Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Shan Kow
Shan Kow

A simple little cup of Frozen Yogurt without any toppings or sauce.

Nicely sweet, nicely sour.

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Ice Cream Cake! RM145 for a 6 inch cake and RM215 for a 9 inch cake.

It comes in 2 base flavours, World Class Chocolate and Very Berry Strawberry. We got the World Class Chocolate.

All the coloured stars and colourful things around the cake are actually all made of chocolate!

The put in dry ice for you but will suggest you eat it within 2 hours or it might melt. Well, it did start melting after we put the candle on, so we had to sing, cut and eat it fast.

Single Scoop of Passion Fruit Sorbet in a cup!

The flavour of this mostly depends on the fruit itself. If it is sweet, you'll have a sweet treat, if it is sour, then you get to exercise all your facial muscles. Yay!

It's not a problem to have a little taste test before buying, because why not? Better than buying a whole cup of ice cream you don't enjoy. But I do hope you don't go sampling their whole selection for free ice cream.

This shop serves up vegan friendly ice creams. So no animal products are used here.

A double scoop of ice cream in a cup would cost RM13.50. But selected options have additional charge. Here I think it was because alcohol was used for the XO Cranberry, so it was a RM1.90 additional charge.

XO Cranberry - You can really taste the alcohol in this ice cream. The cranberries are dry and add a slight sweet taste to the ice cream.

Teh O Ais Limau - First bite, I was surprised that it was sour. Wasn't expecting it. It really tasted like if you went over to a mamak and ordered a real Teh O Ais Limau to drink. The ice cream tastes like the limau that is usually put into the drink.

Here, they have a variety of special ice creams you probably won't find anywhere else. None of that normal plain ice cream here!


The Mango Ice Cream by itself would have cost RM6.90 because it is a Classic combination. Additional 40 sens for the Oreo crumbs but they were not really worth it because of the amount they put in.

They take a packet of frozen fresh fruits and a packet of yogurt. Then they put it in some machine that kinda blends it and mixes it with the yogurt. Then it comes out in this frozen yogurt texture just like frozen yogurt. BUT made of fresh fruits.

It wasn't that sweet in my opinion, but I think it was because of the mango itself. Since they depend on the taste of the actual fruit, the type of fruits they use to make it really plays a part in the taste.

The decor is so cute! Located in the Food Court in Starling Mall.

Address : Fruit Your Ice Cream
Starling Mall, Damansara Utama, 40150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Hojicha is Roasted Green Tea. In their soft serve, you could really taste the Roasted Flavours.

The upstairs cafe is tucked away in busy SS2. Their environment is quiet and cozy.


The ice cream was normal but their cone, was not what I expected it hoped for at all. The cone was soft and it tasted bad. The whole thing also had this weird smell. I hope it's just me.

Bright side! They actually serve this before they prepare their waffle orders. So if you are looking for ice cream here, it won't take as long as waiting for a waffle with ice cream!


Double flavour twist in a cup without any additional toppings.

Grape Yogurt, the tanginess and creaminess of the yogurt perfectly complemented by the receiving taste of grapes.

Melon Milk, the ultimate comfort food. Feel yourself getting cradled by this rich milky melon goodness.

I sooo do not regret this combination of flavours. It was good! I didn't bother choosing one of their cones and stuck to simple by just opting to go with their cup.

They hide the cup in a cone shaped holder, so it still looks like you're eating a cone. Don't be fooled! The ice cream does not go all the way down the cup. It's a flat bottomed cup.

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