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All About Dessert

All About Dessert

Featuring Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), The Batter Affair, Kokopanda, Bugis Junction, Paradise Dynasty (Suntec City), Lana Cake Shop, Selegie Soya Bean (Kovan), Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls, Punggol Pasar Malam, Nine Fresh Desserts Taiwan (Tiong Bahru Plaza)

Original Flavour (with 3 toppings - Mango Boba Pearls, Sunflower Seeds and Dark Chocolate Sauce) (Medium Tub - $5.90) I never thought that the original flavour for yogurt will be so good with dark chocolate topping and also mango boba.

Matcha Boba Milk (Less sugar - 50%) ($5.90) got strong Matcha taste but giving unpleasant greenish aftertaste (Vegetal taste). I guess about the ratio between milk and Matcha was not balanced and milk just ruin Matcha if adding too much milk. The pink pearls were quite chewy but pearls were sticky to each other and hard to eat bubble tea.

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I finally tried Hojicha + Yuzu (3 oz - $4) as stated at previous post / visit before closing down at shaw tower and moving another new location (51 Beach Road). Hojicha was quite soft texture and mild and not much strong roasted tea taste. Yuzu was light texture and refreshing taste. I decided to mix and match another refreshing taste for new direction.

Matcha Zakuzaku ($3.50) filled creamy and milky matcha custard sauce but I felt its too waterish and not much matcha taste inside puff. For height, the measurment probably around 6-inch in height. I probably head for Matcha Hiyazaku ($4.50) next time.

Matcha Green Tea ($4.90) (add-on $1.00 = brown sugar pearls) I felt Matcha didn't enough strong taste but Brown Pearls was quite chewy but sticky around the teeth. I like their shaved ice to be honest but I didn't like ice cubes because its melting quite slow in speed.

Kouign Amann ($4.50) It's one of best selling baked goods include with crossiants. It got buttery caramel and sweet taste, moist texture (centre & inner) and crispy texture (outer). I felt that its was quite full after eating finish and probably due too too much sugar and carbo inside the baked goods. Just probably cleared off my wishlist for now and focus on other cafe or bakery shop for now.

Croissant (Plain) ($3.50) I managed to buy 1 for 1 during Happy Croissant Day. I didn't take photo of Croissant until today. But I order wrongly today and originally I want to order au plain chocolate. It's alright but I still like their buttery taste, crunchy and crispy texture.

Green Tea × Genmaicha Ice Cream (Double Scoop - $6.50) *New Flavour* I felt that green tea was not that strong flavour than Genmaicha. I felt that Genmaicha was much strong and richer taste than green tea. I probably want to try hojicha and another flavour next time.

I found that they added too much vanilla esssence inside Blueberry Streusel Muffins ($2.60). But it's overall taste for muffins, it's a bit sweet due to blueberry. I think I missed green tea flavour for cupcake but I will order cupcake online next time.

Matcha × Chocolate (Seasonal) Soft Serve ($6.90). I found that Matcha have less and barely taste but chocolate have covered up mostly Matcha taste. I found its a bit pricey with using average quality of Matcha.

Green Tea Almond Croissant ($5.20) filled with green tea paste and it's smooth texture for filling. It's got mixture of sweet and bitter aftertaste for the croissant. I finally got this after hesitation and decided to clear checklist in tiong bahru bakery. Probably I get Kouign- amann next time.

Matcha Lovers ($7.80) consisted of Matcha Warabimochi, Matcha Kitkat, Matcha Milk, Matcha Pudding and whipped cream. It's one of ultimate Matcha Dessert that I have seen before. I didn't planned to get dessert yesterday but I decided to try it since I was waiting for friend. Got a stronger matcha taste for warabimochi and pudding. But I found it's quite milky on top of the drink and I didn't like whipped cream much.


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