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Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), GastroSmiths, Sarnies (Telok Ayer), iO Italian Osteria, Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Fuel Plus+, Tan Yu 探鱼, Uya, KinMoo, burger joint
Melissa Chia
Melissa Chia
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Visiting Superfudo was one of my futile attempts at eating healthier. This dish was flavoured well with the aroma of chicken rice but yet tasted healthy! I still can’t wrap my head around how they managed to achieve this in a healthy dish. Recommended if you’re trying to achieve your weight loss goals! 🐔

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This has a total belly score of 3/5!

Quality food at a chill and fuss free location. This made me really happy after a hard day at work! Beef was tender and flavourful, with the side of foie gras making me feel like I made it in life (even though I technically wasn’t in a high class restaurant but a food court in the heartlands). Do try if your significant other insists on going to a food court to eat cheap food but you are craving for something a little more extravagant.

This has a total belly score of 4.5/5!

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Telok Ayer is one of my favourite places to go to experience both the new and old aspects of Singapore. The contrast of modern skyscrapers towering behind the quaint shophouses that date back to before the time of Singapore’s independence is undoubtedly a breathtaking sight to see.

While I’m there, one of my favourite haunts is park bench deli, a joint which sells gourmet sandwiches that are guilty to eat, but yet worth every single calorie. We ordered the patty melt and also the fried chicken sandwich. As it was a Friday night, we added on a side of loaded tater tots (#treatyoself) to reward ourselves for a week of hard work at the office. Small eaters may want to consider ordering the sandwich only as they come in quite large portions.

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This has a total belly score of 4.5/5!

Originally came here to have the beef don, but they were sold out. Had to settle instead for a grilled pork don which was also delicious and flavourful. However, the dish to rice ratio was a little off and I was left with too much rice at the end. It could have done with more pork meat. Add on $2.50 for chawanmushi and miso soup to complete your meal. Overall a value for money and yummy meal, especially if you have burpple beyond which entitles you to a 1 for 1 deal!

This has a total belly score of 3/5

Tucked in a hidden corner of Pomo mall is M seven cafe, my go to place after gym for a quick and affordable meal with free wifi. My obsession with anything Rosti compels me to order only one thing on the menu - Rosti with cheese sausage student meal, which comes with a drink as well. The coffee is good and aromatic, so its definitely worth the price point. Staff are extremely friendly and service is great. This is also my secret study spot where I can feel comfortable doing some intense mugging without getting chased away.

This has a total belly score of 3/5!

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If you’re going to name a restaurant after yourself, you damn right better make sure it’s good (or at least acceptable lah..) Unfortunately, this can’t be said for Jamie’s Italian, which is owned by the celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver. We visited the place expecting to be wowed, but were left very much underwhelmed, even dissatisfied. The steak was thin and dry ( I mean come on... look at it! there’s even a hole in the center like what the hell!!!) with a $34 price tag. At that price, I could go to jack’s place and get a decent portion of quality beef.

This has no belly score. 0/5. 🙁

Ninja bowl’s Genki is a yaki unagi served alongside Korean mung beansprouts, roasted pumpkin, beets, and a soft gooey onsen egg. The portion of unagi was generous and also grilled to perfection with a slightly sweet teriyaki sauce. The roasted pumpkins were also delectably tasty. Remember to add rice so that the onsen egg has a home to melt itself into a creamy gorgeous mess :)

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 3.75/5! 🐟

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The dish was overall pleasant, with the wok hey infused in every part of the kway Teow. The onsen egg also provided a nice creamy touch to the noodles. However, the price tag of $8.80 was a little unjustified as there was no meat at all in this dish. In conclusion, taste wise - good; but not really value for money considering the oysters at habitat were selling at $11 for a dozen.

This has a total belly score of: 3.5/5! 🐽


The famous chweekueh at Tiong Bahru is now available right at your doorstep, that is if you live near Sengkang or Tampines. Located at both the basements of compass one and Century Square, you can now get your fix of the soft, warm, and melt in your mouth kueh with the savoury Chye Poh at your convenience. This is definitely one of the best chwee Kuehs I’ve had. So satisfied!

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 4/5!


When it comes to nostalgic food from my secondary school days, Pontian wanton noodles is definitely one of the dishes that never fails to throw me back to my teenage years. I immediately get flashbacks of my teen self slurping down these noodles in my sweaty green pinafore at the basement of Far East plaza after school.

The bouncy noodles are covered in a sweet yet salty black sauce, with a spicy kick of chilli. Also, whoever was the genius that discovered mayonnaise goes perfectly with fried wantons needs to become the next mayor of Pontian right now. This is a generally unhealthy meal that’s perfect for the overaged kid in me who is living in denial plus reluctant to grow up and face my adult responsibilities.

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 2.75/5 🍝

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Situated at the basement of SMU is Kenboru, a Japanese inspired joint selling various rice bowls with a range of toppings such as salmon, shabu beef, duck breast, and tofu. We ordered the teriyaki chicken bowl which came dressed with a generous amount of torched mentaiko sauce. The chicken was tender and flavourful, with an onsen egg that combined all the elements of the dish into gooey heaven. Service was quick and efficient. With fast service and quality food priced at a reasonable $6.90, what’s there to complain?!

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 3.75/5! 😋 🐓

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Ordered the Australian Rusdale Ruby Flap Steak (200g) from campfire and every bite of that steak took me to heaven. As I’m the biggest cheapskate in Singapore, I ordered the lowest priced item on the menu. I was expecting some tough meat but oh. My. God. The steak was so soft and tender. There were three kinds of sauce to choose from - bearnaise, miso with red wine jus, and coriander verde. We chose the bearnaise sauce (even though we had no idea what bearnaise is) and we were pleasantly surprised! The sauce was creamy and buttery, enhancing the flavour of the steak.

This has a total belly score 4.5/5

Fueled daily by teh c kosong peng 🥤

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