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Mornings In Angmoh Style

Mornings In Angmoh Style

Featuring Common Man Coffee Roasters, Group Therapy (Duxton), Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), Strictly Pancakes, Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre), Walking On Sunshine, smith&hsu 現代茶館
Peiwen T.
Peiwen T.
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Korean concept store in OC that houses a cafe, manicure parlour and salon. The cafe is really pretty with high book shelves, potted plants and fairy lights. For the 11 items on the Korean Styled American menu, every customer is entitled to order each once hence it is technically not a brunch buffet. However that said, it’s hard to eat 11 items on your own when it comprises of American breakfast, panini etc😜 Portion wise wasn’t that big but it could amount to something if one were to try to finish three or more items😂 Enjoyed the ham and cheese or chicken bugolgi panini the most!:)

Adored the richness and smoothness of the Earl Grey cream and how it complemented the gooey slice of butter so well 😛 Black sesame toast was fragrant too, just that a thicker layer of black sesame could have helped to score the overall toast experience an A1? Not to mention the latte which was so smooth and delectable. However the hint of sea salt caramel was almost non existent:(


Second visit had me falling head over heels for this particular awesome bagel!
Tender chicken massaged with a house rub of sexy srirach sauce before heading for the oven. Together with bacon, srirach aioli, mesclun with red onions, crunchy greens and a choice of cheddar bagel, the end product was simply a dance of exciting flavours in the mouth which could leave you craving for more!
I think I have found my favorite bagel!


Second visit for more legendary bagels!
Ordered a pulled pork in grains bagel ($14) with an add on of mushrooms ($2). As usual, I couldn't quite get used to the intense smokiness from the combi of homemade BBQ sauce, spicy mayo and jalapenos, which somehow overpowered the creaminess from the mushrooms. BUT boy was the portion of pulled pork generous! Loved how the pickled slaw added a crunch too!
Definitely a filling meal and well course, a messy one too😅


Ordered this extra big bagel with add-ons (of mushrooms, chorizo and hash), well best of all worlds right?:) According to the crew, it was one of their biggest bagel prepared thus far?:O
On its own, this amazing sesame bagel consists of a generous portion of avocado, crispy bacon, sunny side up and greens with aioli sauce.
The sesame bagel was very crunchy and released bursts of intense aroma with each munch. Being a sucker for mushrooms, the creamy mushrooms was simply to die for💓
Definitely going to return for another mindblowing experience, though great mess is highly anticipated😉


My first time with this breakfast/ brunch item.
The pita bread was cut into two, with one mixed and baked within and the other resting on top of the dish. The first few mouths were really rich, creamy and fragrant but it became really 'jelak', making it hard to finish the dish.


One of the best scones I have ever tried:) When in Taiwan, one can still have atas food:D Original and Matcha scones with lemon curd and clotted cream.

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With flat white:) it's really not bad:) Salty enough for my liking:) One of the best brunch to start the day well:)

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Quite normal with not much wow factor. But still alright:)

Really very rich garlic taste that is absolutely deserving recognised:) might be too much a portion to be eaten by one person though.

A catch up with my ex level boy! His dish for the night! Looks gooood too:)

Creamy hollandaise and salmon roe on poached eggs and toast with avocado and asparagus! :))) A dish so remarkably unforgettable!

Because good food makes everything better

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