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Desserts Are Not Meant To Be Deserted

Desserts Are Not Meant To Be Deserted

Featuring Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Group Therapy (Duxton), The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk), Dulcet & Studio, On The Table, Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), belle-ville Pancake Cafe, Tom's Palette, Hvala (CHIJMES), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza)
Peiwen T.
Peiwen T.
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Finally finally the chance to try this cake. Both the cake sponge and cream were rich in goma flavour. The cake sponge was fluffy but not that soft to fall under the weight of the goma cream as the slice became smaller and smaller with each bite. Really an enjoyment for any goma/ black sesame fan:)

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Part II of Mala spree night which was totally unplanned for the new flavour of Mala Chocolate! It was so good ohmy! Velvety dark chocolate packed with a punch of intense mala flavour. The mala was so legit that it actually left a slight burning sensation in the stomach while and after savouring it. The White Christmas was the perfect complement as the mint custard with candy cane added a refreshing tone to the spiciness, without having the mala to overpower it.
If you are new to Tom, please don’t miss White Choc Nori, Parmesan Cheese and Chocolate Stout!


First time trying this Filipino dish which is similar to our ice kacang. Do away with all the food colourings, condensed milk and add flavourful ingredients like coloured jelly cubes, red bean, attap chee, corn, papaya cubes, caramel flan and fragrant yam ice cream, and you will get this yum dessert. To eat it, you pretty much have to stir everything together which proves to be challenging, given how much ingredients this dessert contains. I definitely enjoyed it more than our ice kacang. There wasn’t a single moment of gelatness and I enjoyed the experience of finding new ingredients within the icy and beautiful mess and savouring each mouthful of goodness.
This might or might not be the best halo-halo in town, but to me this first experience was amazing.


Was torn between this and caramelised apples initially as they seemed to be the best sellers for the day! Eventually settled for this because I wasn't sure if caramelised apples would be a Lil too sweet for my liking. This turned out to be my wisest decision for the day! Ordered 4 pancakes only as dinner was just an hour away😛 Loved how fluffy and soft pancakes were and how they were full of egginess, both in flavour and scent. The cream was light with subtle sweetness to complement the citrussy from the berries. Enjoyed the drizzle of chocolate sauce that added another layer of flavours to the pancakes. Though it got really messy halfway, it was a lovely mess:)


Fluffy, airy and really soft pancakes at a hawker center! Sauces to choose from include caramel, chocolate and strawberry. However there was a very overpowering metallic taste in the batter which I attempted to cover with copious amounts of chocolate and caramel sauce to make it more edible. Though it is really affordable, it may not be a place I will return to for a pancake fix.
Other than the pancakes, you can also find puddings (matcha, chocolate) and lemon cheesecake there!

The nasi lemak ice cream really tastes legit! Other than coconut milk which is used as the base, it consists of white chocolate chunks that is made with ikan bilis, peanuts and spices, so much like the real dish. To balance the strong taste from the nasi lemak ice cream, the aroma and bitterness of moca in moca macnuts make it a good choice. The amount of nuts used in it is also very generous.
This is definitely the first place on my list to visit whenever I have cravings for adventurous flavors!


One of the best toasts EVER. Though I am not the biggest fan of coconut, this totally won me over. The intensely rich coconut sauce and ice cream over crispy toast, sprinkled with dessicated coconut... There was never an instance of jelatness feasting through that dessert as it was so rich and fragrant! Will totally return for another treat:)
Try this for a mind blowing coconut experience!

Fun fact: these toasts are actually air fried before serving with sauce and ice cream! No wonder they are so crispy. (Am I the last person to know this fun fact? 😅)


Enjoyed the strong hint of Hojicha in the soft serve and also the fact that the waffles didn't turn soggy under the melting soft serve💓 #ultimatehojichafan


The combi of waffle with snores and choc hazel nut sauce was a lil too sweet. Hence, choosing Earl Grey as the gelato of choice turned out to be wise as it balanced off the sweetness really well:)


It's such a great delight to be able to try new interesting flavours! Both the white chocolate & nori and salted egg yoke tasted so gooood, hooking you at first bite. Just a little advice though, eat the latter first as the former is a bit overpowering on the taste buds, so as to have a complete savoury experience with both 😁 Nevertheless, this gem has definitely made it into my list of ice cream heavens:)

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Loved the chocolate soil so muchhh. The signature dark and milk chocolate ice cream were just insane💗


Because good food makes everything better

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