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CBD eats

CBD eats

Exploring all the good food haunts in the centre!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Caved in to the $20 3 course set lunch, with me going for a medium rare sirloin steak while my friend went for the bello burger. We sat at the bar top in this chic setting, and wolfed down the meal. The steak goes decadently well with the bearnaise sauce.

($20+ gst per pax, just below Asia Square Tower 1)

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[New eats at Shenton] Store is aptly named Nasi.Lemak, and i got the Set A for $4.50, including an egg, chicken wing, cucumbers. It serves pretty decent and fragrant nasi lemak! Quick and friendly service. i just can't get enough of the sweet chili mixed with rice (not nuff meat tho)

Eating in a temple?

I was amazed as i walked past this place, an uncanny eatery in the heart of CBD, it feels like time somewhat stops here and it gives off rustic vibes. Also, they are serving local delights here like Laksa, Meesiam, Seafood soup. We were very pleasantly surprised that the glass prawns are HUGE and fresh, certainly adding a depth to the broth.

Meesiam is nice. For $10.80, its a lil pricey, but you get a quality rendition of our local delights. Also, its a peaceful sanctuary to eat in. Will be back!


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Baked fish with pasta: my attempt of eating cleaner though the baked fish is topped with a generous serving of garlic cream sauce. Liked how its skin is crisp and light - $6.30 for takeaways (a rare find for western food in the CBD)

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Dont let the fact that there's no meat stop you from these sandwich stacks of tantalising melted mozzarella, a bed of mushrooms with some stealthy arugula and hints of balsamic vinegar. They definitely perfected their sandwich mix, i just had to wolf it down.

($16, thank you to Burpple Beyond for the 1-for-1 lunch deal!)


Enjoyed this way too much even though its on the greasy end. I got the chicken quesadilla and its slightly spicy but just the right cheese meltz. Will come back when i just want an indulging judge-all-you-want kinda meal (~$12)

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Had to try their pho with their snaking long queues, and i got the combination bowl for $13 with its tender angus beef, flank, tendons. Generous serving with hearty soup! A treat as the price is definitely on the higher end for a foodcourt

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Arcade Fish Soup with their cool branding has also opened an outlet at One Marina. For $6.50, you can get either their sliced fish, fried or mixed with a carb. Eating this brings back fond memories of working in the cbd last time.

It's soup is a tad more savoury with the generous addition of 咸菜 preserved vegetables. It also includes more ingredients compared to the usual fish soup - with egg tofu & tomato. I especially enjoyed their fresh and thick sliced fish, while finding their fried fish more fried than fish. Still, their broth feels especially home cooked and nutritious. Plus the shiokness of the Chili!

To note that there are two queues, one to order and one to collect!

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Ordered this under mealpal and didn't expect it to be Don, the place where I use to get my chicken pies. I certainly recognise their efforts to diversify, and the roast pork is also baked in-house. However it didn't quite hit the spot for its meats, the very raw egg..... The Chili is good ofc. (~$8, got this at the OUE downtown outlet)

Got an indulgent treat of mentaiko salmon bowl, and was first greeted by the whiff of seared mentaiko. The salmon was a thicc slab of well cooked tenderness and when mixed with the lemon and gooey onsen egg is a heavenly combination. ($18.90). The black pepper chicken is slightly too pepperish (maybe it's good for pepper fans) for my liking though very generous in serving! ($12.90)

Felt that this fusion dish didn't go well, with the kimchi being too overwhelmingly strong and crunchy. Love the mentaiko Mayo and abundant avo though. Yums for a $3 mealpal lunch!

Hearty chicken goulash soup (and pasta!!) with a delicious wrap of mushroom and cheese. Good for these rainy days. Thank you mealpal!!

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