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Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Not my thing as I don't like truffle but I could appreciate the tender and moist chicken breast, as well as the fluffy yet chewy potato "gnocchi". Found the acidic shiitake out of place though(while I understand it's meant to cut thru the heavy cream based dish). My friend was absolutely in love with this dish.

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Duck was tender and really flavourful, expectedly from a 5 day dry age. Though it was slightly chewy, it still way outclasses most other ducks I've had. The skin is also dried from the dry aging process, resulting in a siobak-esque skin after searing.

The various other elements were extremely varied, from puree, to herbs, five spice powder etc. Really interesting and there's never a dull bite as each fork brings in new flavours and surprises

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Acquired taste but loved it towards the end. The refreshing notes of apple juice, intermingled with the ginger taste that appears right at the end, made this a fantastic drink.

Thanks to chef Chris for his generous treat!

Innovative in many ways but taste wise it's almost exactly like a mont blanc. Can be a good or bad thing depends on how you look at it.

Soy milk reduction seems like an interesting choice to keep the dessert vegan while the labour-intensive candied orange peels definitely paid off with bursts of zing


Normally comes with turbot but they ran out today. An extremely unique curry, both because the acidity is from the white wine compared to usual Indian curries(which uses lime juice or lemon juice etc), as well as the combination of cauliflower and shellfish. Usually with such a unique combination of ingredients it's either a complete harmony where the tastes meld together, or its haphazard and doesn't work. Here however, the two ingredients seem to coexist happily without combining flavours, binded together by the curry.

While definitely not sticking to tradition, the taste flavours were on point and the thick curry tasted surprisingly authentic. However since the base is made from fish reduction there can be some fish bones in it so be careful


Deserves special mention as it's a solid rendition. Surprised how they can easily surpass many hawkers' version even though they don't specialise in this. Needless to say they probably spent a lot of time perfecting their recipe(which is also the case for their pride, the curry as well)

Positively crispy, yet light as well and aromatic, it seems like whenever I thought I've discovered my new favourite prata there comes along another one that's totally different yet not any less charming. Enchanted all of us the moment it was served and greatly saddened all of us as well when it was returned to the kitchen as the order of dishes served was wrong haha

What's different: lobsters instead of prawn in their awesome broth
What stayed: broth remained awesome :D

An indubitable upgrade over their previous rendition, the use of lobster had a noticeable improvement on the broth. Served with a VERY spicy chili oil that had a a slow burn, which was extremely fragrant and reminiscent of Chinese chili oil

Snow crab texture was different from what I expected but it was still mad sweet and flavourful!

Stuffed full of aromatics, it seems that some parts of the succulent flesh were more perfumed than others. While it says that grilled vegetables were going to be served with the fish, the pickled veggies were lip-puckering and will most likely be improved soon enough

Skin was paper thin and pretty crispy though it may lose its crisp after a while. Rather tender and really flavourful(heard it's dry aged as well), this is a significant upgrade from the tasteless roasted chicken meat you may get elsewhere. The true star however, may just be the duck fat potatoes which were crispy on the outside and so incredibly sweet and fluffy inside.

Most of the items pictured here from the tasting are set-menu sized which is why they may seem smaller than expected(the full portion)

Edited from his grandmother's recipe, this double boiled soup by chef Dillon was both comforting and packed full of umami

Chef mentioned that the texture of the meat is closer to lobster and true enough, it was extremely sweet and succulent, definitely unlike any prawns I've tasted. The more astute among you might realise that there's 3 prawns but only 2 prawn heads; that's cos the last one went into the puree with Serrano and piquillo peppers which tasted like a mayo with much more depth of flavour. This and the aromatic spicy oil made us dipping the remaining bread into the plate! Utterly delicious and a must have on this new menu. The fried prawn heads were completely edible as well if you were wondering :D

Thanks @gastrosmiths for the gracious hosting and @burpple for the invite!

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