Compilation of dessert places, to go after a good meal!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

The strong, roasted hojicha flavour and it's rich creaminess is balanced out by the moist chiffon sponge cake. I love the 1:1 ratio of cream to cake, and especially how the hojicha cream is bittersweet and not overpowering. Ps. Love how it is called konichiwa hojicha, and made with premium hōjicha from Shizuoka, Japan.

Mao Shan Wang croissants = heavenly mix of durian + cheese + buttery croissant and mine had a crisp maple bacon on top too. Very light and decadent, what a unique way to capture the king of all fruits

Worth every bite and every calorie! A box of 10 goes for $45, with delivery being $8.

Minjiangkueh, one of our traditional pancakes, is pillowy soft here and blissfully so. I enjoyed the charcoal MJK with it's generous serving of coconut fillings. Not too sweet and gave a chewy texture. They have many unique flavours here, including matcha! ($1.60). Happy MJK convert here.

These freshly baked scones from Fredos has a crispy exterior that gives in to a fresh, moist and buttery center, with unique flavours like Orange Mascarpone, Gula Melaka pandan. This awaits us after our hike in the nearby Clementi forest ($3.80)

Love how this little hide out has its unique seasonal flavours and plus points for the cosy alfresco corners outside as you nib on the ice creams. Just a stone's throw away from kovan MRT, this ice cream outlet shares some interesting flavours - where we got the intense sesame (can't go wrong) and the hibiscus gelate which honestly tasted like meiji strawberry milk ice cream. Double scoop at $7.60.

Will look forward to seeing what other flavours they have e.g. keylime cheesecake, banana milk!

Fong sheng hao, a popular chain hailing from Taiwan shihlin night market, offers a good start to our morning. Our recommendation is the special pork patty - way thicker patty than the cheese/egg/pork version and... It comes with melty cheese too. The best part of it is how it tastes honey sweet, with a thick slab of egg and not too greasy. For the set with their special milk tea, it's $9.60.

Ps. Heard the original is on charcoal grills, the one in SG is on a usual grill.

This matcha fujiro is so pretty and captures the bittersweet matcha well with the light strawberry and whipped cream. It's wrapped in soft and moist matcha sponge cake. Reminds me of the kawaii dessert in Japan, and I guess this is the closest we can get to there given this time. ($7.80)

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Fluffy pancakes stacks with a heavenly mix of flavours - bathed in maple butter sauce, topped with a dollop of cream cheese, and adorned with poached pairs, blueberries and strawberries. We found that the best way to savour it is by having all 3 pancake slices in a big bite, wiping as much maple butter sauce as possible.

Some pancakes make you feel gelat or bloated after awhile, but not this pillowy ones! ($14.90)

Eat it if you dare - butterknife's snaking long queue is definitely because of its playful gelato flavours. A collab for SG art week ✨- we had a go at their Work from Home blueberry lavendar, velvety Mushroom, and Prata curry flavour.

The mushroom with a tinge of truffles is the winner for us, giving a consistently rich taste throughout like the real deal. The prata curry was surprisingly real, with the spiciness overshadowing all other ice cream, and finally for the blueberry, it's sweet but we felt the taste wasn't as real compared to the others, maybe due to the perfumated nature of lavendar.

Funky and for $5 to try this range? Take my $$. Looking forward to seeing new flavours on the block

Especially in the pretty Kara Cafe. Third time back here and it's one of my favourites.

Matcha crepe was just the right level of bittersweet, with consistent layers of creaminess. Feels light and hence not too sinful. Caved in completely to this dessert heaven

Ft. reeses brownie cheesecake at the back.

About $13 for two of us, as we had sparkling water too

Korean garlic bun craze is met by Huluruk's new bakery and for just $2, it reminds me of garlic carbonara with that rich buttery center. Toast it up and it's great.

PSA it sells out about 7.30pm

These famous HK bakes across 3 brands under Joy Luck teahouse is growing further on our shore - and it makes for some good tea break. The Hoover Cake Shop's egg tart has a memorable buttery crust and tender egg, had it chilled and it's yums.

The Kam Kee Café's polo bao felt like it's on the thicker side and I would have preferred a more equal bun to buttery taste ratio, that's mostly concentrated on the crust. The savoury mix of luncheon meat and the sweetish bun does give it mixed flavours

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