CBD eats

CBD eats

Exploring all the good food haunts in the centre!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Slightly taken aback at how long food takes to get served, don't expect too much service and while it serves a mean Thai dish, it's not too practical to dine here on a work day. Tomyum spice was nice, comes with prawns but not squid. ($20+)

A non-descript place where you're unlikely to find unless guided by familiar folks to a basement dungeon, which is cheerily lit up with Christmas lights - the signature dishes here are their local fares, and I enjoyed the sirloin beef horfun ordered. Well charred. They're know for their signature beehoon and hokkien meet too, but definitely on the pricier side ($20+)

It's on the 2nd floor of the shophoise and offers a good lunch set - the ribeye done medium rare and with an assortment of comfy sofas that makes it a pretty chill place for Friday lunch πŸ₯‚

This dish is well executed with the hardy grains immersed in a rich seafood broth and with chunky grilled prawns. Not featured here but the other dishes, incl their grilled octopus and pork is amazing as well. Large servings for sharings, felt like an authentic experience in Spain

Fancy dinner at Praelum, with the best parts being the passion filled sharings on the wines of Spain (Rioja, Tempranillo) and a good charcuterie board with some unique meats.

Exploding with flavours from the jus of the beef cheeks, this place has quality well assured and it's rare to find a dining spot, it's beef cheeks has been cooked for 12 hours. Plus we went for dessert with a lemony sorbet with mascarpone. A true treat. ($43+)

This beer battered Fish & Chips (Atlanta haddock) is delicately executed and non oily, one bite in and you can hear the sharp crisp. Plus its so meaty you know you got the real deal. Also, it's unique that it comes with mushed peas (not a big fan but a healthy addition)
$16. This store knows what it's good at and focuses on it

I love how I get to have my own individual grilled fish AND get to try other flavours too when with a friend! Plus the sauerkraut fish hits right up my alley with it's sourness and peppercorn bits. For a portion for one, it's very generous and I love how the skin is so flavourful and retains bits of it's crispiness while immersed in the broth.

Highly reco to get a set at $11.90+ 2 side, rice and a drink for $3 more. The best part of this is how swift they serve the fish.

New pilot store which opened up ~4 months ago, and more to come. Will support 😍

Lovely place with the best Nyonya food I've had. The Ayam Buah Keluak was especially memorable with the meat fully immersed in the rich jackfruit seeds (and cooked for 7 days!). They also serve bluepea rice that smells so fragrant. Impeccable and friendly service too!

This place truly deserves it's Michelin awards.

I'll be back for these authentic Nyonya food.

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Their superior soup seafood poached rice is both sweet and brimming with seafood's savoury essence, a steal for $5. Esp love the touch of bittergourds, that gives it a rounder flavour. Fave are the fresh prawns and the chewy squid rings. A comforting meal.

Many have done a shout-out for this humble bowl of noodles and rightfully so. The chili pan mee stands out from the crowd with it's bouncy handmade noodles and that potent dried shrimp chilli. You don't even have to mix it well to feel the kick with a single bite. And you can see how they make the noodles fresh and into the

Plus, this is also the first stall that features the chewy beancurd skin, absorbing the sauce delightfully like a sponge; fried egg with the right doneness and the essentials ikan bilis and meat ball. Slurped this up in no time

Thank you Mdm Leong for making this heartfelt bowl of comfort ($4.50)

Ps. The chili can run out fast, and this store accepts paylah/paynow too. Hope the crowds come back to amoy soon.

A cheeky singaporean ring to Cabin Crew bistro, this place has recently opened up in the heart of CBD by a team of air stewards and stewardess.

The aesthetic plating definitely caught our eyes, with their western dishes (e.g. pork tenderloin, salmon which I had) alongside the wide array of sides available - e.g. truffle mash, asparagus and mushrooms that is prepared fragrantly for ~$16 (before gst)

As it's a soft launch, do expect a slightly longer waiting time and some items not on the menu. Good food πŸ‘Œ

I write to remember good food, and to share the most humble of eats Join BurppleBeyond with CHER464

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