Worth The Hype?

Worth The Hype?

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Sze Qi Wong
Sze Qi Wong

The nasi lemak aspects: fluffy coconut rice (check), sweet chilli (check), ikan bilis and peanuts (check). The nasi lemak aspects were done well, and based on that I was already convinced it was going to be a solid lunch. But wait, throw in crispy battered tempura (and can you also spy the tempura ramen egg) it made this a crazy satisfying meal. This checks off nasi lemak and tempura cravings at the same time! The ingredients were really generous, with prawns, chicken and an assortment of different vegetables! I was very impressed that the tempura was fried on the spot, hence it wasn’t soggy and neither did it have an oily aftertaste. The dipping sauce that came with the meal was slightly tangy and refreshing, and really complimented the other heavier components of the dish.

With the 1 for 1 it makes this a super worthy deal!! Even so, I would still pay full price to come back for another round of this.


This place was bustling with the lunch crowd! It not only has pretty aesthetics but the food is pretty solid too. Despite the crowd the food came promptly. The pork belly was beautifully braised, meat was tender, and the fatty bits and skin melts in your mouth. Tastes really close to good lu rou bowls in Taiwan! Worth a try definitely!


Tastes exactly how you would imagine! Unagi is flavourful and rich, fried mantou is crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside! A very rich dish, so is recommended to share! I had 1 out of the 2 benedicts and felt just right!


The star of the dish was seriously the mac and cheese. Cheesy, creamy yet not jelat- one of the few mac and cheeses which have found the right balance. Steak was alright, gravy was solid, coleslaw packed a crunch. Sadly the soggy batter on the outside didn't do it for me. Other than that a great dish though!

After this, I'm never eating another pulled pork burger in my life. You have never really tasted a real pulled pork burger if you never tried burnt ends'. Forget all you've ever known about pulled pork burgers. This one here melts in your mouth, explodes with spices, full of depth and robust flavours. The slaw adds a nice crunch. Everything in burger was carefully thought out to create the perfect one. It is really worth the hype.


Don't underestimate this dish. Shared a 200g piece between me and my friend and it packed a punch. Meat was succulent, bone marrow gravy was rich and flavourful. Everything paired very nicely together, I was surprised when I took a bite out of the meat, sauce and the salad on the side. Salad adds a light bite and cuts through the richness of this dish. Definitely worth trying.


So sinfully yummy, I couldn't stop after picking up my first one. Tater tots were crispy, beef chilli with sour cream and mayo is an all time winning combination. Recommended to share as it is a little more on the greasy side.

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This was the most amazing meal of my life, made more amazing by the entertainer app, and that I was treated to this for my birthday. This beats ANY bowl of beef don HANDS DOWN, and it is worth every single cent that you spend (eating 10 bowls of $10 beef dons don't give you such satisfaction). Everything goes well together in the bowl, and every mouthful is like a flavour explosion. The foie gras was seared perfectly, beef was nicely done, buttery uni and salty caviar elevating the flavour profile of the dish. Really worth trying once.


The first thing that wow-ed me was the portion - there was a generous serving of chicken and risotto. Chicken was crispy, tender, and not oily. Risotto was full of flavour and the garlic certainly brought it up a notch!

Very beautiful presentation, tastes as good as it looks! But prices were a bit steep for me, given that I've tried much better chirashi bowls for better value! Still worth a try nonetheless!


You've never eaten a real charsiew before until you've eaten this - crisp honey glaze coats the outside, and the inner meat is juicy, tender and it all becomes a bite of heaven in your mouth.

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Beef was absolutely lovely and everything in the plate complemented one another well. The salmon poke was a bit lacking though!

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