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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

This tastes very different from normal. It's got a particular aroma, very hard to say what, but not enough depth. Decent but not really stunning, a well executed traditional one would have been much more pleasing. It's crisp though

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There's a light fragrance to the rice, and it's very fluffy with more bite than normal. Pretty delicious

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Only 1 size. Service is ridiculously fast for this, and could have been warmer...

Not very tender, and mild too. No heat. Very average

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Slightly watery, a lighter style with substantial heat. Not too bad, and definitely more worth it at 1++ more than the small portion. Good for sharing between 2

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PSA come at 12pm to avoid the crowd, sharp. From 12 to 1210 u can see the restaurant gets filled very very fast, and if you come at 1210 suddenly the wait is a lot more significant. They're fast tho so it doesn't matter that much

Didn't know it's gonna be deep fried but it was very oily and very spicy. The chili's flavour is pretty good tho. Ckn was tender too

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PSA NO MORE LUNCH SET, murtabak Manis only available after 3pm(idk if it's always like that but probably)

This was delicious. Based on the pics I saw,I expected sth like a bakchor mee without vinegar and chili, just oil but this was very different. The chicken stew was amazingly savoury and sweet, and so intense in flavour. So it's mainly the gravy from the ckn stew w quite a bit of oil. Super delicious and a must try

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Wasn't too hot, but is delicious.

Their paru is really something. Beef lung was meaty w a mild chew, it looks like preserved meat cos of how dried it is. Full of umami

And the amaranth, not sure what sauce it's cooked in but there's it's similar to fermented soybean that has a punchy umami, what a pleasant surprise.

Second time trying and maybe it's just luck but the stuff here is delightful, not overwhelming, not too spicy and very flavourful. If you're choosing randomly it can be pretty spicy though

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Apparently I can't detect the heat from their green chili properly because she found it pretty hot

Chili hijau chicken was pretty good, the green chili had a mild vegetal flavour.

Satay cuttlefish? had a lot of peanuts and the cuttlefish was unbelievably tender, there's barely any chew.

French beans were perfect too.

I particularly like their green chili sauce because of the anchovies, it's a very soft and savoury sauce (again with possibly a lot of heat)

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Idk who's GG during dinner but everyone's who's been has only reviewed their bakmi so not sure why they don't open for lunch anymore

PSA their skewers are gone, it's too popular and they lack the manpower to do it. But they're moving to joo chiat in April 2022 and they will be bringing back their original skewer selection and more, comprising a total of 6 kinds of skewers

A whole grilled baby chicken. Incredibly tender and juicy from being sous vide for 12hours in the same spices as the glaze, then basted in the glaze and finally grilled for that intense smokiness. It's smaller than expected(to be shared between two) as they chose the baby ckn for flavour and incredible texture.

The glaze is rlly good, they make it from scratch in house. Extremely sweet, so it does bear a resemblance to kecap Manis, but thinner. The peppercorns doesn't come through but there's some heat from the chili padi in the glaze. It's really just a glaze though, the flavour doesn't penetrate into meat.

The rice is a scam tho, while it's a big bowl(for two) 4bucks is abit too much, as crispy as the fried onions were.

Props to the chef for the effort, he really put in a lot of love to ensure that it's authentic, from making the sauce from scratch(extremely rare in restaurants here) to preserving the way it is served (topped w sambal kangkong)

The sambal kangkong was extremely spicy, I couldn't rlly enjoy it. But the other sambal was v fragrant from the lemongrass and onions, and was delightful. Chef mentioned that it's not taliwang without this sambal, it has to go tgt

Veggies go for 1nett each

I'm rlly disappointed there's literally one meat left at 6pm wth. Beef was reasonably tender and well spiced, sambal belachan was textbook, and both the kangkong and brinjal had unique chili's to them. Quite spicy tho

Bitterguord was slightly undercooked.

I want to try next time:
Chili hijau ckn (green chili)
Paru(beef lung)
Sambal cuttlefish/ckn breast
Lemak chili padi ckn

Would travel for food

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