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Weekend Brunch

Weekend Brunch

Featuring Sunday Folks, Strangers' Reunion, One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), The Lokal, RONIN, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Common Man Coffee Roasters, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Penny University, GRUB (Bishan)
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Comes with chicken leg, potato, carrot, two pieces of sourdough and a broth which is with chicken soup flavour and lots of herbs. Pretty good for a light lunch. I wish the broth could be less oily though i know it is something cannot be avoided given the chicken leg is included.


Had oven baked molten egg here (which is always their signature). However, I found it not as impressive as the one I had last time. I wish there are more cheese and less of the salad to be served.


There are three flavours for the mochi waffle and i picked the charcoal one. The sogurt goes well with the waffle, but i wish the waffle is more crispy than it is now - it is softer and the chewy one (and probably the reason why is it called the mochi waffle) but it is indeed a bit too soft for me. A family friendly environment so be expected to see a lot of kids around.

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I’m a big fan of cinnamon roll, however this cinnamon roll doesn’t comes with very strong cinnamon smell/taste. I wish it could be stronger.

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Had croissant and iced lemongrass here. The croissant is not crispy (apparently it is not fresh from the oven) and doesn’t have any buttery taste. The lemongrass is better than expected - i just wish it is bigger in size.

Had french toast and cold brew here on a Sunday afternoon. The french toast is not overly sweet and goes well with the coffee powder surrounding the toast, but it is a bit thinner than the usual one. The espresso butter doesn’t have a strong coffee taste though. The caramelized butter isnt particularlt impressive - maybe i should go with the toast with fig next time.

The cold brew is fine and I don’t find it particularly acidic.

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Wasn’t very sure what it is before ordering so decided to give it a try. Felt its more like a normal croissant but a non-crispy one - wasn’t pretty impress by the texture.

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Always enjoyed the banana loaf here with nut butter, fresh fruits and of course, the banana bread. The nut butter is generously spread over the banana bread but i dont find it too much and you can still taste the banana bread below.

The coco latte (with oat milk) is interesting given the coconut flavour in it. Didn’t particularly enjoy it but is something good to try.


Finally got a chance to try their avocado & dukkah open toast. The hummus and the avocado goes pretty well and the texture is still pretty light and refreshing which is a surprise for me. Their coffee with oat milk is my favourite - the milk foam is very smooth and doesn’t add any sourness to the coffee.

Had the nut butter toast which comes with homemade nut butter, banana, pistachio and honey. Very light in general which you wont feel guilty. Wish there could be more nut butter as the sourdough is a bit dry and hard. Had it with flat white with soy milk (+$0.5) which is a bit too sour at the end.


Waited 35 mins for the fresh fruit waffle as they claimed that the system is down and didnt receive my order (though the muddy espresso is ready in 15mins). Not the most crispy or fluffy waffle I had but comes with generous amount of fruit.

Went to this popular cafe on a Saturday afternoon and managed to get a seat! Had flat white with oat milk & cinnamon roll here.

The flat white with oat milk is very smooth and doesnt comes with a bitter taste similar to those coffee with soy milk, which is definitely a plus.

The texture of the cinnamon roll is pretty similar to a croissant and the cinnamon smells really nice. Truly enjoy both items here and this might be one of the reasons why it is always crowded.

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