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Les Cafés

Les Cafés

Featuring Common Man Coffee Roasters KL, Chocha Foodstore, Kopenhagen Coffee, Kind Kones (1 Mont Kiara), BLVD HOUSE, Kenny Hills Bakers (Bukit Tunku), Define:food, The Hermitage All Day Dining, Ate_Cetera Restaurant, Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie (Bangsar)
Jesuis Enamourez
Jesuis Enamourez
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Creamy risotto with sautéed mushrooms and capsicums accompanied with Deep Fried Softshell Crab and X.O sauce. The rice texture is dry like fried rice. RM 38 per serving.

Checking out this new Farm to Table restaurant. Their mushroom Pan Mee taste totally different from the usual. Thick noodles and sautéed button mushroom tossed in a creamy fusion mushroom sauce, drizzles with a dash of truffle oil. I find the taste a bit unique and the sauce too rich. RM27 per serving.

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Nutmeg is showcasing a collective of risotto in the month of July. This creamy asparagus risotto is cooked to perfection with chicken jus served with baby Kailan, basil leaves, shaved radish and nicely seared salmon chunk. It’s smooth and cooked to Al Dante. RM39 per serving.

Perfect cup of coffee on a hot sunny day. RM14 per glass.


So obsessed with this nitro cold brew from Tapestry. Surprisingly refreshing, less acidity and a hint of floral from the Manuka honey. Slightly high price point. RM18 per glass.


Nutritious purple sweet potato latte made with housemade paste and you could taste chunks of purple sweet potatoes. Not to sweet and worth trying. Available for a limited time period. 👍🏻👍🏻 RM12 per glass.

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The Rise & Shine by Tapestry (few weeks old café just opposite Hotel Stripes KL) features an all day western breakfast and lunch menu that intertwine with our local heritage.

I was so eager to try out their Eggs Benedict and it was impressive. Bubble & Squeak topped with poached eggs, beetroot cured salmon and Bunga Kantan hollandaise. So delicious that I wiped out the whole plate. RM28 per serving.

Homemade lamb sausages topped on crispy bubble and squeak (a type of patty made of mashed potato and chopped vegetables), drizzles of garlic soy sauce demi-glazed served with fennel salad. The lamb sausage is tasty but the entire dish was a combination of dry elements. RM32 per serving.

Crispy chicken Confit served with truffle hollandaise, salt baked potatoes and some balsamic glaze. The chicken meat was confit to perfection and the meat was easily removed off the bones. Wish there was more truffle hollandaise to go with. RM30 per serving.

Vinegar braised pork belly served with sesame rice, cucumber pickles, charred Chinese Kale and Ajitsuke egg. The long grain sesame rice is somehow quite fragrant and the pork belly was braised to soft texture. I wish there was slightly more seasoning to it. But overall quite a hearty lunch. RM25 per serving.

Pan seared medley of king oyster mushrooms, shimeiji and button mushrooms served tomatoes, mixed salad leaves on a parsley walnut pesto sourdough sandwich. I loved pesto and it somehow make everything taste good on such a simple toast. RM17 per serving.

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Grilled thin tortilla wrap of scrambled eggs, sautéed sautéed spinach, chorizo, mushrooms, avocado served with red cabbage slaw, fries and lime dip. The tortilla is so tasty with the inclusion of chorizo in it. RM25 per serving.

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