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Friend was like lol looks like gardenia bread. But once we took a bite we realised how wrong we were. Could really taste the milk and the texture was soft and crumbly as well.

However the highlight was the kaya. From the colour itself you can tell it's something special and true enough, it's nothing like anything I've tasted. Really thick, sweet enough, and full of caramelised flavour, my friend said she could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only complain was that the portion was just enough for the bread lol would loved another cup hahaha.

Norwegian butter was good as well but it wasn't as mind blowing as I remembered


Chicken liver pate was intense in flavour and seasoning. Creamy, unctuous, funky and with the liver aftertaste when everything else subsides. An acquired taste for sure but the umami is no joke. Pate had an extremely smooth and light texture, as it was almost fluid. Not sure what's in the four spice but there's citrusy notes and cinnamon. Doesn't complement the liver imo as the liver pate overpowers the four spice.

Elsewhere the pickled pearl onion and pickle proved to be really nice palate cleansers to prevent the pate from being too surfeiting


Thought it was pretty good the first time with the tangy, slightly spicy tomato jalapeño relish and the luscious melted Colby which was much thicker than the usual Swiss cheese. But the delivery waiting time during peak hour really affected the taste as the colby has solidified already by the time it got to us. Definitely head and shoulders above the usual Mac offerings if it's warm though, but don't expect too much from the patty

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One thing I've noticed about park bench deli's sandwiches over the years is that despite it sounding very strong in flavours, each element comes through just enough so that every taste is just a hint and nothing gets overpowered, resulting in a sandwich that's so easy to eat I had to stop myself with great effort in order to taste each element. Nonetheless, they make for extremely gratifying sandwiches.

The Reuben is no exception. The beef was lean yet quite tender, and each element does its job, with the mustard providing a bit of kick, the salad providing a little tanginess and the Swiss cheese mild in flavour yet very pull-able. Hearty!


Santa supreme is quite a nice set of toppings, with capsicums, pineapples, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, and chicken roasted chicken. Results in a meaty and juicy bite with a generous amount of cheese at the bottom. Never liked pizza hut's thick crust since it can be a little dense and dry but the thick layer of cheese here covered up the shortcoming really well by making it moist enough. The ring of cheese filled outer crust was also superbly crunchy and fragrant from the caramelised cheese. Sinfully irresistible.

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Free with redemption!

Just follow their instructions for signing up and ordering on your phone and you get this for free

Really tender, flavourful, and some pieces had some crispy bits. Pretty juicy as well. Marinate wasn't too strong which was just as well since the chicken itself was cooked well

Again, really impressive for a chain restaurant. Creamy and with a respectable amount of complexity, I was glad this was the soup of the day. Filled with chicken bits as well

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Really really good. Unexpectedly. Rich mushroom taste, creamy enough, and an abundance of mushroom pieces and what I assume were croutons before it was dunked in the soup><

Worth the 1$ upgrade

The set meal for two comes with a regular knotty pizza with topping of your choice, 2 drinks, 2 daily soup or salad

Rye bread was expectedly exceptional. It's on the dense side, yet wasn't too filling. Well crisped up as well and maintained its crisp till the end. Sandwich wasn't quite what I expected in terms of taste but it does make for a very satisfying umami bomb. Bone marrow wasn't very strong but the roast beef was incredibly tender and well balanced by the hints of horseradish. Really satisfying despite the deceivingly small portion size


For 100g. Why would a steak be served well done I have no clue, but the medium parts were quite tender. Interestingly the funk from the dry aging came through more prominently in the well done slices so let's hope cooking it well done was a deliberate move

Also they don't have the sourdough anymore, nor any form of desserts as of now but I guess it's coming soon

Chicken itself was really tender and succulent with a slightly crispy thin skin. However while the crunchy veggies worked nicely with the mashed potatoes, the chicken jus that's really flavourful and well seasoned by itself somehow wasn't able to impart it's umami when taken with the mash. Nonetheless a solid dish for sure


Crispy charcoal grilled brioche, combined with crunchy lettuce and flavourful juicy pull pork made this an absolute winner. If I had to criticise, I'd say the muscle fiber itself was very slightly dry but honestly it's damn good

However this is a transient menu as they're transitioning to a completely new concept, even changing their name so don't come for the old favourites

Also this is by chef Christoph from brine so there's no wonder it's this good

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Would travel for food

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