Cafes (Singapore)

Cafes (Singapore)

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner (Raffles City), Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Toby's Estate, Riders Café, Carpenter and Cook, Forty Hands (Tiong Bahru), Jimmy Monkey Café (One North), The Book Cafe, Nylon Coffee Roasters
Ikigai J
Ikigai J

27 Apr’21, Tue🌤
📍Sarnies (Telok Ayer)
- Roast Chicken Sandwich🥪
- Chicken Parmigiana🍗

Yay to Entertainer one-for-one!

Generous portion and super filling can~

The roast chicken sandwich was made up of roasted chicken breast, tomatoes, mesclun, home-cured bacon, guacamole and brown bread.

The bread were soft and chewy, I like. The veg were fresh, the guacamole was good, the chicken breast etc all tasted very healthy & green, but just feel something lacking, perhaps it’s just me (too healthy)...🙊

The chicken parmigiana was breaded chicken cutlet, with grana padano, cheddar, spicy homemade arrabbiata sauce and coleslaw.

Find the first bite quite impressive, like cheesy, the chicken cutlet was tender, and the sauce was not spicy, more like tomato based sauce, pretty good~ Just that the chicken cutlet was not as crispy as I would expect it to be, otherwise, it will be great.

On top of that, as it was covered with great amount of cheese, it can get a little surfeiting, good for sharing.

Food coma after that.🤣

Damage: $17.50

21 Apr’21, Wed🌤
📍Beans & Leaf (Telok Ayer)
- Kopi’o Kosong

In denial, not wanting to go back office yet, took a coffee break during lunch.

Decent robust local coffee~

Damage: $1.30

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13 Apr’21, Tue🌤
📍Equate Coffee
- Solid Gold (House Blend)

Fully Washed
Chocolate/ Nuts/ Caramel

Running out of coffee beans at home and decided to give Equate Coffee’s a try, for a change~

Pretty nice I would say, for 250g of whole beans at $14, quite worth it eh!

Damage: $14

13 Apr’21, Tue🌤
📍Equate Coffee
- White (Tall)☕️

Who say cannot go cafe on a weekday?

Pop by to grab a cup of coffee during lunch hour...

Heavy-bodied, creamy foam, caramel nutty finish, latte art even for to-go, nice!

Damage: $5.50

10 Apr’21, Sat🌤
📍Walking on Sunshine Cafe
- Iberico Pork Jowl🍖
- Soufflé Pancake🥞
- Ginseng Smoothie🥤

Thanks Walking on Sunshine Cafe (“WOS”) for the complimentary meal!😊

Refer to ig: Add1zer0 for more photos!

=Iberico Pork Jowl=
The iberico pork jowl was well-marinated, first come to taste was that smoky bbq and sesame flavour, truly enhanced the pork jowl itself.

The pork jowl was firm and juicy, a little crispy (those edge parts) on the outside and chewy in its entirety (including the fats).

Frankly, not a fan of fatty meat, and closed to 1/3 of the pork jowl was fatty portion. However, to my surprise, the fatty portion was pretty acceptable, it was chewy instead of what was expected (mushy/ nua), it was like just part of the lean meat, quite firm, not bad at all.

Having said the above, eating the pork jowl itself could be a little greasy. Fret not, the fresh lettuce and pickled veg really ease the greasiness greatly!

On top of that, the mustard seeds, chillis and most importantly, WOS’ very own Korean style fermented spicy bean paste (like ssamjung paste with red and green chilli bits) really bring a kick out of this dish and making one feels like continue eating it after the first bite.

Noted that it was classified under the mains section, find it a little too heavy for one to eat it as a main, would suggest this to be shared like an appetiser instead.

Price: $24.50 before svc charge & GST

=Soufflé Pancake=
How can one missed out dessert to complete the meal right or not?

Got their signature soufflé pancake for sharing and think it deserves the signature title!

Again, not a fan of too-sweet stuff and nah-that-whipped-cream, but for this, got impressed again!

There were like 3 large pieces of soufflé pancakes, each fluffy and moist, absent of that eggy smell, not too sweet (probably like 30% sugar level for ur bbt, guess the sweetness came from the icing sugar on top) and massive whipped cream I tell you~

While it was like a pool of whipped cream, it was light and not at all greasy, it did not make one feel surfeited (jelak) even after eating more than half of this dish!

Moreover, it was complemented with muesli, rolled oats, sunflower seeds, almond slices, grapes, blueberries, oranges, strawberries (basically those you can see from the pic), considered quite healthy and generous portion which satisfies one, quite worth the calories and good for sharing!

Wouldn’t mind coming back for their soufflé pancake really~

Price: $20.50 excl. svc charge & GST

=Ginseng Smoothie=
Tried their recommended caffeine free ginseng smoothie (contains a whole ginseng!).

Was told that it was made with real, freshly picked ginseng, and there are many health benefits to take note of~

Like it has anti-inflammatory effects, boots immunity, improves lung health, reduces blood sugar level, reduces stress & improves mood, boost brain function, supports weight loss, prevents cancer and treats sexual dysfunction.

Was expecting the beverage to be bitter, and pungent like the usual ginseng candy, but this was not~

It was not as bitter as expected, and it was quite subtle in terms of smell. Probably because it was blended with ice, the ginseng juice was diluted a little, and there was a sweet note to the drink, making it easy for one to swallow/ accept.

Quite like the ginseng bits, it gives the beverage a little more texture and feel somewhat healthy when chew on them (subconsciously or what).

Find this ginseng smoothie still lacking of something, if only the body of the drink could be enhanced (like making it more gao with milk or what not), and I guess it will be perfect...

Would think that this is an acquired taste, but since that there are so many health benefits, and given the price (for a whole ginseng beverage), quite a steal indeed!

Just a note, they uses glass straw, kudos to the effort to cut down carbon footprint! Let’s be environmental friendly too!

Price: $13 excl. svc charge & GST

The service was good, the staff served us (and other customers) attentively and the ambience was good, not exactly noisy/ loud given that it was full house during our visit.

Bonus point, the car and plant back-drop was really instagrammable lah~







Total damage: $68.27 incl. of svc charge & GST

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27 Mar’21, Sat🌧
📍Equate Coffee
- White (Tall)☕️

Their coffee, I like!

Heavy bodied, creamy foam, caramel nutty finish, definitely will be back again!

Latte art even for to-go, nice eh~

Another minimalist style cafe, pretty instagrammable but limited seats available...

Damage: $5.50

20 Mar’21, Sat🌤
📍Fahrenheit Coffee
- Flat White☕️

Nice cozy cafe located at Spa Club, friendly and approachable staff too!

Enjoyed this Sul De Minas, Brazil coffee bean~
Well balanced flat white, medium bodied, almond chocolatety finish.

They also offer non-caffeinated drinks like chocolate, chai latte, matcha latte etc, heard that their chocolate was sourced from Philippines, they also sell Fossa Chocolate if anyone is interested.

They do sell canele, banana cake, sourdough, Swedish cardamom rolls and kaya toast if I’m not wrong...Was told that they bake their own banana cake~

While they offer limited stuff, but I think this is a good start, focusing on the stuff that they do well.

Wouldn’t mind coming back really!

Damage: $5

13 Mar’21, Sat🌧
📍Hvala (Keong Saik)
- Genmaicha Petit Gateau
- Yuzu Sorbet (Vegan)
- Hojicha Latte (Default Oat Milk) without sugar

Not new to Hvala but first time to their new outlet located at Keong Saik Road...

The new outlet consists of 3 storeys and we are allocated to the 3rd storey, need to remove our shoes before entering, seated on the tatami...Those who wear short skirt may like to request for other level’s seat with proper chair...

Staff gentle reminded us that, should we spill any items on the tatami, we will need to pay for the cleaning services and if I recall correctly, $80 that we took extra care when dining...

Recommend the genmaicha petit gateau! Sweet but not too sweet, rich creamy genmaicha taste!

It contains a thick layer of genmaicha mousse, then a layer of sponge cake, then right in the middle is the azuki red bean, then another layer of sponge cake...Can only say, this is really effort...=X Can’t get enough of this man, I can finish this on my own easily~

The Yuzu sorbet is decent, refreshing at first, but I don’t quite like the aftertaste, like a little astringent at the end, not sure why but ya, normal normal...

The Goma gelato is better (not in pic), super rich I would say, black sesame lover cannot miss this~

Hojicha latte is nice~ Hojicha is nutty, rich and bitter (cos I asked for no sugar), but I like the way it is, the tea and milk goes very well tgt, the oat milk isn’t overpowering, tea lover will still get to enjoy the hojicha to the last sip...

Cons...the space area is quite small, so it can get pretty noisy when everyone (each table) tries to talk at the same time...and can easily overhear ppl’s conversation too...

Damage: $18.83 (incl. GST), only for items shown on pic above

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13 Mar’21, Sat🌧
📍Refuel II (Jalan Bukit Merah)
- Full Tank🥓
- Baked Chicken Stew🍗
- Pulled Pork Nachos🧀
- Fuel Ice Tea🍵
- Flat White☕️

Filling and satisfying meal!

The whole chicken leg is just yummy in the tomato based stew, tender and juicy, along side are the mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes, and toast, super filling can~ If only there can be more stew, it will be perfect...

While the full tank all-day breakfast are those hard-to-go wrong items, still got impressed by the sausage, chewy and flavourful, and generous portion as shown on the pic, good for hungry soul who can’t make up their mind what to eat for breakfast...

Another surprise is the pulled pork nachos! Ditched the usual truffle fries and went for the pulled pork nachos instead, and it was surprisingly good~ The pulled pork was well marinated, with cheese and mayo, salsa and jalapeño, they go so well tgt with the criss cut fries, recommend this for sharing!

As for the flat white, pretty decent, medium roast, nutty finish, not bad for a morning boost~

A little ulu but the cafe is quite good to chill, can accommodate about 30 pax (I guess) and the staff are friendly too~

Damage: $52.20 (incl. GST)

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2 Aug’19, Fri⛅️⁣
📍Maxi Coffee Bar⁣
- Flat White☕️⁣

Maxi Coffee Bar took over the previous cafe (Bicky & Brew)...😯⁣
The well known flamingo wallpaper was gone, but this is not bad too~😊⁣
The flat white is gd too~😋⁣

⁣Damage: $5 (Burpple Beyond one-for-one)

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20 Jul’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍Earlybird Cafe ⁣
- Steak & Truffle Mash🥩⁣
- Salmon & Avo🥑⁣
- Flat White☕️⁣

The coffee & mains were pretty decent eh~😋⁣

Like the salmon with avocado, tasty and this was like quite healthy and filling (quinoa) too~

As for the flat white, find it towards medium bodied, not tt acidic, nice eh...

Damage: $58.50

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9 Jul’19, Tue⛅️⁣
📍Nude Chill⁣
- Flat White☕️⁣

Headache the entire day, just need a cuppa to keep things going...🙃⁣

Damage: $5.50

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