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Chill Out Spots

Chill Out Spots

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Cake Spade, The Providore (Mandarin Gallery), Tom N Toms Coffee, Casa Verde, Paris Baguette (Jem), Starbucks (Jurong Point), Starbucks (nex), Doutor Coffee, Starbucks (VivoCity Level 1)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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Earl grey sponge cake was light and fluffy, and baked with raspberries. Yes there were some seeds, but they were tiny so I could overlook them. Homemade lemon curd buttercream was really good. Nice and sour. This cake was made with pure olive oil and organic unrefined sugar. I felt so healthy eating this. 👍🏻

Haven’t been to Cedele for a while and their new range of cakes got me really excited. Unfortunately their cake set now only available from 2-6pm. Hope they change back to being available all the time.

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Strong coffee with just the right amt of milk. Very hot which I liked. Price was good too. I’ve been having too many flat whites which cost $6/$7 lately. Happy to save some money.

Came just before closing. This flat white had strong coffee taste but had too much milk.

Lovely pink drink that was tangy and slightly sweet. Great thirst quencher.

I asked for flat white but I was given an expresso. When my flat white came, I realized my receipt stated Milk ($4). So I decided to be honest and went to the cashier to pay $2 more.

This flat white had a good coffee taste and was not too milky. Hot too. I liked it.

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Description label stated that this was Nuga choc cake with hazelnut. I dunno what nuga choc was but I could taste the hazelnut cream. Almost mousse like, very soft and creamy. But it was too sweet for me.

Oh my this was exactly the kind of savory dessert that I like. The cream was more like sour cream mixed with butter plus the fragrance of onion. Like sour cream onion potato chips! 😍

This branch didn’t carry a big variety of cakes. Triple choc griottine had choc mousse, choc sheet and griottines with dark ganache. Mousse was very sweet, and the choc sponge cake at the bottom did nothing to neutralize it. Griottines were not juicy. The whole thing was far too sweet for me. I stopped eating after 2 bites.

This tasted more like a latte. Coffee was weak and it was milky.

Silly me thot this set was only for plain croissant. No, you can choose from any pastry available in the display counter. I got the almond croissant this time, and upsized my flat white for extra $1. Croissant was very good. Buttery and flaky, with a generous amt of almond paste filling inside. With an Ala carte order, this would cost $4, so this deal was a steal. Ask for it to be made hot. Even yummier.

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Coffee was stronger in this one than the latte. Arleen made this herself. And the sweet message written in foam just melted my heart. The mains might have disappointed me, but the superb service and delicious desserts cooled my dissatisfaction. I give 👍🏻👍🏻 for this place.

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Good coffee taste. Just a bit milkier than the flat white.

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