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Chill Out Spots

Chill Out Spots

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Cake Spade, Takashimaya Food Hall, Tom N Toms Coffee, Casa Verde | Peperoni in Botanic Gardens, Paris Baguette (Jem), Starbucks (Jurong Point), Starbucks (VivoCity Level 1), Starbucks (nex), Doutor Coffee
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Cake set came with black coffee. Asked for milk on the side with no extra charge. Chose carrot cake. Very nice. Had crunchy walnuts and raisins inside the soft moist cake. A little on the sweet side, but spices were on point.

Part of their 2cakes2drinks cake set. Could choose coffee or tea for this drink. I got the coffee latte. Lovely sophisticated rose fragrance. A bit sweet. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The corner bigger-than-usual armchairs for 2 with low table were superb. Very comfy seats perfect for lounging. Far away from the other tables that were spaced too closely for comfort. Only 2 such special tables available. Grab fast.

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Part of their 2cakes2drinks cake set. There was no tea bag nor loose petals inside. No strainer nothing. Just rose tea. Very delicate rose fragrance. Quite bland.

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Part of their 2cakes2drinks cake set. Layers of moist choc sponge cake and dark choc mousse with a delicate coat of ganache and choc crumbs. This was indeed decadent. Not very sweet, with distinct choc taste. So very soft. The choc mousse was amazing. Be aware that some of their desserts have alcohol. I was told this one doesn’t.

Part of the 2cakes2drinks cake set. Chestnut pastry cream between layers of handmade crepes. Crowned with a flurry of powdered sugar. Yes it was sweet, but so soft and creamy. A very luxurious dessert. Tiny bits of soft chestnuts inside the pastry cream. Very light marron taste.

A lovely area on the 1st floor of Jewel Changi Airport. Near Lobby E and Paris Baguette. 24 hrs, unlike the more atas one on level 2, which closes at 10/11pm.


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Had the 2 eclairs + 1 drink set using Burpple Beyond. Total price was $23 for a total of 4 eclairs + 2 drinks. Early Grey was fragrant and creamy. Cafe was pretty empty on a Friday evening at 6pm.

Used Burpple Beyond for this so they were free. Salted caramel had a smoky caramel cream inside that was a bit too salty for me. Enjoyed the matcha one the most. Not a fan of the pearl bead thingies but the cream was wonderful. Could taste the matcha powder. Not sweet. But the eclairs were slightly on the hard side.

The pink layer on top of Ispahan was chewy and gummy-like. Rose mascarpone cream was light but detectable. I liked the lychee fruit flesh inside but not the raspberries. Floral and sweet. Paris Brest was delightful. Loved the hazelnuts inside. The cream was not too sweet. Very yummy.

Served with vanilla ice cream on the side. With tooth-achingly sweet sweet caramel sauce too. The cake was really good. Unmistakable orange flavor and dense butter texture. Orange slices were on the sour side, which delighted me. My companion who loves her sweets ate 3/4 of this and almost licked the plate.

Loved the outside air con seating. Spacing between tables were wide, making conversations enjoyable.

Usually they serve it hot, but they do cold as well at no extra charge. Overwhelming cinnamon taste, with a stick of cinnamon inside the glass.

Was told by the server that this drink used black tea and canned longan fruit. But the longan actually tasted like rehydrated dried longans, which I really disliked. Maybe the bitter black tea made the canned longans take on the Chinese medicine taste of the dried longans I’m not sure. I couldn’t drink more than 1/4 of this. Luckily my companion loves dried longans and polished it off for me.

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