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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The soup is clear but it's not clean tasting at all lol. Strong deep flavours and well seasoned, predominantly sweet. Super generous amount of tender and well marinated beef, most people would find it uncomfortable finishing the whole bowl. Def recommended! Not too spicy at all

Really loved the complex aromas, haven't had many coffee but this one was clearly different. Esp loved the scent of chocolate, and it wasn't too sweet either. Takes less than 5mins for all the coffee to drip

Spring roll w boiled? Pork belly and prawn.

The pork belly has a nice clean flavour and goes well w the sauce that's q similar to our red Chee Cheong fun/Yong tau foo sauce(the sweet and viscous kind) not bad at all and a good choice if u want a fresh spring roll

P.s. the skin is really sticky and it doesn't keep well in the fridge

PSA when you walk up the small steps with the guard post on your right, turn right and follow along the car entry. The entrance to the mall is there.

Not sure if I got the right thing as it was quite different from what I expected.

Nonetheless, this was pretty good as the thinly sliced pork belly was tender and the baguette was v airy and crispy. Difficult to beat eating these in house

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Idk how many slices of beef there are originally, but this was pretty damn generous with more pieces of beef than bites of noodles.

Not bad overall, I didn't think too much of the chili oil when I tasted it by itself. Seems lacking in flavour and aroma, but surprisingly it works well once mixed into the soup, providing a comforting heat and mild flavour.

Props go to the beef meatball, which they have a supplier for, as it was springy with quite a bit of beefy flavour.

Beef was quite tender, though the Onion still got some raw heat to it. The sauce had this very strong umami taste, that's so familiar yet so unlike any of the usual culprits sauce. The lady wont reveal anything about the sauce at all, but it was slurp-worthy

Same marinade as the chicken, so i recommend skipping this as the chicken had the special gooey texture on its skin. This one had a real bite which i quite enjoyed, a crunch of sorts, definitely not for those expecting sth Melt in your mouth

PS idk why its not Radio Active orange anymore, more dark brown but the waitress affirmed its the same dish

Really light actually, and again mainly sweet. Very slight bite and acidity

P. S. This place really have the Street vibes. When i went it was all vietnamese, with some smoking right outside the restaurant. Idk if it contribute to the taste but most likely it means this place is authentic lol

Chicken was gooey, with a marinade that was predominantly sweet but lip-smacking. Rlly good even though it lacked char

They ran out of beef balls. Beef chuck roll was tender but slightly chewy, and some of the slices u have to separate urself for it to cook(mainly cos there's so many slices it inevitably stacks upon each other multiple times lol). Tendon and tripe were unbelievably soft, and beef shank was soft too. A quintessential bowl, quality ingredients and good broth. Hard to fault and probably one of the best if u want a good hearty bowl of beef Pho. I barely added anything to it, tho the chili has a surprising heat.

If theres anything to complain about, the staff told us that we could use Burpple beyond so we went but realised it's locked for off in lieu. And the Noodles were the soft white kind, not the slightly chewy ones that is usually served w pho

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Slightly sweet, with a mild sweet sour sauce. Slightly hard on the outside, and not v juicy either. Dont get this at red sparrow

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And soft shell crab apparently. Absolutely delicious, the Beehoon had flavour and is thoroughly infused with the good ness of the phat crab. A must-try, im guessing it at least rivals some places known for their crab Beehoon


Would travel for food

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