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Three stacks fluffy pancake, berries compote, maple syrup, candied bacon. Classic and tasty 4/5


Textboom fluffy thin pancakes with espresso mascsrpone butter and maple syrup. Had this before and was as good 4/5


Fluffy buttery pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips that slightly melts. with more maple goodness this pancake is a sweet tooth's wonderland 4.25/5


Pancakes + Maple Syrup and cream. Quite simple, yet always satisfying. The glutten free pancakes are cloudy melt in your mouth type. A bit bland, the cream and syrup really helps 4/5


Lunar coffee crewers located around the offices was really packed. serve some usual suspects for brunch and rice bowls. The puffed pancake is a dutch baby with corn flakes and butterscotch banana. Crispy around the outside, creamy on the center 4.25/5


Baked sort of pancakes, like those ricotta hotcakes you found. Texture wise was like banana-less banana cake (lol wat?). With crumbs and berries, Was actually better than i remember. 4.25/5


4 stacks of thin light, sorta melt in your mouth pancakes with berry compote and somewhat clumped sugar(kinda bruleed??? But it was sticky and harx) served on side of bourbon maple syrup 4/5


With the usual suspects for pancakes, berries, compote, maple syrup and ice cream. While maple could be mpre generous and pancakes a bit dry, the yoghurt ice cream was delicious. Probably similar like a frozen yoghurt but has that crunch(?) To it 4/5


With passionfruit curd, pandan gula malaka pandan sauce and banans. While the pancakes felt flet, its condiment made up for it big time 4/5

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Berries, the chocolate ganache, strawberry ice cream. Pancake itself has a bit of saltiness and chocolate bitterness, somewhat very rich and undercooked(?). The jnside was somewhay doughy and creamy. The berries and ice cream kinda helps though 3.5/5

Surprise surprise, these souffle pancakes are found in a hawker centre, probably the most affordable souffle pancakes you'll ever find. Took 25-30 minutes wait, was cloudy, melts in your mouth but was kinda eggy. Needs more sauce. 4/5


Their hotcakes are weekend special. Sligjtly sweetened on its own, texture pretty much is like their gula malaka one. this one comes with brulwed banana, chocolate sauce, crumbs, and marshmallow. Only down side is the marshmallow that idk.... it just clumped together., really sticky and somewhat hard, other than that i enjoyed it 4.5/5

Michael H.

Level 9 Burppler · 1030 Reviews

Mostly waffles/french toasts/pancakes, bare with me Photo-taking's not my forte

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