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Vanessa S
Vanessa S

But the raspberry lemonade was awesome! 😊

Let's just say my second attempt at traditional Czech cuisine was another disaster. Ordered this thinking it'd be pork like how we get them in cafes in SG. Turns out to be a layer of pork wrapped around a lump of dough thing, and potato dumplings were certainly an acquired taste. Kinda felt bad leaving 99% of the plate behind given that the servers here are pretty nice. Massive fail on my part and note to self, when in Prague again, stick with other types of cuisine please!

While Prague cuisine is intensely rich - think goulash, roasted beef/pork, fried, meat loafs, sausages, all served with some kinda dumpling, etc. It isn't impossible to find cool cafes, out of the city center and tourist traps that is. Highly recommend the Vinohrady neighbourhood where prices are lower, quality of food better, loads more variety (ie. Lighter, more palatable dishes) like this breakfast one. Lovely omelette with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, ham and cheese, served with an addictive herb butter and baguette.

Hot chocolate just the way I like it. Intensely bitter and chocolatey. A treat this -6 degrees morning. (And my quota for sweets for the week is done!)

Cheeseburger from a popular butcher shop. Interesting set up where they sell beef, pork, etc but also cooked meals. Really popular with both locals and tourists so expect to queue and do a take away.

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With fennel and roasted potatoes. Surprisingly really tasty and fab! Everything came warm except the vegetables so that was nice in the winter weather.

Finally healthy eats! Tough to find in Prague but not impossible. So good I went back two evenings in a row.

Again another must-try thing... Was really not a fan though, very yeasty dough & far too sweet. Had a bite and into the bin it went. (And as I'm posting these, just realising I've wasted loads of food this trip 🙊)

Now this I totally liked! Light and slightly sweetened

From one of the many Christmas markets - so my friend said it's a must try. I guess it's pretty decent as far as sausages go? Not a fan of processed meat these days though (fed it to the birds 🤣)

Although, the beer recommendation was pretty good. A dark variation but not as heavy as expected.

Vanessa S

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