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Chill Out Spots

Chill Out Spots

Featuring Common Man Coffee Roasters , Cake Spade, Open Door Policy, Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), Pantler, Baker & Cook (Hillcrest), Tom N Toms Coffee, Joe & Dough (Leisure Park Kallang), Essen at The Pinnacle, CAFE O (Raffles Holland V)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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I knew I had over ordered but when I saw this beauty, with such a delightful name, I just couldn’t resist. I love orange and I love lavender. And this cake was the best sweet treat I tried that morning. The orange and lavender flavors really shone thru. Yes it was sweet. Much sweeter than I preferred. So I scrapped off the dollops of pure sugar frosting on top. Still too sweet but much better. Also the most expensive one at $6. Their cakes were tiny and this one was the same. I couldn’t believe I spent almost $30 there and still didn’t feel full.

Not sure whether it was bcos of the coffee, but I found this not so sickeningly sick as the cakes. The choc taste was there. Quite a lot of choc cream inside. It was a very pleasant treat.

I got this out of desperation. Needed sthg to wash the sugar out of my mouth, and hopefully my body. This latte was good and strong. I liked the coffee taste very much. Enjoyed this so much more after the (extremely) sugary treats I had.

This looked a lot like an egg tart. I was really hoping for sthg to take the edge off my carrot cake sugar high. Set my bet on this one but it didn’t deliver. Sure it was sour. It was lemon after all. But it was very sweet as well. The sourness seemed to be just an afterthought. I like my lemon tart sour so this really didn’t do anything for me at all.

This was a very sweet cake. So sweet that it curled my toes. I could taste a hint of spices and the raisins etc, but the cream on top was just pure sugar. This dainty little cake looked much prettier than it tasted.

Not a very spacious cafe. A few seats littered around the place but mostly, people shared this big communal table in the middle. Could get noisy when crowded.

I asked them to make hot for me and this was indeed steaming hot when it came out of the oven. I was very happy. Stuffed full of liao inside. This was a very delicious pie. Very big portion too.

This had a stronger coffee taste in comparison to the latte. I like both.

This was a fairly big sized cup of latte. Nice creamy coffee taste.

This long Black was steaming hot, just the way I like it. But it’s slight acidity did not impress me.

I like Belgium choc, and this cake looked really good. Tasted good too. Choc sponge was moist and the choc cream was chocolatey without being too sweet. A very enjoyable cake.

This had an interesting name but was essentially just Chinese tea with a very faint sour tang. Good to drink after a big dinner. I went to refill hot water and they very kindly obliged.

Cafe was really small with limited sofa seats. They also had stools, stools with back support, and normal wooden chairs. I chose the stool with back support cos it looked interesting. Unfortunately the support was so mini that I couldn’t really lean back to relax with a peace of mind. Quite unstable. Felt that I would fall off. Better to choose the wooden chairs.

I do love a good lemon tart and this looked so cute. Meringue had a lovely crumbly outer layer that easily caved to reveal a creamy inner layer. But it was too sweet. Lemon curd was sweet and sour. I would prefer it to be more on the sour side to neutralize the sweet meringue. I loved the tart shell. Tasted like shortbread crust. Really really good. If only they could tone down the sugar in the meringue, this pie would be awesome.