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Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West

Featuring DePizza, Oporto, Garçons (Essen at The Pinnacle), Collin's Grille Bento (Marina Square), Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar (Suntec City), Tenderfresh Classic (Waterway Point), Nando's (nex), Astons Specialities (Kallang Wave Mall), 1983 A Taste of Nanyang (Marina Bay Sands), Cookhouse by Koufu (Waterway Point)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

One of the few stalls opened at night. The chicken chop was really tender. Sauce was surprisingly on the sweet side.

Loved the amount of cheese on this thing. Very stretchy and satisfying. Most of the flavor came from the cheese. Overall not fishy. But I bit into a 2cm bone on my very first bite. I would have enjoyed this dish so much more if the bone wasn’t present. Parents need to check carefully before feeding this to young children.

This place was super popular with families. I think I was the only couple there without kids. Expect noise and occasions screaming.

Chicken chop was well grilled with a lovely char. Pasta was good too. Quite garlicky but I could always do with even more garlic.

Oh yes this leg was beautiful indeed. Meat was tender and juicy, and just the color was enough to let me know that it was well marinated. The rice was good too. Pair this with their fabulous Sambal chili and it became a pageant winner.

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I’m not a vege person and I don’t usually eat salads. But this was really good in my opinion. The vege was fresh and crisp and quite cold. Lots of mayo which I really liked. And the chicken was the usual good Tenderfresh standard. Crispy skin and tender meat. I actually ate half of this, which to me, was a lot.

This didn’t look too appetizing at first but it was really yummy. Some fries still retained its crispiness despite sitting in the cheesy sauce for a while. Cheese was in abundance, which I really enjoyed. Seasoned just right too. The beef demi-glaze sauce gave it so much flavor. Who cares if I get fat... 🐽

The fish was fried till crispy and very hot. Fries were ok. I liked the tartar sauce. Salad not bad too.

This place was almost empty on a weekday evening. Despite that, had to wait abt 20 mins for this chicken chop. Fries were ok. Chicken chop was very average. Most things on the plate were on the bland side. Mushroom soup was very watery. Maybe this was healthy western food?

This chop was bigger than the one in the mixed grill. Excellent as well, thou the wait was long. I had already finished the mixed grill with hubby and was sitting there twiddling my thumbs. This one had nice crispy skin as well. I was recommended the mushroom sauce. Good choice. Pasta was fabulous. Lots of garlic and very well seasoned. Spicy too. Corn was good too. Sweet and juicy.

They have a lunar new year surcharge of $2 for mains and $1 for sides and drinks. From 4-6 Feb.

Chicken chop had nice crispy skin. Juicy and delicious. Sauce was black pepper. Pretty spicy. Pork chop had a lovely char with a smoky aroma. Not dry at all. I enjoyed it very much. Sausage was cold. It looked a revolting pinkish white color with barely-there pan fried marks. I could only hope it was cooked. Not impressed. Mushroom vege was good. Well seasoned and garlicky. Could have gotten high marks if not for the sausage. I regret not sending the sausage back.

Wasn’t expecting much but this tasted great! The chicken chop had crispy skin, which added major points. Pasta was al dente, and the sauce was just the right amount of creamy. Yummy.

Strangely, it looked exactly like the teriyaki chicken chop. But the sauce was much better. Nicely savory without the dreaded saltiness. I much prefer this.

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