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🏮Atas Chinese 🐉

🏮Atas Chinese 🐉

Featuring Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum (Upper Serangoon Road), Mitzo, Peony Jade Restaurant (Keppel Club), Hai Tien Lo, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (31[email protected]), Black Society, iSteamboat, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant (Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium), East Ocean Teochew Restaurant (Shaw House), Paradise Dynasty (Westgate)
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim

The usual siew mai topped with mini fish roe. The meat was a tad too tough and the flavour was not to point. However, you can’t complain for the price you get.

Limited promotion to celebrate for our national day. Chili crab meat was stuffed into the usual xiao long bao and it turns out to taste great. The sweet savoury chili crab sauce complements the xlb meat so well and one can really taste the sweetness from REAL crab meat.

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Oh wow! The jasmine petals was so so fragance that enhance the egg taste. Egg was very light and soft.

Topped with lots of chili seasoning that packs a punch to the fish. Fish itself was marinated with 6 different spices and charcoal grilled. The fish was extremely flavourful and the fish meat is tender even though it looks very dry to me.

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Chicken was cooked within the pot for 4 hours and served with some cold beansprouts at the side. We are told to scoop out the chicken and put it onto the beansprout plate and drink the soup thereafter. The soup was indeed flavoutful despite the intimidating layer of oil floating on top.

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You know what is the best part of this dish? Which is you can eat without getting your hands dirty! Chicken was deep fried before stir frying in a pot with the cereal toppings.

Served in a big pot for sharing. Ingredients are super generous here. The broth was a tad too sticky to my liking but the lavish amount of fosh maw make up to it!

Plating was slightly different from the usual restaurant or zichar stall. The chicken egg was served with runny yolk that you can break and stir the yolk with the spinach. Light yet flavourful!

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Very generous pot of thick slab pig liver. Nicely cooked in the claypot. Liver was tender and does not have the foul smell.

One of the signature dish that all teochews would definitely order. Kway tiao is nicely fried and soak with all the flavours and it was pan-fried thereafter. It was still lacking that wok hei taste from my favourite but this is by far the second best i had.


Very flavourful and full of ingredient. Fish maw was all sinking at the bottom so pls so scoop deeper to get all the goodies up! The soup was not too starchy so it does not have the sticky feeling after drinking which i don’t like it.

Owned by our local veteran celebrity, Chen Shucheng, promoting teochew cuisine in the east of Macpherson. First dish we had was this braised goose meat. Soft and tender, it was quite close to authentic the teochew flavour. We added on the braised taukwa for additional protein.

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How to eat and still stay in shape? 🤔

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