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Not Quite (Don)e With My Dons

Not Quite (Don)e With My Dons

Featuring The Refinery, Alter Ego, Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Gyu Nami, Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Tempura Tenten, The Burning Oak, Pickleville, MOJO
Peiwen T.
Peiwen T.

Both were so fantastic that they were wolfed down within minutes. Be sure to order not the small, but the regular portions as the former will definitely not be sufficient for your ultimate enjoyment.

The local chicken rice inspired dish managed to save the day a little with its soft sou vides chicken breast. Enjoyed the touch of ginger used to season the chicken, making the experience more authentic to its roots. Well the vegetables of cucumber and cherry tomatoes had no taste to them. After a while, the overall taste fell flat so it was finished with copious amount of garlic chilli sauce that was made available over the counter.

It was supposed to be yumepirika rice, truffle beef, broccoli florets, onsen egg and furikake. However they seemed to have saved on seasoning for the rice and beef that evening. The beef was not even that tender on top of that missing truffle aroma. Broccoli florets definitely could do a few more seconds in the boiling water too.

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Definitely one of the best eats for my night. The crisp on the seared sous vide salmon was a delight. The size of the salmon was very reasonable too. The mountain of Kinmemai brown rice the meaty salmon was sitting on was perfectly cooked. Pouring in the light bacon green tea dashi, the dish was a great enjoyment against the back drop of sour fermented ume, sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy rice bits, nori and shiso. Yum!


The black pepper chicken tasted exactly like our chinese sesame chicken just that it was packed with a spicy punch. The soba noodles went great with the black pepper chicken as the gravy made each strand silky and hence, so easy to slurp up the whole bowl.


Love how innovative yet persevering some of our local Hawkers can be at preserving certain heritage dishes. This filling lunch value set comprises of their signature Hakka tofu rice bowl, pancake and a hot beverage. The rice bowl is actually no other than the Hakka styled thunder tea rice. Other than that, it consists of Hakka styled yong tau food ingredients like fried tou kwa and bitter gourd stuffed with minced pork. I love how they put in extra effort to season the individual ingredients of the thunder tea rice. You can actually top up another dollar for the thunder tea soup:)
For the side of pancake, I ordered a green tea pancake with red bean filling. Other options include sesame pancake with shredded coconut filling and traditional plain pancake with peanut filling. The dough was so soft and flavourful yum!
Though the famous Hakka thunder tea is just located across the street, I will still return to support, just because a twist can make everything better sometimes.


Roasted beef, salmon and chicken signature lunch bowls with pickled sides eg quail eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn and onions. It’s pretty refreshing to have a pickled meal initially but it got a little boring towards the end as everything on the brown rice tasted pretty much the same.


A small shop front selling a very extensive range of food ranging from burgers to tonkatsu and even curry rice! I believe maybe the small shop is housing several cafes under the same roof?

Had the demiglazed roasted beef with omurice. Although the omu wasnt the kind that allowed you to slice it in the middle to reveal flowy goodness, it was really silky and smooth, hence making it a great complement to the demiglaze sauce and tomato fried rice under it! The tomato fried rice tasted rather bland but the demi glaze which carried hints of smokiness saved the day.
However, the star of the dish had got to be the roasted beef. Cut to a satisfying thickness, each nicely marbled slice coupled with silky omu delivered into the mouth also delivered intense gratification instantly.

Would return to try the highly raved ox tongue the next time!


Huge slab of Salmon on a bed of Japanese short grained rice drizzled with teriyaki sauce. The mentaiko sauce was just plain shiok 😛 but the salmon was a tad too overcooked for my liking.


Enjoyed my huge slab of juicy Norwegian Salmon atop a bed of al dente cha soba. As for the daily dose of fiber, I had no complaints for my shoyu-dashi-soaked turnips (my guess as I couldn't find it in the online menu), oriental woodear salad and juicy mushrooms sauteed in oyster sauce. Though the end product didn't look that delectable and colourful, the toppings, protein and carb went really well together, releasing a pleasurable blend of flavours in the mouth.


Visited the place for the second time due to its 1-for-1 offer for selected dons. The premium don came with a wide variety of lightly marinated cubed sashimi such as Hokkaido scallop, otoro, chutoro and hirame as well as tamago and cucumbers, resting on a bed of well vinegared Japanese rice. Loved the otoro and chuturo as they were so so buttery:) In general the sashimi tasted fresh and really sweet.
Definitely gonna return for another treat before the offer ends on the 31/1/18!


My first time seeing a kakiage tempura in the tendon scene! Since it reminded me of my fond memories with the one that comes in certain instant udon cups, I decided to give this tendon a try. Made of whitefish, silverfish, prawn and assorted vegetables, the tempura was a delight for the first few bites with the dashi dip successfully balancing the heaviness on the palate. But the greasiness and gelatness soon caught up and there was nothing the dashi dip could do to help, even when it was all poured over the tendon.


Because good food makes everything better

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