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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

What? 6bucks? Yeah what a ridiculously worth it slice of cheesecake, it's got the texture of a basque burnt but the taste of a classic NY. If you love NY, you're gonna love this. Don't expect the sweetness of a typical Basque burnt cheesecake tho

What dreams are made of. Super satisfying mound of tender beef, with popz of mushroom. A sweet umami sauce that wasnt too heavy, and only a brioche could handle all that jazz. It's so surprising that what works so well here(the brioche) doesn't automatically translate to other burgers. This is a must-try!

Have to clarify that I had this after the sukiyaki beef burger so I was already abit full

Nonetheless I felt that this burger was a little too greasy, can see that the brioche with oil shimmering was a bit too much, alongside the cheese and the smokiness. Patty was super soft tho, would have been awesome with normal buns

So there's an option of choosing a lettuce wrap and that's pretty considerate(it's at no extra charge). There's a strong smokiness and the fragrance of the Portobello juices rlly comes through. Otherwise taste was ok

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PSA I got no issue with the food at all, but beyond is very limited in choice at this place. Theres only 3 meats and a few pastas for beyond, so be prepared

Stunning as well. Personally i prefer the lemongrass pork for its marinade and the texture, but this one had a nice slightly sweet glaze and extremely charred exterior too.

Very different styles, so there's nothing wrong with getting both to use the beyond deal. Highly recommended

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Wow. Just wow. The pork was cooked so well. Crunchy on the exterior, with a nice Char and the smokiness that comes along w one. Wasnt the most tender, but i really enjoyed the slight bite and i believe this texture works best with what dish is about, esp with it being served in slices. And gosh, the marinade has such a depth of flavour, definitely was much more than lemongrass only. Must try for any self-respecting pork-lover

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This was fantastic. Doesnt seem like its gonna work but the Mint, dressing and the balsamic vinegar comes together to make this taste like a Salad instead of a dessert. Meanwhile, the sweetness of the fruits still come thru

The only problem i have with this is that it's served alongside the lemongrass pork and we werent told that

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Texture was ok and had a satisfactory bite, so the Double patty is recommended. Not crispy at all tho, dk if it was meant to be like that. Pepper had a real kick tho, and couldnt really taste much else. Overall decent option if u have to get sth here

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Pretty good, just like what you would expect it to be. Quite a hefty portion and what stood out to me the most is how muted the sweetness was, which was great

U do get a hint of the earthiness from the chocolate, but otherwise it's just a really good beef pasta. Esp the beef cubes that were so tender. Not as worldview-shattering as i tot it would be, more like comfort food. Then again all their pastas are pretty good

The bread is really something. With a serious crunch and lots of aroma(from the fermentation), i originally thought they Grilled it with olive Oil before i clarified. Airy but a bit difficult to sever, it's really quite a unique texture compared to the usual "perfect" kind of bread.

The chicken Liver Pate was really clean and free of any unnecessary taste, incl gaminess at all. Really surprised and i loved how it came tgt with the pickled veggie

The only complain is that the chicken Liver Pate is a bit chilled so it's difficult to spread using a spoon. But anything for the taste so just bear with it and make a mess lol

Wow. I didnt expect it to be this good. Apart from the skin not being crispy, there isnt too much to fault. The meat was so succulent and quite flavourful. It tears off the bone so easily. Seasoned just right as well, though it can go with the superb brown sauce(aka mushroom sauce) as well. The brown sauce is one of the best ive tried too. Not overwhelming, had a depth of flavour, and not excessively seasoned, for a sauce. It doesnt taste too unhealthy either.

Really surprised by the quality of this restaurant and it does blur the lines between a fast food joint and a proper restaurant

Would travel for food

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