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Choose this becoz beloved duck rice sold out. Not bad. $3 for two meat

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The McDonald's semi-self-designed burger. It is actually not bad. The patti is not the same as what you get from double cheese burger you can feel it is real beef that you are eating. You can choose to add on extra patti or bacon or mushroom?at a price. Cost about 10+ less than 15. Strongly Recommended. It annoys me when the burger in restaurantis below the quality of MacDonald!

Vintage decrotions. Very affordable not quality desserts and breakfast. Quite atmosphere

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Great location. Happen to find this because having class nearby. Happy hour 6 bucks one pint of beer. Food was ok and probably can get it at lower prices at foodcourt nearby, but they do support a lot charity so I wouldnt mind. Will always go back for the cheap beer

I like japanese shabu shabu more than chinese hotpot , though some of my fav food only available at chinese hotpot. Shabu has most of the things I like, mushroom1 mushroom2 and mushroom 3. Eggs. Glassnoodle. And unlimited beef. My experience was the wagyu beef for add on is not worthy. :/

You can't believe how much is per dish. U get those not so good duck rice in food court at a lot higher price. Small duck rice + Yam rice + 鸭胗 + egg + 豆干 cost S$4.3!! stall owner is very chatty. Used to have dinner here every Friday on the way to class!!