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Featuring Singapore, Brawn & Brains, Open Farm Community, Saveur (Far East Plaza), Bōruto, Cafe Insadong, Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow 東記炒粿條 (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Kushi Japanese Dining (Macpherson), Tomi Sushi (Millenia Walk), Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu (Viva Business Park)
Joseph Chua
Joseph Chua
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Along side with baked potatoes & sautéed capsicums! This is by far definitely one of my favourite dishes I've cooked so far. After being back at work for the past three days, its good to see that I'm still able to cook on my off day😂😂!

Since my first visit to their stall a few weeks back, I've been addicted to their YTF(yong tau fu for short). Their prawn dumpling is super sweet, succulent and most importantly super fresh! They've got other meats & veggies which they serve as well! But my favourites are the prawn dumpling, mince meat ball & even their chicken wing(which you can have either as a set or purchase it separately)!
Location : Chai Chee(Viva Business Park)
Price : Small($4.50), Large($5.50) & Set Lunch($5.80 additional chicken wing)


A place where many have come and conquered the stalls with their legendary & signature dishes. And this stall happens to be managed by a close and dear friend of mine! Having help her father out for a period of time, she's now running the show. I've tasted both her fathers and her cooking. And they both have the exact taste as to my memory. For sure if you're ever around do head down and support her! 😬
It's been a while since I've posted anything due to some personal issues. I recently had an operation done and had been refrained from walking at all till today. And the first order was to definitely to have some comfort food and to enjoy myself. So I'll be slightly more active as time comes by and i do hope you'll support this ig page of mine. 🤙🏻🍻

One of the freshest oysters I've had in a long while all the way from Japan. Paired with a nice cup of sake and it'll be all so perfect!


Lamb Rump with Garden Peas, Bacon, Lettuce, Mint, Whipped Mash & Rosemary Thyme Jus...
The only thing wrong with this dish was that it wasn't enough for me! 😭🙈🙊

This was a excellent appetiser to start off! The flavours were well blended with each other & the anchovies were really delicious!!!

The fish were really really fresh and oh sooooo delicious!! Maguro Otoro, Salmon, Uni, Tamago, Ike Ni Anago Ippond Nigiri & Griiled Eggplant! 🙈🙊

Headed down to #cafeinsadong again yesterday before my muay thai lesson! Really can't get enough of this place!! Tried their Nutella Toast with Chocolate Ice Cream! & I fell in love!! 🙈😘

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