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Featuring Wheeler's Yard, Hatter Street (Kovan), Standing Sushi Bar (8Q SAM), Golden Mile Food Centre, Guksu Restaurant , KSL City, CoCoICHIBANYA (Bugis+), Orchard Central, Shabu Sai (Causeway Point), Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre
Jx Eats
Jx Eats
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say it look like the seeds in an abacus and signifies wealth as in Chinese it’s named “ 算盘子”. 算 means calculate, 盘子 means abacus seeds?? Which means there are many seeds to count, which shows that you have a lot of “money” to count. Represent abundance of wealth. The circular seeds also symbolise family reunion, 团团圆圆。perfect dish for CNY.
The abacus seeds is made from yam and tapioca flour. It is chewy and soft at the same time. It is cooked savoury, my version adds black fungus, shiitake mushroom and dried cuttlefish to give a crunchy texture. Savoury with the fragrant of yam aftertaste. So delicious.

I actually like mine to be just the steamed yam abacus seed and add white sugar. This is not normal as it is suppose to eat savoury, but I like it with sugar since yam is also sweet.. maybe you all can try if you know how to make this dish. Before cooking it savory, try coating with sugar, maybe you’ll like it 😂 kids will definitely love it coz I always eat it when young 😂🤣

But only at East Coast Park I suppose... ice cream flavor depending on on the menu for the season with customisable toppings and cone bowl. 3 toppings with lychee ice cream cone bowl for $5.3. But the strawberry sauce is Super sweet hahaha and the layer cake was very disappointing as it’s like biscuit instead of “cake”. I was so excited as I thought I ordered kueh lapis haha. Whole new game for desserts at Mcd. There’s also customisable Cesar salad and Waffle over at Mc Cafe. Love this Mac

Salted egg calamari!! I didn’t manage to take some of the other food and they were good! Like “3 cups chicken LOL” 三杯鸡, if you dare to eat petai (stink bean) and fish head curry.
If you stay nearby, don’t forget to support Chong’s Hakka Yong Tau foo. Same Coffeeshop!

I mean.. ice kachang below $2, can ask auntie add more condensed milk for free. Still have a lot of other topping to choose.. 😂

home cooked burger. Prepared with Ayam patty, topped with crispy fried sunny egg, Japanese cucumber + Romaine lettuce and Mayonnaise from Kewpie. YUMS #homemade

Open till 3am daily. Maybe I should rank the mookata I’ve visited😅
Meat wise, flavour is there but it has this white coat of “liquidy “ stuff on the pork which I suppose it’s fats. I thought its egg wash..I have not seen in other mookata places. Pretty gross to be honest. Pretty wide variety of selection which I like and not too expensive. They even have truffle mushroom (in 2nd pic)..

Reminds me of keppel bay. Very nice place to chill at night or for a “romantic” walk or dinner. It is also near the legoland, so that’s why there’re several shops and dining here.

But the coolest shop there sells Cigar. So atas.
Issac toast is very popular in Seoul, I have not before. Ordered Ham and egg (set 2), think is about $4 sgd? Price is Quite alright. Not bad but every bite has a hinch of sugar, don’t understand 😅 also ordered a strawberry smoothie, so disappointed. It’s so diluted.

However the chilli crab was below expectation. Sauce could be sweeter and the crab has this muddy taste, and I think it’s not that fresh. But ALOT of meat, still worth the money. The highlight of the dinner was the Stew pork fried mee hoon and the mantou (to dip with the chilli crab sauce). Can you imagine mantou to be the highlight? It’s really soft and delicious. Best mantou in my life hahaha. Heard that their Lala (clams) are good but didn’t get to try as its unavailable that day. Total bill came to about $90+ sgd for 4 pax. Would recommend this place!

Their Otah is also very good. This place opens early in the morning and open for more than 40 years by 3 generation😱 all females. The noodle for the laksa is very silky and soak well with the soup. So delicious, do try! All these for only $17 sgd!! #malaysia #johor #travel