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Shun Teoh
Shun Teoh

Always a fan of French toasts, especially the ones that are thick and fluffy. (Minus the huge scoop of cream which I mistaken as ice cream, but eh).
If there’s one advice to give, it’s that you either come here with a super empty stomach (for dessert) or share this baby with a few of your friends bc you’ll get jelak pretty fast.

The Tokyo Restaurant’s famed burnt cheesecake makes it’s way to CDLC — in ice cream form!
It’s a cream cheese ice cream enhanced with actual cheesecake bits, so delightfully creamy, I’m missing it on the tip of my tongue.

CDLC churns out beautiful ice cream cakes for your ig feed. As aesthetically pleasing as it is, it tastes just as good!
This one oozes with gooey gula Melaka and pandan ice cream, completed with a crunchy white chocolate coat.

Finally had the chance to try this! I’m a matcha junkie, so I can never say no to anything matcha. Naturally I went straight for this best-seller.
This was everything I dreamed of! Fluffy and refreshing shaved ice flavoured with rich matcha and topped with creme brûlée. Yum!
That’s not all, I was surprised to find sweet red beans hidden within the mountain. Will definitely come back! 😍

YUMMY. I liked their rendition of the classic dessert. The usual toppings plus longan! The shaved ice was laden with fragrant gula Melaka. However the ice melted before I got to dig in, so EAT FAST.

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Super nostalgic plate. Reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. Ginger-HEAVY chicken stew with perfectly fried egg.
Beware of the hidden ginger slices because bentong ginger can be very pungent! (But if you’re a ginger fan then go ahead!)
PS. Their hot meals come with a free hot beverage too.

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So much eggy flavour and wobbly! Could tone down on the sweetness and could use more moistness because it was quite dry, and it can be pretty jelak.
They are still new to the scene so service can be quite messy. But if you’re really craving for modern desserts and ginger-heavy meals, this is the perfect spot for you!

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I would like to formally thank Mr. Marcus Low for his creations. Here, you won’t be able to find typical cakes and pastries. The Masterchef Asia runner-up does not do typical. His plated desserts and tarts are served with STYLE.
Here we have a deconstructed Bubur Cha Cha, the well-loved traditional dessert.
Brûléed pumpkin, sago-like pearls and smooth coconut ice cream stacked on top of a moist sweet potato cake, then joined by a gula Melaka foam on the side.
Every single elements played a role, and I love how there was a right balance between sweet and savoury.
Close your eyes and maybe you’ll be deceived into thinking you’re having a warm bowl of bubur cha cha instead of this beautifully presented plated dessert. 11/10 will have this again!

Not kidding when I say the pancakes were wobbling non stop when the server brought this heaven on a plate to our table.
It’s melt-in-your-mouth and almost foam-like texture. I had mine with their unbelievably refreshing matcha ice cream and I cannot stop myself from taking the next bite.
Good thing desserts for dinner isn’t illegal because I will totally make this a thing just for this beautiful creation.

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Whoever came up with this brilliant idea of pouring a strong cup of espresso over smooth and creamy ice cream, you have my respect.

Generous red bean filling. The bowl of dessert was good, albeit not the best I’ve had. However, I would like it to be less diluted and less sweetened.
You may also opt for a combo, in which you pay for a hot meal and a dessert (only available for selected desserts)

I imagine this warm bowl of ginger soup would work wonders for tummy discomfort. Mildly sweetened, the heat that came from the ginger was comforting and not overpowering.
All 3 of the glutinous rice balls were plump, inviting me to take a bite on it. The rice balls were each filled with generous fillings (peanut and black sesame), generating a burst of flavour once bitten.
The dessert was easily one of my favourites. Definitely worth a try.

Pictures capture the fondest memories. A foodie and a fattie.

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