CBD eats

CBD eats

Exploring all the good food haunts in the centre!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Their superior soup seafood poached rice is both sweet and brimming with seafood's savoury essence, a steal for $5. Esp love the touch of bittergourds, that gives it a rounder flavour. Fave are the fresh prawns and the chewy squid rings. A comforting meal.

Many have done a shout-out for this humble bowl of noodles and rightfully so. The chili pan mee stands out from the crowd with it's bouncy handmade noodles and that potent dried shrimp chilli. You don't even have to mix it well to feel the kick with a single bite. And you can see how they make the noodles fresh and into the

Plus, this is also the first stall that features the chewy beancurd skin, absorbing the sauce delightfully like a sponge; fried egg with the right doneness and the essentials ikan bilis and meat ball. Slurped this up in no time

Thank you Mdm Leong for making this heartfelt bowl of comfort ($4.50)

Ps. The chili can run out fast, and this store accepts paylah/paynow too. Hope the crowds come back to amoy soon.

A cheeky singaporean ring to Cabin Crew bistro, this place has recently opened up in the heart of CBD by a team of air stewards and stewardess.

The aesthetic plating definitely caught our eyes, with their western dishes (e.g. pork tenderloin, salmon which I had) alongside the wide array of sides available - e.g. truffle mash, asparagus and mushrooms that is prepared fragrantly for ~$16 (before gst)

As it's a soft launch, do expect a slightly longer waiting time and some items not on the menu. Good food 👌

of its own. It's made out of yellow pea and held it's crispness outside and firmness inside well, and was not at all mushy. Plus, it's so flavourful and when dipped with the chilli, it's amazing.

One of the sides in our set meal! ($14.90)

Definitely a feast of colours and tastes brought to our shores. The 15 course meal here covered so many food like their dumplings (love the minty lamb and wild hog one), cold beetroot soup, various veggie salads but my favourite gotta go to Ukrainian Borsh soup - a warm, hearty potato, beetroot, tomato soup.

Support this homely and unique restaurant. Down the cuisine with some russian vodka or bread cola. Bustling on a Friday night, do make some reservations!

($78 for a 15 course meal)


Their fish and chips take on a creative stance with roasted potes and fresh snapper fish with a light crust. The zesty lemonish mayo takes it home. Simply love the vibes, though food may take about 15-20mins to come - good food is worth the wait ($18)

My serene hide out in CBD when you just want a lush green corner to unwind during lunch. Had the sous vide salmon topped luxuriously with caviar, the soba had a tinge of wasabi-ish taste mixed into it that makes the dish fresh. While the salmon may not be silkily smooth, it's still a delight paired with the flavour bombs of caviar, cherry toms, onions

($19.90, a steal with one for one)

This Bavette, or flank steak, is delightful. Soft to the cut and tastes rich, pairing nicely with the creamy bearnaise sauce. Heard Bavette is rare to come by too. Comes with a side of salad with honey-ish vinegar/ a mountain of fries ($28)

Caved in to the $20 3 course set lunch, with me going for a medium rare sirloin steak while my friend went for the bello burger. We sat at the bar top in this chic setting, and wolfed down the meal. The steak goes decadently well with the bearnaise sauce.

($20+ gst per pax, just below Asia Square Tower 1)

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[New eats at Shenton] Store is aptly named Nasi.Lemak, and i got the Set A for $4.50, including an egg, chicken wing, cucumbers. It serves pretty decent and fragrant nasi lemak! Quick and friendly service. i just can't get enough of the sweet chili mixed with rice (not nuff meat tho)

Eating in a temple?

I was amazed as i walked past this place, an uncanny eatery in the heart of CBD, it feels like time somewhat stops here and it gives off rustic vibes. Also, they are serving local delights here like Laksa, Meesiam, Seafood soup. We were very pleasantly surprised that the glass prawns are HUGE and fresh, certainly adding a depth to the broth.

Meesiam is nice. For $10.80, its a lil pricey, but you get a quality rendition of our local delights. Also, its a peaceful sanctuary to eat in. Will be back!


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Baked fish with pasta: my attempt of eating cleaner though the baked fish is topped with a generous serving of garlic cream sauce. Liked how its skin is crisp and light - $6.30 for takeaways (a rare find for western food in the CBD)

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