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Food From The Heartlands

Food From The Heartlands

Featuring Kim Keat Hokkien Mee, Tiong Bahru Market, No Name Hainanese Curry Rice (Beo Crescent), Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Ah Tan Wings (Yishun Park Hawker Centre), Donya Japanese Cuisine (Bugis), Kim Lotus Dessert, Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle (Tiong Bahru Market), Ponggol Nasi Lemak (Tanjong Katong), Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck (Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre)
Leonard Chan
Leonard Chan
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This curry simply reminds me of home, that old school flavour. Curry is luscious and perfect, with hints of spiciness. Tender pieces of chicken drumsticks and wings. Potato. Eat the curry with a plate of rice or some white bread, that would be the perfect pairing for this dish.


Have heard so much about this place (because almost everyone was raving about it) and I must say I was truly impressed. Texture of the dish was pretty creamy, neither soupy or too dry which was what I like in a a plate of Hokkien Mee. A pretty clever idea to include small pieces of roasted pork in the dishes to give the dish the extra crunch is needed. You could eat it with the sambal chilli to intensify the flavour with a little heat.


Was it worth the queue? Yes, it definitely was. Recently awarded the 2018 Michelin Bib Gourmand, this store does a pretty good mouth watering plate of braised duck rice. Braised duck was tender but slightly dry, rice was fragrant with subtle flavours of the braised duck. The sauce was the main attraction of the dish I would say, sweet with hints of herb.


*Newly opened store, Sultanah Briyani*

Not your typical biryani that you find in local coffeshop, this newly opened store serves up really intresting variations and styles of biryani. With only 1 item on the menu and the menu changes daily, the chef aims to elevate and bring the best experience of eating a plate of dum biryani to his customers.

Today, I got a chance to try the chicken dum biryani. Do not be deceived by this plain looking plate of biryani, this plate is packed with mind bending flavours. Fluffy soft biryani rice with tender chicken meat and small chunks of russet potatoes which gave the dish a different texture. Raita on the side to give the dish the much needed crunch. I must say the chef really knows his way around the spices as the spices he used for this dum biryani really brought the dish alive. Eat the mint leaves after to cleanse your palate.

(Tip: follow and check their Facebook page for an update on their daily menu.)



It's really amazing that a simple dish like this could be packed with layers and layers of intensified flavours. Distinct wok-hei taste from the hor fun, a good hearty portion of tender beef slices, good old bok choy to give that needed crunch, all of that drenched in the savoury eggy-flavoured sauce. Taste palates were just begging for more with every mouth full of that beef hor fun. Add on a few slice of the red chilli padi/green chilli slices to get that extra heat.


Crispy fluffy omelette with onions and minced chicken, over plain rice. Have to eat it with the chilli sauce else this dish will taste a little one dimensional.


This bowl of ice kachang is not only pretty (Instagram worthy picture) but it takes really good too! It has the right amount of all the sugary syrups, a generous amount of other ingredients (red bean, sweet corn, grass jelly, attap chee, etc.) In it and top it off with the rich mango sauce. This is no doubt a perfect dessert to cool yourself down in this crazy humid weather.

Was a little sceptical to travel all the way to the north just to be part of the hype at first. But oh boy I must say that I did not regret one bit to hop onto this hype wagon as this place cooks up a mean plate of shrimp paste chicken . Crispy skin, juicy and tender meat, that savoury flavour from the shrimp paste seasoning. It has all the essence of what makes "Har Cheong Gai" so sinful, so addicitive and so satisfying.


This place serves up affordable Japanese cuisine. Mentai sauce was rich and creamy and the chef was very generous with the portion. However the salmon was a little over done, causing it to be a little tougher.


It's rather rare to find a place that sells kampong chicken. The skin of the chicken is soft and silky, meat is tender and juicy (maybe due to the fact that it's kampong chicken). The rice, to my surprise, it's not too oily but at the same time rather fragrant. Definitely value for money and a healthier alternative if you're craving for some Hainanese chicken rice.


This place here serves Chinese style nasi lemak. You will definitely be spoilt for choices with the amount of dishes you can choose from. Crispy fried chicken wings, stir fried sambal brinjal, savoury otah were the dishes I chose. If only the rice were as fluffy and coconutty as the ones we find in a Malay store, then it would be the perfect combination.


One of the better nasi padang I ever had. There were so many dishes that I could choose from, every dish in that store was so tempting. I ordered the combination of Sambal Goreng, Brinjial Balado and the BBQ chicken. Each dish has it's own unique taste and it's just a burst of flavours when you put everything together.
Tip: order the tahur telur, you will be surprised and taken away by how good this side dish is.


Coffee. Craft Beer. Chocolate.

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