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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Omg this was super well balanced too. The prosciutto's sharp saltiness was tamed by the well rounded hollandaise, which is a lot less acidic than normal. Bread loses it's crisp fast tho


Adding the ham was a mistake. It was originally very well balanced with a mild savouriness. Now it was too meaty

This is the one that wasn't too impressive. The tomato and bacon were cold, and the portion wasn't v generous for the price

Delicious. The balance is so good, the saltiness of the ham with the generous portion of veggies inside.

30% off weekend breakfast

The pizza crust was as good as ever. It's really quite something, much better than you'd expect for a chain and in fact better than some Italian restaurants. Ham added a nice touch of savouriness

For this price, very good

Not sure what people are expecting but for almost 30 I expect an artisanal burger.

And this definitely wasn't that. Sure the patty is much bigger and thicker than a Mac but honestly, it's some factory made nonsense, not hand formed. The texture is also way too fine, like a single emulsified product as compared to actl ground beef. There is a little bit of funk and it's juicy tho

Again, depends on your expectations. If you're someone who's very happy with Mac's this is going to blow your mind.

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Pretty good, sweet and soft risotto with nice mushrooms and cheese. The risotto didn't taste too much of pumpkin tho, however overall still good execution

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The meats come w 2 sides, the pastas and risottos don't for set lunch

Today the sides for set lunch were fine. The pork belly was thinly sliced and was almost fried tbh, but it was pretty decent

Octopus was rubbery. 100g so it's really quite expensive for this level of execution

If you're ordering on app you can still specify dine in in the comments.

It's a very good family friendly version. Flavourful cream sauce with nice aroma of green curry. Pasta was cooked well and it wasn't too jelat. The ckn is minced

Worth a try if you're here

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Miso cream was weak, the mushrooms were cold. Patty was decent tho, it's a proper medium rare(you can request)

Overall decent, quite unexpected from a school restaurant and better than many out there

Ice cream was high quality. The crust was soft. Quite a standard version

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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