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Featuring STRAY by Fatcat, Standing Sushi Bar (8Q SAM), Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak (Sembawang Road), KSL City, CoCoICHIBANYA (Bugis+), The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, Shabu Sai (Causeway Point), Steamov 食尚捞, Cookhouse by Koufu (Waterway Point)
Jx Eats
Jx Eats
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other than Do & Me at yishun Blk 123, S11 Ang mo kio’s and Astons lol, this is my new favourite. their chicken wings are fresh. Pork chop is delicious! i have tried several pork chops that are tough, mostly bones and small. theirs are considered generous and sauce is tasty. can’t complain on the sides, $7 is a steal.

it’s a lot more affordable than The Sushi Bar but the queue is always so long and slow, even though they moved to a bigger space. Seafood are very fresh and still a delicious bowl of goodness. would hope they have more sides like fried karaage or squid 🤣

quite a variety of skewers and they replenish them frequently and freshly. A generous plate of quality lean pork for only $8. All skewers are at $1 or $3/ stick. i like their concept but if compare to Jpot, i would prefer that as they have more food and soup is nicer. but here is way cheaper (my total bill for 2 was only $38), convenient to order/take food directly infront of you through the conveyor belt and open till 4am! i love the tomato soup by the way.

breakfast platter ($30.90rm) was fine. i like the bread and sautéed mushroom. love the rose latte! ($12rm)😍

started with their soup of the day, i forgot what soup we had but its quite bland and watery. then this heart attack fried rice (which is their specialty) is tasteless! chicken is dry and tough.. lacking flavour too! (i requested to have the sambal ketchup sauce?? put aside and glad that i did) zzz the sauce on the most left i think is for the steak, is still alright. only thing that save the dinner was the chicken frank. $35.80 for this entire course.. throughout the meal i have been adding salt and pepper to my soup and rice, as well as dipping the chicken on different sauces..felt like i’m the one cooking the meal 😂

I tried Shoyu Ramen ($12 nett) from Sapporo Ramen Shirakaba Sansou. Over my expectation! it’s very delicious. rich tonkutsu broth and light shoyu flavor, not too salty. Noodle is somewhat like kimchi instant noodle type but springier? i love it and it’s cheaper than Ajisen. (additional $1.5 for Ajitama egg) The spicy version is so bad though. i can only taste chili, nothing else. too spicy!

Also had Hokkaido Buta (Pork) Don ($8.90 nett) from Yakitori Tsuyoshi. meat is tender but lack of flavor. reminds me of Thai grilled pork skewer (Moo ping). overall everything is budget friendly and good standard. open till 11pm daily

crab was $80/kg omg so ex!!! i only ordered this chilli crab(but i love the sauce! bit stingy spicy and not so sweet), spinach fried tofu with salted egg yolk dip, kang kong (all small size) and 3 drinks.. my bill was $145.. 😵 but i miss it alr.