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Melissa Chia
Melissa Chia
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Reasonably priced and innovative restaurant. Tried the periogi, a polish 🥟 stuffed with mash potato and some meat, with a side of tangy creamy sauce. Plus, their service was great and they were super attentive to their customers. Kudos to the owners who came up with such an interesting concept!

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This has a total belly score of 4.5/5!


For the love of god, if this is the last dish I ever eat before i die, id be more than happy. The beehoon soaked up the glorious milky gravy, which was packed with wok hei. The prawns were fresh and crunchy. Price was reasonable as well ($20)

Came here cause of burpple beyond! We had the pork ribs and steak. I would say both were really good, even though the steak was slightly fatty. Pork ribs were the highlight. Would definitely come back again!


O. M. G.

That’s all that comes to my mind when I think back about my experience at Sun with moon. The authentic Japanese food blew my mind and was impressive. I ordered the dinner set at $27.90++, which came with a toji and Saba fish. We also ordered the roast beef sushi, which was good but the taste of beef was slightly overpowered by the cheese which was wrapped in the rice. Sun with moon serves affordable alcoholic items as well, starting from about $5++!

Besides the food, their service was impeccable and the staff were extremely attentive. Well done and I would definitely come back!

Sun with moon has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 5/5

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We ordered the lava pizza and cabonara pizza. The lava pizza had a slightly thicker crust than the cabonara, but I must say both pizzas were amazing! The dough was soft and tasty for the lava pizza, and the cheese was soft, creamy and fresh. I really couldn’t ask for anything more and this place was a wonderful find. The server was also very attentive, he kept checking on us to see if the food was okay or if we needed anything else. Definitely 5/5 and will come back!

The portion for the chicken was mall, but the steak sandwich was good! overall food is not bad although it is slightly pricey. 3/5

We ordered the rosti and pumpkin pancake. the pumpkin pancake was amazing! Fluffy on the inside and delicately sweet, it went amazingly well with the hollandaise sauce. They were also very generous with the avocado on the rosti. Great job and thumbs up! 👍🏻 4.5/5

Fish was spicy as heck! Goes well with rice as its spicy and salty. Felt my mouth going numb the more I ate. MUST TRY THE GRILLED HONEY TOAST. It was the star of the show and definitely outshone the fish. I will just come back for the honey toast. 3.5/5

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KEK is definitely one of the must try places when you’re at Queenstown. Their crabs are to die for, but if you’re on a budget, why not try their moonlight horfun? This oily goodness is fried to perfection with an abundance of the wok hey aroma. The noodles is topped off with a raw egg yolk, giving it the name “moonlight” hor fun as the yolk resembles the moon.

This has a total belly score of ... 3.75/5!! 🐷


Many tourists but the queue moved really quick and the service was excellent . Staff was attentive and covered my bag with a cloth and food came fast. My favourite BKT in Sg ! Definitely must eat the pork knuckle

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