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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Pork chop was again ok only but the bright tangy flavours were not bad, gf loved it. The fish sausage was interesting as well, soft bouncy texture with a pervasive sweetnedd

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Egg meatloaf was decent, pork was rather dry. Same pork as the pork chop in Vermicelli. The most stunning component is the soup, which is the pork seafood quail egg noodle soup. Full of sweet umami

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A variety of pork items and complex but clean flavour. The baguette was crispy and fluffy. Overall it's a good one but by no means the best, adjust your expectations

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Ginger taste was strong but the syrup was too sweet. Wait for it to dilute first I guess

W sticky rice and coconut milk

Ordered this cos I wanted to see how good my favourite ration dessert could taste when made by a restaurant. Is it weird that I still like creamy corn more?

It's abit unfair to compare because this is more a sticky rice soup w corn than a corn dessert. Not bad, q comforting, right amount of sweetness and decent portion

It's light and started off ok but halfway thru there's this fishiness, like from shellfish. Couldn't force myself to keep eating, hopefully it's a one off

Not gonna lie when I saw this I tot to myself it was a mistake to order that

But my first bite taught me that my eyes aren't as trustworthy as I tot. The pork was supremely tender, considering the lean cut. The marinade was humble, not in your face, but undisputably umami. Really comforting stuff

If I had to nitpick, it would be a small pool of oil at the bottom. Otherwise, just trust the full house of Vietnamese lol

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Divine. The beef was sliced so thinly and was so incredibly fatty and tender. Really strongly marinated too, with sweetness and a slight tang, while the quality of the beef was still easily perceptible. Mixed everything for new flavours, MUST TRY!!

Good as ever, though the pork wasn't as tender as we had expected. Maybe some people enjoy the bite

PSA some miscom over the phone, do ensure you make it clear exactly what you want to order(preferably the Viet name of the dish) if you're going to pre-order over phone, English isn't their first language

Tastes okay... Not the biggest fan of spring roll and you can barely taste the pork(even though it's not bad on its own probably). A bit partial because I didn't even intend to order this lol

The soup is clear but it's not clean tasting at all lol. Strong deep flavours and well seasoned, predominantly sweet. Super generous amount of tender and well marinated beef, most people would find it uncomfortable finishing the whole bowl. Def recommended! Not too spicy at all

Really loved the complex aromas, haven't had many coffee but this one was clearly different. Esp loved the scent of chocolate, and it wasn't too sweet either. Takes less than 5mins for all the coffee to drip

Would travel for food

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