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Eryn Ng YW
Eryn Ng YW

Tee Nyah Kueh! So special name! I was attracted by its special name and its beautiful color. Without knowing what it really was, I got one to try. And then........ Bang.... I am falling in love with it and driving out again to get 2 more packs. It was kueh made simply from rice flour, chilled, and served with Gula Melaka. But it was already all good on its own.

Felt like I found a hidden gem. Look for an uncle putting up small stall on its motorcycle just opposite this restaurant, next to the roast pork stall. Operating hour is early morning until 11am.
Food: 10/10, Price: RM3.50


Kudos to the good food but service was not so friendly. The ice cream tasted good and looks nice, I will give 5 stars for the food and drink here, but deduct 2 stars for the service that reduced the whole experience. Think this will be my first and last patronage here. Food: 10/10, Price: RM25 for each ice cream, Service: 6/10

All our snacks was very addicting including these 2. Anchovies are crispy and spicy. You will keep picking it up, especially good to go with beer. Bacon enoki on the other hand is very juicy, it spilt on my pants. Yummy. Food: 9/10

The Loft, Seremban is a hot spot for gathering among friends and family. Besides variety of drinks, their snacks are something you should order when you are here. Buffalo wings not only fillings with its big size, i think it is double of Ayamas drummet size, it was also really yummy. Meat was quite tender. Good one. Food: 8/10

On this Black Friday, can you resist from not buying something? I choose to reward myself after a busy week with my favourite shopping mall snack. I fall in love with Street Churros the first time I tried it. Taro churros is a new introduction flavor, and selling at a 20% off now. My filling churros is longer and thicker than the normal churros we had as it is filled with Taro cream the whole stick. Still my lovely churros with that addictive chewy texture. Filling was just nice as it is not too sweet. I miss it once I finished it. Price: RM7.90, Food: 9/10

I was struggling where to quickly get a cake after work and Publika seems like a good choice. Has their September special, Coconut cake, sponge cake layered with coconut jelly and coconut strips as the topping deco, an Oh-So-White cake, almost no deco 😅. It appear to taste quite decent except that I would prefer it to be slightly less sweet and more refreshing on the coconut jelly. It will be great. Price: RM50 for 0.5kg, Food: 7/10

Always a fan of malaysian traditional dessert, I was here today to fill my tummy with long missed ABC. Had a cendol red bean ice top with yam cubes. By just looking at it already caused me drooling. With a big stall such as this selling only ais kacang and tong shui, you are assured of the food quality. It was good to taste. I would give higher rating if they put in gula melaka and have the yam sprinkle with light salt. I guess it all will match perfectly and bring me to my own dreamland of foodie. Price: RM5, Food: 8/10

What to do on weekend after a satisfying meal? Of course dessert! We were too full to eat anything filling, thus came to this shaved ice. Had the most simple uji matcha shaved ice. There is a layer of red beans cooked till soft sandwiched in between the equally soft ice. Adding kinako milk is a plus to the ice, it was that perfect match of roasted bean flavor with slightly bitter matcha. Love this truely. Price: RM17, Food: 9/10
**I love the concept of the store to make collection point part of the shop decoration. The ice fits perfectly into the deco, many customers unable to find their food when number is called. Nice design.

Authentic fries, however the sauce rather not be there, very plain flavor, doesn't complement the fries. It is better eat it clean. Price: Unknown, Food: 8/10

I am having no resistance to sweet soup and sweet potato ball. Unless it looks too expensive or very unpleasant, I will always order when I see them. After all, it is not that easy to find them in kl, especially a good one. This shop love by its name, and I truly feels it. Sweet potato ball feels like a decent dessert from a moderate lady. It was not too oily and filled with real sweet potato. Lotus seed sweet soup was really homemade type of sweet soup. Full of wholesome ingredient, less sweet, and boiled for hours for the flavor to be disolve to thw water fully. Amazingly good! I hope one day I am having cafe hopping for these desserts. Price: RM12, Food: 9.5/10 (I will give full mark if the sweet potato balls were a little more chewy, it was really fine as it is, just personal preference)

This snack is a little out of my expectation. Except being a little too sweet, I never thought that Tai comes with flaky layered skin rather than the common dorayaki style skin. That's a surprise. Red bean was OK but a no-no for matcha, matcha tasted more like kaya than matcha. Price: RM8.50, Food: 6/10

Fries were as good as Mc Donalds. Little salty. An easy to go bar snack. Price: RM22, Food: 9/10

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