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Featuring Mrs Pho (Beach Road), Red Sparrow, ComNam Vietnamese Street Eats, Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), SO PHO (Jem), Wrap & Roll (The Star Vista), Pho Street (Westgate)
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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

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The Banana was q special but i certainly wouldnt have mind more of it. However the slightly charred Glutinuous Rice wasnt too dry due to the creamy sweet coconut milk. Overall a decent dessert and i certainly enjoyed the smokiness

Not only was the execution on point, the ingredients were really generous and the chicken meatball was soft yet flavourful. As someone who doesnt like meatballs, the ones here(chicken and pork) really stunned. There's this extra umami flavour in the soup as well, compared to usual chicken pho.

While the environment is certainly elevated, at the heart of these dishes is just vietnamese Street food, and unpretentious ones at that. Its no wonder all the dishes are so satisfying, and hats off to them for the generous portions. I have to say even if they trim 30% of the portions, their prices would still be justified given the decor and the "atas-ness" of the restaurant, so it's really impressive that the dishes have bang for your buck, on top of being very well executed and utterly delicious

Flavour was unexpectedly predominantly sweet, with other nuances. Sauce goes well with the rice Noodles it was served on top of, but what made the dish was the amazing quality of the seabass. Firm and flaky, the generously portioned dish was pretty good overall


Chargrilled pork belly was very well charred and well Marinated as well. Tender and sweet, it was rlly easy to love. The meat balls that were soft and juicy were super smoky as well, lending a smokiness to the dipping sauce that was unique as well. Its a diluted version of the sweet and sour chili sauce that the Noodles are usually tossed in. Unbelievably satisfying, esp since u get 2 kinds of meats that are sold separately too.

One heck of a memorable meal, the first in a long time. Hard to believe im saying this but made the gruelling walk up worth it (i was half drenched when i reached the restaurant)

Broth was decent but have the pork quick as it might turn tough if u leave it in the soup too long. The highlight of the dish Gotta be the prawns though as they were really well seasoned and has a prawn-paste texture.

Really impressive! Wagyu beef sirloin slices were reasonably tender and rather fatty. The tripe was slightly chewy but that's where the complains end. Between the beefy beef shank slices and the light but flavourful soup, it made for a really satisfying bowl. The beef balls were the most eye-popping as unlike the usual kind, this was very slightly pink in the middle, super juicy and flavourful and wasn't too finely grounded resulting in a nice bouncy yet tender texture


Really addictive sweet, sour and spicy soup that's reminiscent of tom yum, there's a real kick at the back of your throat though, which can make you cough. Still recommended for sure if you love some heat!

Despite the amount of chicken it actually tastes ok. Definitely much better when u mix in the soy sauce though. The rice was soft but not mushy, and the chicken was tender too

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Grilled pork is decent and I love their soy dip, but the serving is much smaller than expected


Rather interesting and surprising. The pork itself was very tender, sweet and smoky from the marinade. Loved the scallion and oil on the rice and the salted egg pudding was decent as well. And the pineapple sauce which was sweet sour and slightly spicy goes with the meat really well, though the meat was good enough on its own with rice that I was reluctant to add the sauce at first. Overall considering the mixed reviews I was pleasantly surprised by the innovative tweaks


U get both drink and side for the 1$ add on.

Look at the size of this thing. Theres no way it's gonna cool by the time u finish the food lol


Not expecting too much but wow the soya bean sauce was pretty savoury and addictive. I cleaned it >

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Would travel for food

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