All About Coffee Or Tea?

All About Coffee Or Tea?

Featuring The Bakery Chef, Isetan Supermarket (Shaw House), Mellower Coffee (Bugis), Bugis Junction, SOD Cafe (Ci Yuan Community Club), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Omotesando Koffee, Teafolia (Tampines), The Community Coffee, KOI Thé (Bugis+)

So basically I went bck to my little coconut for chendol but its sold out during public holiday 🥲 so it's okay but I managed to get another flavour instead for aloe vera ($4.50) So its quite sweet even thought I already told ppl no sugar pls but its just hidden sugar taste for me (7.5/10) it's quite chewy for aloe vera topping.

Yakult Green Tea ($2.90) (Free Upsize) (L Size) (25% Sugar) I wanted to try yakult based drink and of course my fav green tea. 🙂 so I felt that yakult is quite sour but green tea was quite sweet and bitter.

Orchid Tea (Regular) (Tea Cream) (30% Sugar) ($4.90) was quite gimmicky drink tbh for my opinion. Orchid Tea was quite sweet even though 30% Sugar ☹ so it's not really nice drink and never complemented with Tea Cream well 🙃. Tea Cream just be nice and so good as u all know my previous post talked how good for Tea Cream 🙂 (2.5/ 5)

Cream Cheese Foam Jam's Oolong Tea (10% Sugar) (Less Ice) ($6.30) oh yes I sipped through the holes from the cup itself. didn't expected that their cream cheese foam was quite good enough (just nice - meaning not thick or milky) but their oolong tea was not that strong taste (probably less sugar?) I didn't know what I should said and do recommended to drink the beverage within 3 hrs after purchase.

I am not picky
I just know What
i know

(I wished that I know what I really want to order next time because I got that internal struggle between Japanese Genmaicha and Cream Cheese Foam Tea Series) (too mafan - troublesome already :")

Pure Dark Chocolate Blended ($7.90) (can be opt out for less whip) so I decided to get this drink for relaxation. It's quite thick and strong dark chocolate taste for drink 🤪 and just for chocolate lover 🍫. They have also pure chocolate latte for hot and cold version at same time. 🙂 I always heard that their blended drink was quite good tbh ☺ and just proved it 💯 (9.5/10) bc ice diluted in the end (turned a bit milky)

No. 23 Oolong Brewed Tea (Regular - $1.90) (shopee) so I didn't expected that it's without macchiato and also quite strong taste for oolong without sugar added. (4/5) I tried my best to write finish my backlogs as many as I can for today. 😎

Matcha Latte ($6) add-on ice (50 cents) I even checked it out their menu (at fb) even before heading for vaccine and also like not need to hesitate which one to order. Hmmm standard taste for cafe and need to stir before drinking Latte. The matcha powder sink via bottom of the drink. (3.5/5)

Felt that Coco Shiok ($3.90) (25% Sugar) was another alternative drink for Mr. Coconut and didn't wanted to top for coconut flesh. Its quite cool and refreshing drink for coconut blended drink.

shopee earl grey milk tea with pearl ($2.49) (0% sugar) so I just want to grab drink and earl grey milk tea just taste quite more strong taste but the pearl just don't suitable for tastebub (chewy and a bit hard texture)

Green Tea Milk Latte ($4.60) taste really quite refreshing but for milk latte taste quite a bit weird :")

Strawberry Choux Cream Frap (Grande - $9.10)

Tasted quite strawberry feel (berry vibes) for the drink. Just want to be trying all their drinks ~ but just going to be realistic about their taste most time. But just similar review for chocolate without coffee choux cream frap.

Oolong Green Tea (M Size - $3.20) (no sugar) was quite interesting drink as I drink this (getting more & more hungry) more like a diet drink tbh.


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