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Cafes (Singapore)

Cafes (Singapore)

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, Penny University, Carpenter and Cook, My Secret Hideout Peachy's, Sarnies (Telok Ayer), The Book Cafe, Forty Hands (Tiong Bahru), Toby's Estate, Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Singapura), Tiong Bahru Bakery (Raffles City)
Ikigai J
Ikigai J
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19 Jan’19, Sat🌦
📍Tiong Bahru Bakery
- Long Black☕️
- Flat White🍼
- King’s Cake🍰

The heavy bodied coffee with the fruity finish, definitely a super boost for the day...

Tried their seasonal King’s Cake (almond cake), it’s a little sweet but like the crispy crust, not bad for a try...

And I must say we are really very lucky to get the trinket that was hidden in the cake (one out of so many slices of cake)!

Memorable day sia!

Damage: $19-$20 in total

12 Jan’19, Sat🌦
📍Nylon Coffee Roasters
- White 5oz☕️

Like the medium bodied coffee with nutty finish, Nylon are good at striking a balance between the milk and coffee, making the aftertaste so pleasant that one would want more...

Been going back for their coffee and really gotta say their coffee is nice!

Note: Standing cafe, limited seats available (3 indoor and probably 8 sharing seats outdoor)

Damage: $5

9 Jan’19, Wed🌥
📍Dumpling Darlings
- Lunch Special:
~ Braised Pork Noodles🍖
~ Spicy Sichuan Dumplings🥟
~ Grapefruit Thyme Strawberry Green Tea🍵

Braised pork noodle is like a fusion of ramen, wanton noodles and bak chor mee, the noodles is quite springy, the bak chor is well marinated and the tamago is like so nice, overall, quite yum...

The spicy sichuan dumplings is quite decent but I wouldn’t call it sichuan dumplings for I think it didn’t really carry that spicy/numbness feel like the normal sichuan style dishes...at most, chilli oil dumplings...

But their fried pierogi dumplings (with mayo) are good, did better than the sichuan one...

The grapefruit thyme strawberry green tea is so so so refreshing, I would like to drink this everyday!

It’s quite expensive if you were to order the dumplings and dishes ala carte, but given the lunch set deal, not bad to give it a try~

I think their noodles and drinks outdo their dumplings, I wouldn’t really suggest coming (and super long queue) just for the dumplings...

Can try once if you are at the vicinity, and especially if you have burpple beyond one-for-one (what a steal)!

Damage: $9.42 (Burpple Beyond one-for-one)

31 Dec’18, Mon⛅️
Back from TW, and thankful to have a cuppa flat white with primary school friend!

📍Joe & Dough
- Flat White☕️

Skeptical abt franchise coffee, but this is not too bad, medium roast, fruity finish...

Damage: $5.80

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23 Dec’18, Sun☁️
📍The Green Ducklings
- Fried Carrot Cake with Nacho Cheese🧀
- Unagi Sandwich🥪
- Flat White☕️

Fried carrot cake with nacho cheese (and shallot) is something different and didn’t expect it to go well, not bad for a try, but suggest to share as it may go jelak at the end (greasy & cheesy).

Unagi sandwich is a miss in my opinion, it really depends, the bones wasn’t soft to the extent where I can consciously but still swallow them down my throat with the bread...the potato were nice though, I mean, potato can’t really fail right...=X

The flat white is along medium bodied coffee, not bad...

Think come once is enough...

Bonus: Cafe filled with pastel / Tiffany blue colour, quite instagrammable...

Damage: $18.80

22 Dec’18, Sat🌧
📍 W39 Bistro & Bakery
- Matcha Latte🍵

Find the matcha latte a little too sweet, though the matcha is strong but still...so-so only...

Damage: $6.07


21 Dec’18, Fri☁️
- Chicken Breast (Half) 雞胸肉(半份)🍗
- Konnyaku 冷蒟蒻麵🍜
- Roasted Vegetables 烤蔬菜🥙
- Horseradish Tofu 日式涼拌豆腐🥣

Relatively healthy bowl!

You can mix-and-match the protein with sides, I went for the half chicken breast and 3 sides...

The chicken breast is pinky, tender & juicy! Just loving it!!! Yum!!!

Opted for the konnyaku (cold jelly-like noodles) and tofu for a healthier choice (less calories) and the roasted vege is at the same time flavourful and healthy...

For the konnyaku and tofu are a bit bland, I took the honey garlic sauce to go with it...

Will definitely be back! It’s a steal especially with Entertainer one-for-one!

Damage: $4.75 (Entertainer one-for-one), if not it was $9.50

#wafuken #healthybowl #protein #eatclean #eathealthy #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

16 Dec’18, Sun🌧
📍Forty Hands
- Fish Basket🐟
- Truffle Fries🍟
- Flat White☕️
- Orange Juice🍊

Fish basket is a tad bit oily n greasy, not really recommending this...

The truffle fries is decent, not bad, too big a portion, good for sharing...

Flat White is a little towards heavy bodied and fruity ending, for those who likes a good boost can try this...

As for the orange juice, based on my friend’s comment, erm, normal lor...

Overall, find the food a little disappointing and a little overpriced...

Damage: $45

#fortyhands #fortyhandscoffee #40handscoffee #fishbasket #trufflefries #flatwhite #cofffee #latte #orangejuice #sgcafe #cafe #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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15 Dec’18, Sat☁️
📍Hoshino Cafe
- Hoshino Blend Tea🍵
- Pure Darjeeling Tea with Lemon🍋
- Pancake Soufflé Style🥞

Like the tea, light and refreshing...

As for the pancake, find the eggy smell too heavy, not really to my likings even though it is bouncy looking...

Damage: $28.10

15 Dec’18, Sat☁️
- Kaya Toast Set with Kopi’o☕️
- Kaya Balls (not in pic)🍡

The to-go place for a decent kopitiam style Kopi’o, crispy kaya toast cannot miss too~~~

As for the balls, a tad too sweet, can skip...

Damage: $9.20
#yakunkayatoastsg #yakunkayatoast #yakun #sgcoffee #kopio #coffee #blackcoffee #sgfood #instafood #kayaballs #kayatoast #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

8 Dec’18, Sat🌧
📍Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗
- Oyster Intestine Mee Sua 蚵仔大腸麵線🍜

After hearing much abt Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗, decided to go jiak kua mai (吃吃看)...

A little disappointed by the mee sua, while the portion was quite generous, find the oysters a little not as fresh as I expected them to be and the intestine taste a little gamey to my likings...

Their minced meat rice 滷肉飯 do a better job but like just decent...

Overall, a little over-rated, you can try this if you are near the vicinity but not worth travelling in my opinion...

Instagrammable, but suggest try just once will do...

Damage: $6.50
#eat3bowls #呷三碗 #oysterintestinemeesua #蚵仔大腸麵線 #twfood #instafood #taiwanesefood #sgfood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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4 Dec’18, Tue☁️
📍Coffee Bean (Singapore Expo)
- Flat White☕️
- Cheesecake🍰

The flat white taste super diluted, ppl with lactose intolerance might want to skip this, kept going to the loo during my exam that day...🙄

Cheesecake was decent though, recommend to share with friends. Otherwise, it’s pretty jelak to finish one by yourself...

Damage: $14.30

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