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New Eats

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Maru Dine & Bar, Dehesa, Babao Dessert, Binomio Spanish Restaurante, Kabuke, Tokyo Sundubu (Raffles City), Pizza Maru, Bayswater Kitchen, Wolfgang's Steakhouse
Mushy Musing
Mushy Musing
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Dinner / 9 Feb 2018: a surprisingly yummy combination of whiskey, toasted egg yolk and vanilla mousse!

Dinner / 8 Feb 2018: this lovely mess is like seaweed soup with pasta. It’s light and refreshing - and so beautiful in its simplicity!

Dinner / 8 Feb 2018: the duck was so good - medium rare with the right crisp on the skin. The carrot purée was inspired with its touch of ginger taste and gobo added a great crunch to the entire dish

Dinner / 8 Feb 2018: it’s been a while since a prawn dish surprised me. This did with incredibly crunchy prawns paired with sweet mussels, crispy artichoke and ending with the strong flavours of XO sauce and squid ink purée

Dinner / 8 Feb 2018: there’s ten kinds of wonderful on this dish with fresh sashimi with the spice of gochujang and ginger and ending with the light touches of pomelo

Dinner / 8 Feb 2018: a spin on the classic tomato and burrata using cherry tomatoes and adding a citrusy uplift with yuzu and basil

Dinner / 7 Feb 2018: this sizzling plate of porterhouse steak was perfectly medium rare and each piece was served with a coating of beef fat/oil. A must try for meat lovers!

Brunch / 4 Feb 2018: it takes a lot to reinvent the Long Black and this was indeed an inspired version. Carbon here refers to carbonate and this drink was a mixed of soda water and double shots! Interestingly refreshing!

Lunch / 6 Feb 2018: Newfound comfort food - Korean stew with homemade tofu and tons of ingredients (veg, chicken and collagen for this dish).

This place comes with 32 different variety of stew with 3 different soup base and 4 adjustable spicy levels, and has good sides (at least the edamame chijimi we ordered was pretty yummy!)

Lunch / 2 Feb 2018: It’s a simply delicious dish with perfectly medium rare wagyu sirloin and onsen egg atop truffle shoyu-seasoned rice and sprinkled with garlic chips

Lunch / 11 Jan 2018: kakigori on a cold rainy afternoon is always a happy affair, esp the pretty decent one here. It’s really sad that there’s so many bingsu shops here but so few kakigori’s. Can someone bring in more kakigori flavours pls?

Dinner / 10 Jan 2018: the highlight of the dish is the broth - it’s like a seafood like laksa soup (think coconut, seafood, lemon grass). The soup is so addictive that we drench our beef don with it (and they went well together!)