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New Eats

New Eats

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, FOC PIM PAM, Maru Dine & Bar, Dehesa, Meta, Babao Dessert, Kabuke, Kimme, Pizza Maru (Northpoint City), Tokyo Sundubu (Raffles City)
Mushy Musing
Mushy Musing
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Dessert / 28 March 2018: cliche but it’s truly guilt-free and delicious. Spirulina, mango and açai turned out to be an amazingly yummy combination!

Lunch / 23 March 2018: More reasons to love Kimme - pretty affordable set lunch. This time it’s topped off with its wonderful tropical dessert of coconut cream, mango purée and passionfruit!

Dinner / 21 March 2018: the folks at meatsmith sure how to do a good bbq / roast - tender meat alongside with melt-in-your-mouth fats and topped off with the crunch of coconut chutney

Dinner / 16 March 2018: starters are always fun here - its iberico lomo tasted almost like Bak Kwa and it’s gazpacho was a refreshing rendition using cherry as base!

Lunch / 16 March 2018: it’s seasonal tendon is seafood galore with seaweed batter, ikura and of cos lots of seafood tempura!

Dinner / 9 March 2018: this will be an amazing breakfast dish with its wonderfully messy combination the runny egg yolk, chicken Tinga, avocado and a hint of mango, with of cos the tostadas to soak it all up

Dinner / 9 March 2018: everything came perfectly together - nicely charred brussel sprouts with savoury chorizo and ending with the creaminess of the grated white cheese

Dinner / 8 March 2018: new found sinful snack in the form of fries with octopus, ikura, cheese, takoyaki sauce, mayo and bonito flake!

Drinks / 2 March 2018: going Asian/local with locally sourced ingredients paired with Asian / home brewed spirits! Loved the stories behind these drinks and the enthusiasm of the Bartenders here!

Dinner / 2 March 2018: one of the highlights of my meal here - it’s been a while a deconstructed dessert has amazed me. The changes in texture, combination in flavours and refreshing takes on the various ingredients are truly quite inspiring

Dinner / 2 March 2018: same yummy protein as Kimme’s but done differently - the crunch was provided by endives and the creamy contrast by chestnut!

Dinner / 2 March 2018: the beauty of this dish is in its simplicity - it’s just oxtail and pasta but the pasta was freshly made with the right consistency and the oxtail was stewed perfectly with the right flavours