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Alicia Kho
Alicia Kho
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Presentation was lacklustre and portion was disappointing for its price. Otherwise, the duck was better than most places — crispy yet moist enough and very well seasoned. Waffles were average at best. Overall a decent but forgettable dish, not for its price point.


Light, airy and not at all greasy (seems to be the case with all their fried items here) batter, this dish was a winner with everyone around the table! Encasing it, a moist and flaky dory fish, which paired well with the fragrant and thick mala sauce. Must-get item here!


Not much to shout about. This makes a convenient on-the-go snack though!

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This is the ultimate hidden gem find — menu at shopfront doesn’t mention anything about mala until you enter, and notice a small pamphlet at the counter where you can pick and choose ingredients for your mala.

Maybe it’s because we literally had zero expectations, but we quite enjoyed this dish! It had the right balance between spice and a piquant tongue-numbingness that’s crucial for a quality mala! Ingredients were fresh, but perhaps they could improve on the portion size here, as I found it a little small.

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Newly opened, this mala snack joint is located amongst the cluster of street food pop-up booths next to people’s park complex (where the various stalls selling gigantic mantou’s are at, you’ll know what I mean).

It was surprisingly good! Pick and choose from a decent selection of fresh ingredients ($1.50 per two sticks of vege, $1 per stick of meat) and the stall owner will dip it in this cold mala sauce, which is super mouth-numbing, full of sesame seeds for that extra nutty flavour, not too spicy and flavourful. Very shiok for a snack, especially when you’re craving mala on a hot day.

Only qualm is that the portion was quite measly for the amount we paid, and also no carbs here so probably not feasible as a meal on its own.

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Everyone at the table was slightly apprehensive regarding this savoury cake, including myself (although I was actually more excited than not). But my initial jitters dissipated once my tongue started associating itself with the flavours and textures of this dish; after all, they made sense — thick dill cream cheese which was neither sweet nor salty, fluffy and sliiiiightly sweet spinach chiffon, and savoury smoked salmon — these contrasts really balanced out nicely.

I’d recommend people to try this before dismissing it! All one has to do is get over the mental hurdle of expecting a dessert due to its visual presentation. Food comes in many shapes and forms, and as long as it tastes good, why not right? That being said, the cream cheese could be a little less cloying, but I’d gladly give this another go when I’m back!

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Don’t think you can order this off the menu, but this was surprisingly yummy! Each chip was a piping hot, crispy bite with a mouthfeel akin to a thicker Pringles, topped with a little bit of Rosemary for that extra herby zing.

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Baby, this is what we came forrrr. The char siew was not overly sweet, and came in a nice 1:1 fat-to-meat ratio. Not a big char siew fan, but I enjoyed the rendition here. The roast pork was absolutely delicious as well — crispy, crackling skin with more meat than fat, which means it doesn’t get too jelat — just how I like it! Pro-tip: do dip the roast pork in the schmear of mustard sauce provided on the wooden platter, as it works well in providing a nice tangy balance to offset all that meaty greasiness.


This blew my mind. My first time having youtiao (fried dough stick) cheong fun (rice noodle roll) and I never would have fathomed these two elements going together, but boy did it surpass my expectations! The youtiao retained its crispy texture and fragrance despite being wrapped and texturally challenged by that unbelievably smooth, soft and delicate cheong fun. This is the ultimate Yin and Yang done right, and I’d happily come back here just for another plate of this blissful marriage when I’m around the area!


Forgive me my transgressions, as this dish was OVER THE TOP and super sinful indeed. Think gooey, melty cheese coupled with tender beef short ribs that pull apart with the soft tear of a fork, wedged between two pieces of bread blanketed in ANOTHER layer of cheese on the outside and grilled to crunchy perfection. Present in this grease party was also some chopped kimchi, which provided a welcome tartness to balance this dish out nicely. Come here if you are craving ultimate comfort food after a long day, or... I mean, do you really need a reason at all?

It’s hard for the party to go wrong when you put arugula, parma ham, shaved parmesan cheese and mozzarella together. But the real MVP was this unassuming pizza base that carried this classic team of ingredients. The dough is baked and kneaded such that each slice is thin enough to ensure a crisp bite on the interior, yet retaining enough weight to hold up all the ingredients and provide a fluffy, chewy crust.

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This is definitely one of the better pratas I've had in a long while. The prata tore apart delicately with a soft pull of my fork and spoon, and was warm, fluffy and still retained its trademark crispness even as it disintegrated in my mouth. The sambal chilli at the side provided a nice spicy kick, and after eating this, I'd recommend all prata shops to serve sambal chilli as well.


If you’re spicy you’re probably up (or down) my alley

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