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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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With jalapeño relish, bacon, and Colby cheese

Nothing really stood out and could not compare to the first bite I took months ago for some reason. Then again given its price tag it's expectedly better than their other beef burgers, with more flavours from the relish that's got some tanginess and spices. Definitely better when it's hot though

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I guess for fast food it's okay but the patty was really disappointing for something marketed as "thick"

Despite me thinking that the cream was quite one dimensional in flavour and only seasoned w pepper, the rest seemed to love it. There's mussels and clams inside as well


Really nice tender chicken with a rich dark sauce, accompanied by a myriad of vegetables that were cooked well. Despite the name it actually taste closer to a western chicken chop


Seafood broth wasn't too heavy and quite full of flavour as well, slanting towards the savoury side instead of the sweet. Good amount of shellfish too


P.S. the grain fed roasted beef is nowhere to be found on any menu

Some are pretty soft but there are some that tasted like it was crispy but had been left out for a while. Perfect vessel to mop up the soup from the cataplana though as the accompanying dip did not have enough balsamic vinegar, and the spice and nut mix tasted too strongly of five spice


Quite a bit of seafood taste in the creamy risotto which was on the softer side, but pleasantly so. The highlight has got to be the well grilled seafood though, literally bleeding juice all over the risotto and supremely smoky as well.


Exceptionally generous amount of crabmeat, and you can easily tell it's not the frozen kind. Rather addictive too from the ample amount of chili flakes, carries a real heat

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It's said that the Greek honey tastes abit like chestnut. I don't know about that but it's definitely quite viscous and sweet, intense in flavour.

The greek yoghurt itself was of an extremely generous portion, probably enough to feed 3 or 4 pax. Luckily it's mixed with chopped mint for a bit of flavour.

The nuts and dried apricots do help a little bit with the texture and flavour of the yoghurt, however it can still get one dimensional after a while due to the portion and the honey wasn't enough even after I requested enough. Or maybe I have a sweet tooth lol


Extremely meaty fish with stringiness of the muscle fibres closer to poultry than usual fish lol. Well charred on the outside but because of the nature of the flesh of the fish itself, it wasn't very tender. Otherwise the blend of parsley, rosemary, thyme, olive oil and white wine vinegar provided zinginess to the meat


PSA: ONLY LUNCH MENU AVAILABLE DURING WEEKDAY LUNCH. their "all day"menu not available all day lol so don't follow the menu you see online

To me the 2 pieces of really well charred prawns would be the highlight Really fresh and the head was tasty as well. Sakura ebi added savouriness to the otherwise bland pasta

Friend was like lol looks like gardenia bread. But once we took a bite we realised how wrong we were. Could really taste the milk and the texture was soft and crumbly as well.

However the highlight was the kaya. From the colour itself you can tell it's something special and true enough, it's nothing like anything I've tasted. Really thick, sweet enough, and full of caramelised flavour, my friend said she could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only complain was that the portion was just enough for the bread lol would loved another cup hahaha.

Norwegian butter was good as well but it wasn't as mind blowing as I remembered


Would travel for food

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