Compilation of dessert places, to go after a good meal!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

It's so crumbly and stuffed with caramelized bananas. We bought this at 12pm+ and it was almost sold out. Best when toasted warm, makes for great teabreak ($3.50 per slice 🍰)

Decadent brownies? Yesss. Caved in to this speculoos brownie served warm with a molten speculoos and brownie center. This is absolutely rich in chocolate, with just the right size to not feel too sinful. ($4.50)

on a lazy Friday afternoon. This mentaiko prawn double baked croissant feels well tailored to the singapore tastebud, with hints of sambal and lotssss of prawns. For $6.50, it's a unique dish that deserves a try. Plus it's quiet in the afternoon for some readings too. Only wished it could be served hotter and more crisp.

A roastery that feels set in Jeju's black sand beach with its carefree lallangs.

It's a place abuzz with activities and hence you can only stay there for 75/90 minutes. And bookings are a must.

Tried the Hojicha swiss roll with sweet potato ($6)- thick slice with dense and intense Hojicha cream, made special with the light sweet potato mousse. Reco!

The Bellini ($10) felt like peach marshmallow cake to us. Aesthetic for sure, but price is on the steeper end.

A fuss free experience here - I like the comforting and fluffy waffles ($6). While I went for the ricotta cheese with pistachio bits (premium flavour -$5), I felt that its tastes resemble vanilla instead and probably will try other flavours next time


Opened by an ordained nun, it is like a respite here, it's quiet and the staff are warm & friendly. We had the dessert Sesame paste ($4.50) & Almond paste ($3.80) and brought our own weiqi board to play. The dessert was thick, creamy and grainy. I particularly love how rich the sesame paste was.

Plus, it fits our weiqi time with yinyang elements. Ps. Prices are nett.

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If you made it to seletar, do check out this lovely cafe housed in an old Colonial House - it's combined with a pet boarding house/hotel and while we were dining, a Samoyed and Chowchow roamed free and said hello 🐶!! Meeting these friendly, cuddly dogs depends on their boarding schedule and we met these two.

Also, their pistachio yoghurt tart here is delicious - creamy, light and topped with pistachio crunch. Beautifully plated on a marble plate. The slight cracks didn't deter us at all (~$7)

The root beer float comes with lots of ice cream flavours, names inspired by the chowchows and dog residents here. We got the Snow White vanilla with root beer ($9.50).

Absolutely worth it for a idyllic afternoon with some fluffs and games! We played connect 4.

Love this place just for how relaxing it is, indulging in an Iced Brighton (coffee with orange peel, $4) and these brioche french toasts ($8). The toasts are chewy with eggy fragrance and goes so well with the candied maple bacon - changed my mind on bacon altogether. The owners and dogs come in about noon and the place gets filled slowly with fluffy and friendly dogs. Lovely, lovely place.

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What a flavour bomb! The sourdough donut is pretty unique and makes a good snack - I had the caramelised banana and passion fruit. Sour but well balanced, moist, chewy and nice eaten cold too. They do recommend to heat up before you sneak a bite. (Set of 9 for $44)

Many other unique flavours too like Burnt honey and sage walnuts; Lavender lime Mascarpone too. A fusion creation by a Singaporean MasterChef combining sourdough and these Italian bombolonis


The strong, roasted hojicha flavour and it's rich creaminess is balanced out by the moist chiffon sponge cake. I love the 1:1 ratio of cream to cake, and especially how the hojicha cream is bittersweet and not overpowering. Ps. Love how it is called konichiwa hojicha, and made with premium hōjicha from Shizuoka, Japan.

Mao Shan Wang croissants = heavenly mix of durian + cheese + buttery croissant and mine had a crisp maple bacon on top too. Very light and decadent, what a unique way to capture the king of all fruits

Worth every bite and every calorie! A box of 10 goes for $45, with delivery being $8.

Minjiangkueh, one of our traditional pancakes, is pillowy soft here and blissfully so. I enjoyed the charcoal MJK with it's generous serving of coconut fillings. Not too sweet and gave a chewy texture. They have many unique flavours here, including matcha! ($1.60). Happy MJK convert here.

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