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Compilation of dessert places, to go after a good meal!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng
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Best cake in Singapore? Was treated to this kaya swiss roll with a rich slab of buttery kaya, and heard that the kaya is their signature flavour - easily agreed upon as the kaya is strong but doesn't overwhelm with sweetness, enveloped by a moist and fluffy pillow of swiss roll.

Also, their cakes usually sells out fast. For $8, this roll is not the cheapest, but it promises a tea time treat more decadent than our usual cream swiss rolls


Best way to end a 5km morning run along the bay!!! Finally got my hands on these
PBJs from park bench, and they deserve all the rave reviews they get. Crunchy toasties filled with overflowing peanut butter and jelly - unforgettable!

#burppleoneforone ends tomorrow (30/6/2019)!

Absolutely irresistible, even though we had this perfect brunch for dinner. These millefeuille pancakes which hails from Osaka is as fluffy as it looks, and its strong eggyness taste definitely shined through, with a slight hint of buttermilk in it too (or maybe just the combination from the milk and the generous egg whites)

$7.90 for this pancake stack, that comes with v light cream, salted butter and all you want maple syrup.

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Muji has always been japanese paradise - love the matcha and sesame spread here! Plus we found ourselves in the zen japanese corner. Would have been a perfect chill afternoon, but its slightly too near to the kitchen area - and we hear the clanging sounds of plates and pans.

Nevertheless, it drew us here because theres a 50% promo off cakes with the purchase of a drink (matcha latte!) during weekdays 2-5pm, and its easy to fall in love with its matcha cheese cake.

Their cookie flavour of cream cheese, white choc and cranberry was an absolute pleasure to devour! Got two for myself (with no regrets) simply because it was going at a deal of $5. I love the soft cookie core thats a mix of savoury and sweet, with melted white choc and generous slabs of cream cheese. The flavour keeps evolving and leaves the consumer pleased

Hidden in the corner of holland village is 2am dessert bar, by famed pastry chef Janice Wong. A contemporary setting to enjoy these fancy desserts and wine. I enjoyed this with its sour and sweet elderflower and plum hues, accompanied by choya jelly. ($24)

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French toast with caramelised banana, nuts, blueberries and strawberries in a bed of more caramel ($15!) I liked the service and the net prices here. The fluffy french toast nailed the slightly charred taste, and it paired well with the fruits and nuts. This dish is on the sweeter side and goes well after enjoying the creamy carbonara!

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have always wanted to try these pancakes! It was a Friday afternoon teabreak treat. The pancakes were dense and bathed in a coat of matcha cream with matcha icecream. It came in a just right kind of warmth, after a 25minutes wait, and the matcha was not as bitter as we would have preferred. Still, sinking into these pancake stacks makes a indulgent and lazy Friday afternoon perfect.

Be warned though, this is extremely filling! ($13.90)

A bite into this sweet-savoury Korean sandwich got me thinking that this is as good as / better than burgers. I like the consistency of the honey sweet egg and tangy bbq sauce on the bulgalbi beef. Just thinking how lovely this snack will be to eat this in the midst of a gentle Korean winter. ($5.90)

Matcha and cheese is a match made in heaven. This portion though slightly small, is light in every mouth with a generous serving of matcha. ($28 with fave deal)

Woah there isn't a shake like this one here. Tried a few of these mini shakes and liked the peanut butter one the most! Rich, indulgent, and ain't too sweet.

Grand Opening of Black Tap at MBS, milkshakes does go well with burgers! 🍔

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This slice of Chocolate Banana Cheesecake combines my 3 favourite flavours in a totally non sinful way. Both light and delightful, especially when paired with the golden chamomile tea. The setting feels v Audrey Hepburn kinda classy. This is a good finish to the meal and a good catch up with friends. PS. Hope to be back for the key lime pie, which I heard is the best!


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