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Featuring Artistry, Park Bench Deli, Symmetry, Wheeler's Yard, The BetterField, New Ubin Seafood (Hillview), Hambaobao, fȳr, Two Bakers (Jalan Besar), The Marmalade Pantry (Novena)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

A lot more agreeable, this mocktail was slightly refreshing and was basically a soda evelevated somewhat

Peach puree, cranberry juice, pineapple juice

Too sweet for me, but i guess it's slightly better if u stir hard.

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Generous on the spice and thus the flavour, yet not too spicy, this place is really turning out to be a great date night spot. Prawns were very well cooked, being juicy and slightly smoky. Squid was not bad too and the angel hair had a decent texture. Overall just a very solid dish

Overall the place really exceeded expectations because of the level of refinement, attention to detail, execution and even ambience. Great place for a first date, food was interesting but easy to accept as well.

This smoked duck was pretty damn good. Well smoked and flavourful, the texture was not bad as well. Loved the tomato with cheese on top, as well as the wine reduction sauce with a unique texture and an even more unique taste.

New york crust, extra cheese

Gotta say this exceeded my expectations for a chain. The BBQ sauce was detectable, pizza wasnt too dry, and the crust was okay also. Better than a certain restaurant that claims to sell new york pizza

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With jalapeño relish, bacon, and Colby cheese

Nothing really stood out and could not compare to the first bite I took months ago for some reason. Then again given its price tag it's expectedly better than their other beef burgers, with more flavours from the relish that's got some tanginess and spices. Definitely better when it's hot though

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I guess for fast food it's okay but the patty was really disappointing for something marketed as "thick"

Despite me thinking that the cream was quite one dimensional in flavour and only seasoned w pepper, the rest seemed to love it. There's mussels and clams inside as well


Really nice tender chicken with a rich dark sauce, accompanied by a myriad of vegetables that were cooked well. Despite the name it actually taste closer to a western chicken chop


Seafood broth wasn't too heavy and quite full of flavour as well, slanting towards the savoury side instead of the sweet. Good amount of shellfish too


P.S. the grain fed roasted beef is nowhere to be found on any menu

Some are pretty soft but there are some that tasted like it was crispy but had been left out for a while. Perfect vessel to mop up the soup from the cataplana though as the accompanying dip did not have enough balsamic vinegar, and the spice and nut mix tasted too strongly of five spice


Quite a bit of seafood taste in the creamy risotto which was on the softer side, but pleasantly so. The highlight has got to be the well grilled seafood though, literally bleeding juice all over the risotto and supremely smoky as well.


Would travel for food

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