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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Satay sauce was thick and nutty but it was sweet and somehow didnt have enough punch. Chicken chop was crispy and tender, if a little Thin. Bread wasnt crispy at all though, and too liberal with butter.

Just cream and not much Carbonara taste at all. Turkey Bacon wasnt good either. Get their chicken instead

Honestly still ok, between the spices and the tomato sauce, and surprisingly the outer edge was still crispy. Cheese was savoury and not overwhelming. However, do get it heated up as cold pizza is miles away from even a microwaved pizza

Middle was perfect medium rare, while the edges were understandably a tad less cooked. For a thick, rather lean piece of steak this was really tender and juicy. Can understand why they're popular, their standards are closer to a Steakhouse than a hawker centre, though it is right beside yuhua market hawker centre. Personal recommendation is still to go to a Steakhouse for quality steak, though this is definitely the best option around if craving hits

Decent. Flaky flesh but the skin wasnt very crisp.

Be prepared for a long wait for your meal as the grill isnt very big, and yet it still wasnt fully utilised because the guy Grilling was in charge of the sauce and plating as well.

Btw it's really a Surprise that theres no svc since the service crew were full of young ladies

Pretty damn good. Though it wasnt crispy, the pork was reasonably tender and flavourful, and somehow goes very well with the mashed potatoes in a single bite.


Chicken was tender and well Marinated but lacks any sign of being Grilled. Cheese was not bad and the chicken bacon wasnt as non existent as previous rendition somehow. Not amazing by any means, but definitely shows improvement

A lot more agreeable, this mocktail was slightly refreshing and was basically a soda evelevated somewhat

Peach puree, cranberry juice, pineapple juice

Too sweet for me, but i guess it's slightly better if u stir hard.

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Generous on the spice and thus the flavour, yet not too spicy, this place is really turning out to be a great date night spot. Prawns were very well cooked, being juicy and slightly smoky. Squid was not bad too and the angel hair had a decent texture. Overall just a very solid dish

Overall the place really exceeded expectations because of the level of refinement, attention to detail, execution and even ambience. Great place for a first date, food was interesting but easy to accept as well.

This smoked duck was pretty damn good. Well smoked and flavourful, the texture was not bad as well. Loved the tomato with cheese on top, as well as the wine reduction sauce with a unique texture and an even more unique taste.

New york crust, extra cheese

Gotta say this exceeded my expectations for a chain. The BBQ sauce was detectable, pizza wasnt too dry, and the crust was okay also. Better than a certain restaurant that claims to sell new york pizza

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Would travel for food

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