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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Off the menu, pls ask for it

Beef tenderloin has a surprising amount of bite, there's some chew, and is not Thinly sliced yet almost fully cooked

Beef shank was alright, this is the kind w more bite, good beefiness but i prefer the kind that melts. The parts without any tendon was super tough, and you cant order the tendon separately.

Beef brisket was alright, tougher than the tenderloin

The beef plate has lots of sweet fat and that was pretty good, plus it's a unique cut

Broth is good, quite sweet and slightly cloudy

Chili is potent, the pickled sliced garlic was nice too

Overall this bowl is good, but not really worth travelling for. If youre in the area try it, also i was the first so i didnt have to wait at all


This was intensely fragrant. I should say insanely actually, very familiar coffee notes but the Concentration is hardly familiar, never had viet coffee quite like this. There's also choc inside, not too much

MUST try

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Pork was quite flavourful, but the skin has A LOT of bite. Maybe its to hold everything tgt, but that really affected the enjoyment

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Everything was not bad, tender beef and each component was rather text book. Not super spectacular, come if you stay nearby

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Beef was tender and banh Mi was airy and crispy. But cheese was quite mild, it's overall quite refreshing from the well seasoned pickles, pretty good rendition but maybe not worth a travel

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I realise the effort that goes into this dish but the taste is very normal, mildly sweet and sour, rather clean tasting but very forgettable for 10bucks

The pork was tough, but flavour was good. Very difficult to remove from the skewer too. The vermicelli was solid, esp w the spring onions and the fish sauce.

Has the pork been tender it would have been worth a visit, esp at this reasonable price point

The banh mi was crispy but the ratio was very off, so can't really taste the ckn enough

Barely passable overall, get the pho

Delicious. Beef slices were alright, beef shank was not too bad, but beef balls were quite lousy. Not v umami and not v bouncy

The broth is sick tho, it's got depth and a strong fragrance from the star anise. Quite salty tho, but one of the most powerful pho broths I've had, u can tell from the cloudy soup(even if it's not necessarily authentic)

Broth was extremely solid, it's packed w flavour and remains reasonably clean tasting. Sliced beef was decent, beef shank was full of beefiness, meatballs were good too

This is a hidden gem, even amongst similar hidden gems.

The chili oil is ridiculously hot tho, proceed w extreme caution. It's hot on its own alr but it's absolute fire when you dunk it into hot soup

I've been here 5 times. That's more than any other place that isn't near my house. The food really is that good, Vietnamese flavours executed to perfection with great ingredients. However this last visit made me feel that the price is not worth the quality anymore, and I am thus more reluctant to recommend this place from now on. It went from being an amazing place to a place with good food but overpriced. In all honesty I didn't check the price of the items I had years ago, so maybe their mainstays are consistent, but the sliced pork in gravy really was the last straw for my stellar impression of this place all these years.

Very unique take. The baguette was soft, and had a significant thin crisp(instead of a solid crunch for most good baguette)

The beef was bursting w flavour and juices, good stuff

However it's not very filled w beef, esp the ends. Also it's pretty tiny. Can still get if you've tried their signatures, just don't share

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so different from the picture, they really slacked on this one. It's supposed to be like Chinese braised pork, and that's how they used to do it, but now it's very thin slices of pork belly dunked in the sauce. The pork belly is not even very tender. The sauce is good though, well balanced sweet and sourness, would have been much better when pork belly was braised in it.

They didn't even bother changing the picture. Massive disappointment

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