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Chill Out Spots

Chill Out Spots

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Cake Spade, The Providore (Mandarin Gallery), Tom N Toms Coffee, Casa Verde, Paris Baguette (Jem), Starbucks (Jurong Point), Starbucks (nex), Doutor Coffee, Starbucks (VivoCity Level 1)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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The tea was on the sweet side. It was fun to pop the pomegranate pearls for a burst of fruity sweetness.

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Tasted quite milky, more like a latte than a flat white.

Cold and sweet. Choc taste was good. Loved the earl grey jelly. Delightful to chew with earl grey fragrance. Didn’t add the whipped cream for less calories.

Hot fragrant tea good for digestion. Comfortable armchairs good for chilling.

This was unexpectedly not sweet, thou the hazelnut flavor was on point. Smooth milky mousse had a light caramel taste very yummy. I loved the hazelnut praline at the base. Very nutty and crispy. Raspberry marmalade had no seeds but reminded me slightly of cough syrup.

The first thing that hit my tongue was the matcha powder, so it was really bitter. But the sweetness of the cake quickly neutralized it. The cake itself had a thick, slightly dry texture. But the dry part was mostly confined to the edges.

Despite my last feedback, nothing was done abt labeling their alcoholic dessert on the menu. Knowing it would be pointless to approach the staff again, I asked for the manager. They didn’t have one here. But they did have an in-charge in the kitchen. I spoke to him and he said he would feedback to his boss. Hope they would really do sthg abt it this time.

This was the largest size. Not very sweet. Got a nice sourish tang that I really liked. Base was milky, prob the yoghurt I guess.

Purple sweet potato with candied chestnut treats in a slice of fluffy chestnut Swiss roll. Saw the pastry chef spreading chestnut cream on the cake and immediately changed my order to this. Not sweet as I feared, and the sweet potato taste was quite strong. Cake was soft and fluffy. Chestnut cream had chunks of chestnuts in it and a strong alcoholic taste.

Pls note that there was indeed alcohol in this. I checked with the chef. Rum with 50% alcohol! Supposedly there was 0.9g in one slice but the alcohol taste was very obvious. Menu didn’t state, which didn’t sit well with me, since I’m on a no-alcohol diet. Staff didn’t seem to care thou. Disappointed.


This was unlike any matcha latte that I’ve ever tried. And I must say that this surpassed them all by a huge margin. This latte was not at all sweet. The star of this drink was very obviously matcha, which carried a deep bitter flavor. The milky latte was very light, hidden inside the bitter matcha. I’m absolutely in love.


Smooth peach mousse with raspberry and peach jelly filling atop a buttery sable base. This dessert was lovely. Delicately sweet with just a hint of tang. Raspberry had no seeds so the whole thing was smooth and silky. I could eat 3 and still want more.

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This creamy cheesecake had a wonderful citrusy sourness that really attracted me. And in the midst of it, I could taste a slight smoky roasted flavor from the genmaicha. Exactly the type I like. I can see myself eating this often.

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