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Les Cafés

Les Cafés

Featuring Chocha Foodstore, Kind Kones (1 Mont Kiara), BLVD HOUSE, Kenny Hills Bakers (Bukit Tunku), Define:food, Ate_Cetera Restaurant, The Hermitage All Day Dining, Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie (Bangsar), 95 Degrés Art Cafe, B-Lab @ Verve Suites (Mont Kiara)
Jesuis Enamourez
Jesuis Enamourez

A chill roasted brown rice and green tea with matcha. Cheapest deal in town. RM8.90 per cup.

One of Thailand’s most favourite boba shop by Seoulcial Club. The Majestic is a sinful creamy drink filled with milk & cream, black sugar pearl, silky milk pudding, cream cheese brûlée, crispy cornflakes and cheese on top. RM16.90 per serving.

The perfect Sunday brunch place that serves decent flat white and that Mentaiko sandwich is so sinful. Soft fluffy white bread sandwich between their housemade tamago egg and a decent amount of torched creamy mentaiko on top. RM20 per serving. Flat white RM11.

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Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, chili flakes, garlic, caramelised smoked duck, basil leaves and bell peppers with Parmesan topping. There’s a bit of Chinese olive taste in it. Nevertheless it was quite unique and tasty. RM23 per portion.

Haven’t had a gourmet sandwich for quite sometime. Roasted German grain loaf sandwich with roast chicken, beef pepperoni, feta cheese, salad leaves and tapenade. I love it when the bread is crusty on the outside and soft fluffy inside. It’s quite a decent sandwich but wish there where more dressing. RM21.90 per serving.

Mozzarella potato croquettes topped with poached eggs, slow cooked beef brisket and smoked chipotle hollandaise. RM30 per serving.

Blanched broccoli, crispy tofu, stirred fried cabbage, aubergine and carrot in a slightly spicy sauce topped on a bed of rice. RM15.90 per serving.

Asian fusion deep fried breaded chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms and ham, served with ratatouille, sweet potato fries and creamy curried butter sauce. The chicken was pretty good but over seasoned. Love the eggplant ratatouille and comes it decent portion. RM29 per serving.

Charred eggplant with miso butter, bonito flakes and onion purée is something I don’t mine having all time. I’ve always have a soft spot for eggplant with miso. Theirs was slightly over charred and a little under seasoned despite there’s bonito flakes. RM21 per serving.

House made pork meatballs cooked in lovely Pomodoro sauce with slices of freshly baked sourdough. The meatball was nicely seasoned with herbs and toasted sourdough with olive oil is so good and flawless. Perfect meal for the sourdough lovers Available for lunch only. RM17 per serving.

Whether you need a quick lunch or a little perk me up between meetings, this cozy little café seems the right place to drop by. Greeted by assorted of freshly baked croissants, banana bread and carrot cake as you enter. I can’t help but to get my mid day coffee fix here. Flat white RM11 per cup.

Squid pasta tossed in a zesty sauce made of lemongrass, Chili flakes, lime and cheese. RM24 per serving.

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