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Miisoh Ate

Miisoh Ate

Featuring Bincho at Hua Bee, Talay Kata, Chen's Mapo Tofu, JIN Fine Dining, Chalong (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Ramen Taisho (Maxwell Food Centre), Ichiban Boshi (nex), Henri Charpentier (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Bami Express, Sisaket Thai Food (Maxwell Food Centre)
Mii soh
Mii soh

Iberico Pork Jowl with an onsen egg and salad greens ($12). The pork was wonderfully smoky with an almost crunchy texture. I found the salad quite small but really enjoyed the pork and egg!

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I ordered the Aburi Chirashi Don for $30 and it was really yummy!! Thick chunks of aburi-ed salmon, tuna, eel, egg with tasty seasoned rice and tobiko. Hearts!

This is a yummy tom yum noodle soup. You get a creamy tom yum with fish slices and 3 big fresh prawns for $5!

A small place tucked away on the second level of tanjong pagar plaza serving fresh and tasty $5 and below banh mi. The baguette I got for my Bami Saigon ($5) was so crisp, it was like snowing bread flakes all over me. Great find in cbd!

This stall is tucked away in an inconspicuous corner, and I ordered from it because it was one of the stalls still open at night. I was super impressed by its pad thai. It's really good. The noodles were chewy, super flavourful, and it's only $4.

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Salad base, 1 carb, 1 protein (meat), 5 toppings for just $6. Garden bowl doesn't serve just a basic salad, the toppings and sauces are really good.

Great tasting broth, noodles done just nice. I really like the garlic flakes you can add in. For $6.80, it's great value for a good bowl of ramen.

I liked the neck and thigh ($15). The comb was pretty memorable, because I liked the texture more than I expected. Really yummy but quite costly.

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I ordered the char siew noodles for $4 and added on soya sauce chicken for $2. I was surprised with the amount of meat! The soya chicken was yummy and I really liked the char siew. Really good value for $6

I like this bowl of mee sua ($3) for its tender slices of pork and well prepared kidney slices! The mee sua wasn't clumpy and thus easy to eat!

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Dinner buffet at $35.80. We opted for the Tom yum soup and seafood platter for starters. The Tom yum soup base was a clear sour soup. I didn't really like it so I replaced it with the creamier Tom yum soup from the buffet line. The meat and seafood were not fantastically fresh, but they had my fav fried beancurd skin roll. The buffet and dessert selection was not too bad :) Overall satisfying.


The Ika Meshi shrank dramatically in size when I revisited it yesterday. It was too salty and nothing to shout about. Depressing, really..

Mii soh

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