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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Not ratatouille at all. It's just soft veggies with a lot of oil. Edible. Don't expect too much from their sides(their pasta is considered side also), their meats are pretty solid tho

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Ckn was raved about by the others, it was tender with this sauce that has some flavour, but at the same time I couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly it was lol

Lamb ribs was the least impressive, kind of tender but no taste. Doesn't taste like lamb at all

Pork belly was passable. Very mild sweet glaze and quite tender, but goes well with their zesty homemade chili

Beef brisket was as good as they claimed. It's very different from the norm, fatty and crispy on the exterior. It's almost like a steak or sth haha. This is worth the trip(yes it's a damn long trip, very ulu area) and that's why they're so affordable for this quality of food

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The cream sauce was very jelak, really delivers on the cream. Not too bad if you're into that, I enjoyed it

Yeah, looks as miserable as it tastes. How is it aglio olio? It's plain pasta with the slightest sprinkling of cheese

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Again, it's decent but unimpressive. Better than Mac if that's what you're comparing against. This outlet doesn't have a queue though

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One of the more ex items on the menu. The bread sticks were dry this time but the light pasta made up for it w the amount of seafood. Perfectly cooked(esp the ultra tender salmon), it definitely justifies the price. Rather big portion too

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Actually pretty good. Everytime I come thinking it's just some chain, every time I leave satisfied. Should start to learn my lesson and accept their quality haha

Slightly crispy, and a rather light crust, loaded with succulent roasted ckn. Worth trying! The juicy tomatoes were nice too

Tender and q flavourful, it's a well executed classic. Honestly it performed a lot better than expected, this is a actually worth coming down for.

Their entire system is needlessly complicated. From the ordering to how they charge(it's not exactly ++, but it's damn confusing)

NZ Ribeye fared much better, not that that's saying much. How is the aus one more expensive?? Anyway this was decent, by no means excellent but at least it's good enough to be called a steak. The asparagus was barely passable but the cheesy cream spinach was not bad.

Both sauces were weird. Too sweet and texture was off as well.

If you must come here, probably get the NZ pasture ribeye, tho there's no need to force yourself to order enough to qualify for steakhouse char because there's no steakhouse char going on at all

It's damn worth it to add ckn. Then you will be paying only 10bucks per ckn chop

Ckn was passable, there was a bit of crisp but it's a little thick. The sambal was pretty good though, there's a solid tang

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Rant: NO RESERVATION FOR BURPPLE BEYOND. ya some discrimination, on top of that idk why but somehow you're forced to be members of the black hole group before u even order anything. Some perks are 10% off this, 10% off that. On top of the measly perks, there's one that is 5% off your very first bill, stackable w any promotion. In the end we didn't get it(we didn't bother to clarify). Not only that there used to be free flow drinks but now it's cancelled, I think you have to ask her to help refill(maybe cos of covid so don't encourage ppl walking around)

Decent sauce, it's got some heat and lemak enough but for some reason the taste falls abit short. Also q monotonous in texture, what you see is what you get so you're eating only pasta every mouthful. Not unpleasant, maybe spaghetti works better here

A solid carbonara, a bit unexpected. There's cream but there's depth and it's not v jelat at all. Mushrooms were a great addition, highly recommended

Would travel for food

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