Compilation of dessert places, to go after a good meal!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Hard to walk past this microbakery without being captivated by the bakery scent. Thoroughly enjoyed this appetising flat bread ii with it's earthy pesto spread, creamy goodness of a burratina, and juicy heirloom tomatoes.

Incredible start to the weekends with this explosion of flavours all sweet, sour - ps. It's v filling! ($15)

Don't let it's unassuming appearance deceive you, this Double Ts which stands for Truffle & Turkey Ham (which will be in between the waffles), has got to be the most unique and interesting waffle we had. It made us raise our eye brows and paired together with salted caramel, satisfy all peckish cravings

Thumbs up for being so enterprising with the flavours ($14)

Oh they definitely know how to make dessert that I want to keep coming back for: especially the Cinnamon apple crumble! 🍎 ($7.90).

Homemade and snugly in a cup, its not too sweet - with the soft apples mixed with the crunchy crumble and ice cream. How we would want to end the day with, a light treat to yourself

The Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Parfait 🍋🍧 ($8.90) would be something I'll sneak in for a mid-day rejuvenation. It looks like a beautifully curated garden with strong tangy lemon together with a bed of earthy, crunchy seeds. Feel like you can get your day worth of vitamins and nutrients just by eating this!

Love how the owner is championing healthy eating with less sugar and salt put into their dishes. Nomz

#burppleeatout thanks for having us, Good Bites!

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Always on the lookout for places to chill on sunday, and found this on #BB. Matcha cookie with hokkaido milk chai is my go-to. We also had fun with the Mermaid flavour (mango passionfruit...but

Their citrusy fruity teas also goes well! Love the mild Sea Wolf Apple, and for something stronger, the berry-ish Prince of the Forest.

On burpple beyond, hence we snagged this deal for $14.70 for a cookie, icecream and tea each! (free tea refills!)

The strong hojicha taste takes me back to Japan, wowing us with a single bite. The chocolate gelato was creamy, rich and smooth too.

($4.50, burpple one for one)

[Avocado and mango yuzu snowskin mooncake]
A fruity and refreshing treat with mango tinged with yuzu oozing out from within a white chocolate ball. The avocado taste is very light.

and [Champagne truffle snowskin mooncake]
One of my favourite flavours because it goes so well together! The champagne is slightly bittersweet and when mixed with the truffle white chocolate is just heavenly

(~$78 for a box of 8)

Where can you go when it's so hot???

The yam ice cream here is a winner. Its consistently creamy and brings out the yam taste without being cloyingly sweet. The strawberry sorbet was good too.

Plus the fact that this place has wifi, makes it a really good place to just chill, and read a book. This family outlet deserves more support for sure!

($3.80 for premium flavours, $3.30 for the usual, on burpple beyond!)

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Matcha lava, warm crispy cookie and topped with blue chai hokkaido milk ice cream, YUMS. Had a lot of fun eating it (presentation and wow factor at the start for sure) and the matcha mixes well with its unique blue chai hokkaido milk ice cream


We waited a good 20mins for this Berries Ricotta. I love how thicc it is, crusty on the outside and like fluffy pillows inside. The lavendar fragrance also lingers lightly with the ice cream and berries. Definitely worth the rave about it and would come back just for this!! ($14.90)

Its so purely delightful, i only wished i discovered this earlier. We had the alphonso mango and pistachio kulfi, and the frozen ice cream melts easily. The taste is strong for both of them, and I especially love the chunky bits of pistachio. Simply lovely!

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Best cake in Singapore? Was treated to this kaya swiss roll with a rich slab of buttery kaya, and heard that the kaya is their signature flavour - easily agreed upon as the kaya is strong but doesn't overwhelm with sweetness, enveloped by a moist and fluffy pillow of swiss roll.

Also, their cakes usually sells out fast. For $8, this roll is not the cheapest, but it promises a tea time treat more decadent than our usual cream swiss rolls


Best way to end a 5km morning run along the bay!!! Finally got my hands on these
PBJs from park bench, and they deserve all the rave reviews they get. Crunchy toasties filled with overflowing peanut butter and jelly - unforgettable!

#burppleoneforone ends tomorrow (30/6/2019)!

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