispy and soft and well Grilled. Highly recommended
Butter was rlly full of umami, but the seaweed was abit too fishy.
Caramel Kaya is definitely recommended as well, they didnt go easy on the coconut milk at all and thats really what made it a stand out

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Not as good. The Cheesecake? Didnt have any taste, and was rather hard. Some elements were too sour like the raspberry and doesnt neutralise well with the other comparatively tasteless elements

Ok tbh idk if this is the white or red Christmas, but wth both desserts have the exact same colour scheme really cant blame me

Anyway this was decontructed strawberry short cake, and the strawberry tasted like macdonald's but it was much better. Excellent execution and flavours were all on point, definitely get this if u can only choose 1

Snapper was so soft and squid ink barley was good too, but the butter sauce really proved to be too jelak, even with 3 ppl sharing. This is the only dish we didnt finish

Pretty dang good. Got a nice crust, meat was very tender despite the relatively lean cut but inevitably theres a little bit of chew. The Blueberry sauce didnt taste sweet at all, which was great but probably jus would have tasted better. Great amount of flavour, esp on the tomato lol

I mean, chef was ex-owner of saveur, so this was pretty much perfect.

The wok hey kway teow could do with more wok hey, while the cured egg yolk added a little texture

With caviar and chives. I wont doubt that they used jumbo Crab, but the crab cake itself didnt have THAT much crab taste. Not that it's bad, just overshadowed by the cauliflower

Would travel for food

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