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Wen Hui Yap
Wen Hui Yap

Never miss a bowl of Don when you're having Japanese food! I was quite impressed with this Kano Rossini with Foie Gras Don (RM40). The Smoked Duck is really tender and juicy 🙌🏻 Usually duck meat tends to be a lil hard to chew and dry but this one is just melt in your mouth ❤️ if you're duck lover you got to order this! IS A MUST! Portion is reasonable as well as I thought it would be small in portion but I was wrong 😂Do order their Volcano Roll (RM38) as well because is only of their chef-recommend! Find this shop in DC Mall, located next to Harley's. They open all day which means if your feel like grabbing sushi or Don at some super awkward time like around 3-4pm, come here because they are ready to serve you! Oops they also have Sake (bubbly type, in bottle, 250ml) at only RM39!


Was there having my lunch and felt super full, but we still order this because we were convinced by a aunty (I guess she's the staff/or friend of the owner) that we can't leave Malacca without trying this Apom Berkuah and the aunty told us 'ITS JUST THREE PIECES (each)'. Okay, we were not regret trying it because it was sooo (heavenly) goood! The coconut ice cream, and the homemade specialty premium Gula Melaka & banana sauce and the sticky pancake are all so on point! The aunty told us making this pancake needs at least 2 hours, so normally this dish will only be available at around 11.30/12pm and sold out at 3 or 4pm. It is quite difficult to find this pancake around in malacca so if you want to grab one, make sure go there and enquire with the lovely and friendly owner! Ops btw this Apom Berkuah costs RM14.50! ✨ reasonable price 🙌🏻

Who doesn't like pho? When I was having my post-exam holidays with sister at Australia, Pho is our comfort food after eating all those western foods! This Special Beef Combination Pho (Ferr) is only RM19.90 and it comes with a plate of bean sprouts, lime, basil and chilli! I personally prefer this over other Vietnamese restaurant (the quite famous one) because (1) their broth is nicer (2) huge portion at the same price. Totally WORTH IT! ✨And, don't forget to order their rice paper roll (with chicken and prawn! 2 pieces at RM9.90), it really tastes quite similar to the one I had in Melbourne! 😍 Highly recommend if you want to have a good bowl of pho! But it is quite a lot of people during dinner time and you might need to wait for seats but luckily foods are served fast so... no HANGRY ❤️


How can you not eat nyonya kuih/food in Malacca? This nyonya dumpling is stuffed with minced pork and its signature blue rice patch! The chilli sauce spread in poh piah is quite spicy 🌶 but it tastes good because they wrapped with cripsy pork lard! The old aunty is friendly and ask us whether we want the homemade herbal tea. Yes it is homemade without any sugar and ice! Serving is fast but seats are very very limited! Rice dumpling is approximately RM5 and I don't really remember the price but for one dumpling, one poh piah and a cup of herbal tea costs less than RM15!


A small cosy coffee corner located opposite of Cheng Ho museum at Jonker Street. Seats are limited but you can always get a seat is not as crowded as other cafes.
A cup of coffee latte costs RM12 and it is the average price for all their coffees! I'm not a coffee lover or addict but I overheard the owner explaining to the other how they make their coffee! So if you're a coffee lover, do not miss their place to share your coffee story with the friendly owner ✨

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鱼饺面 - Fish cake noodle. This noodle is like a must-eat breakfast noodle in Malacca and you can find this noodle at any of the breakfast spot. This shop located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and is not easy to notice. Went there around 8-9 and it's already full house but no worry you can always share table with the other (no problem!). It's not crowded, it's just the seats are quite limited. A bowl of fish cake noodle costs RM5 for a small one and RM6 for a big one. Good food takes time so please be patient yea :)

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Taiwan? BRAISED PORK RICE!! Yes! BPR is a well-known signature street food in Taiwan and if you love this rice as well, you have to visit Rock Taipei which located in Sunway Giza just right behind/next to Palsaik Korean BBQ. There is braised pork, braised egg, bak choi, choi pou and salted veggie. Definitely can say is reasonable portion at the price of RM 15.90! They have some weekday 50% off promotion on drinks too! Parking at Sunway Giza is not expensive (only costs RM2 for like 3 or 4 hours) so don't waste time looking for a spot out there because is hard to get one!

I would say Ciccio serves the best pasta and pizza in KL (okay maybe it's just me hahaha). Is my third or fourth visit to this place and I didn't let me down! I always go for their Linguine al branzino (RM38) with seabass in white wine sauce. They have another linguine which is seafood in fresh tomato sauce. If you think Changkat is for tourists and their foods are not authentic at all, think again 😎 Parking can be a problem, but there is a hotel/apartment calls Invito, their parking only costs RM 5 instead of you parking at those open parking which normally costs around 15-30 bucks :)

[Honest Review] I can say, this Air Hitam Assam Laksa is the worse laksa I ever eat in Penang. It tastes very very very bad. The soup is bland - not spicy and not sour AT ALLLLLL!! Environment is a nay. Overall, just avoid this place if you want to have a good bowl of laksa. This ain't a place. Well, maybe few years back it was good, but the day I went, it did make me enjoy in disappointment 🙂👍🏻

The stall name is 软软肠粉(Soft Soft Cheong Fun), so do their Cheong Fun, it's really soft 😱!! You need to queue for it, but no worry, it doesn't take long and can assure you that you aren't queue for nothing 😎✨ if you are dine-in, just tell the stall owner how many plates you want then you can go have a sit and wait for it 💁🏻 Well, it doesn't like Ipoh's style Chee Cheong Fun which you can add fish balls and so, theirs are just a plate of plain Cheong Fun top with their sauces that fixed your craving! It's ridiculously cheap so make sure you order more than a plate because their Cheong Fun is selling fast!

How to kickstart your morning? -come to Zao and grab your favourite sandwich and a cup of black coffee 🌞 If you are a kimchi-lover, they do have Kimchi Pork Slice Toast that ready to amaze you ✨ the most important thing is, the cafe is spacious so is a very nice place to sit down and have your breakfast and chill 💆🏻 Everything is great here, just the portion is slightly (yes, just slightly! Or maybe I'm a big eater lol) small 😂 you may need two sandwiches to satisfy your tummy 😎⭐️


If you would like to have Asian and Western food at the same time, Makhan is the right place for you 💁🏻 They have both Indian & British foods in their menu which is interesting! All dishes are meant to be share ✨For beef-lover, the stew is a must to order; the smoked duck goes well with the flatbread and of course the eggplant is not to be missed 😍 They have wine as well, at a (very) affordable price so make sure you get a bottle (or few bottles) because Makhan is really a nice & happening place for your TGIF 😎

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