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Les Cafés

Les Cafés

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Jesuis Enamourez
Jesuis Enamourez

A hearty meal of Napoli classic’s, Cannelloni, filled with chicken, herbs and leeks, Mozzarella toppings and housemade creamy Béchamel sauce accompanied by garden salad and garlic croutons. The chicken filling is rather dry. Would be great if more sauce is provided. RM25.90 per serving.

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Their house made chicken curry rice was a mighty portion topped with Cheddar crisps. The curry sauce is quite thick and the fried curry leaves gave that extra aroma. RM16 per portion.

When the barista pulled a swan latté art for you to brighten up your day. If you’re lucky, they could make you a unicorn. It’s a huge mug of matcha latté. RM12.50 per cup.

Flat white (RM10) and a Triple Chocolate Chip cookie from Dope Dough (RM7) on a Sunday morning in this deserted hostel.

Grilled Beef Yakiniku served with capsicum on warm steam rice. This is such a steal for the price paid and the amount of medium cooked beef slices covered the entire rice...with that slightly sweet savoury sauce taste amazing. RM19 per serving.

Cliché name for my morning cup of latté at this new one stop co-working, bar, B&B and café where great minds and ideas meet together. Using local single origin coffee beans, it was slightly mild & nutty. RM12 per cup.

Reminiscing my younger days Malaysian snack with these old school Kaya balls filled with housemade duck egg Kaya (coconut jam) served with a scoop of Milo ice cream. Though I’m not a big fan of Milo, the Kaya Balls were soft and fluffy filled with slightly thicker texture jam. Downside, service wasn’t on par for their second day of service. RM15 per serving.


Trying out their coffee using Cloud Catcher’s Rubix blend with almond milk(additional RM2). It’s quite a smooth one with milk chocolate taste profile and I like that they use sustainable straws in their establishment. RM12 per glass.

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Housemade lamb meatballs served in a wet tomato concasse and a side grain which I opted for the kimchi fried organic quinoa with kampung egg, seaweed and scallion. The tomato concasse was not what I expected, rather like a sauce texture but taste good. Meatballs are a bit tough. Overall serving is small. RM34 per serving.

Pan seared salmon for brunch with a choice of salad. I opted for the chopped Kale & avocado with sweet corn & cherry tomatoes. The salmon fillet is cooked to perfection topped with ginger soy glaze, tomato salsa & fresh herbs. RM36 per serving.

Lemon butter cake topped with pistachio nibs and a good amount of lemon syrup to moist the cake. Some how I felt they had increased the price or slightly more expensive than their sister brand. RM18 per slice.

Insta: enamourez

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