All About Coffee Or Tea?

All About Coffee Or Tea?

Featuring The Bakery Chef, Isetan Supermarket (Shaw House), HOLLIN (Toa Payoh), Bugis Junction, SOD Cafe (Ci Yuan Community Club), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Omotesando Koffee, Teafolia (Tampines), The Community Coffee, KOI ThΓ© (Bugis+)

LiHO (Hougang 1)
Jolly Black Forest Chocolate (M Size - $6.50) First time I felt that LiHO was quite good in making blended drink but I went toilet after that. I tasted a hint of blueberry flavour (sour) within chocolate drink (sweet) so it really enhanced the drink so well and I really enjoyed with it after a short time of chocolate rush (sugar mood). If you ask me that if the shop don't have or selling matcha flavour for ice cream or dessert, I will be choosing which flavour? probably chocolate or recommended flavour that they have for in store, I guess so?

Hot Matcha Latte ($2.90) was a good drink for drinking during cold weather. Managed to order it after recovering from flu. Probably I should order Hot Houjicha Latte next time ba. It's smooth and not that bitter and sweet taste for Matcha Latte. Let me know what you all recommended for Don Don Donki Drink Stall.

Wanted to try white chocolate matcha latte but just didn't really released it out yet πŸ™ƒ no choice πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ went for Matcha Latte ($4.50) (30% Sugar) instead. So I really didn't like strong vegetal taste 🀒 and I didn't really enjoy it all.

Omotesando Koffe located at Downtown Gallery (Shenton Way) and oh yes, I managed to visit there for Matcha Latte 🍡 (Kyoto Green Tea) ($6.00) plus oat milk ($1.00). I like their cappuccino (foam) (iced) that its quite unique drink β˜•. I like their soothing and not that creamy Matcha Latte. I did taste a bit of oat milk but that's not much at all 🀏. The place look really atas and got that Japan Vibes.

UJI Matcha Latte with Tea Cream (under R&B Tea X matchaya) (25% Sugar) ($5.50) was not that bad, I felt strange 😳 because Tea Cream was quite sweet then matcha was quite bitter. U all need to stir the drink well before consuming. Yes their tea cream really quite πŸ‘but I gonna try the rest of them (UJI Matcha Latte & White Choco UJI Matcha Latte released on 8 Dec already). Quite tempted already when they released the colloboration with matchaya :")

Ok It's a long time that I never drink Matcha Latte with Brown Sugar ($4.50) (30% Sugar) and felt so good having good quality for Brown Sugar. Brown Sugar was not that sticky and also chewy texture. It's amazed me that I still remembered their upside matcha ice cream cause me having bad time to eat melted ice cream. πŸ₯΄πŸ˜­

Matcha Tea Latte ($4.80) (Less Sugar) The drink really tasted like Jasmine Green Tea but the aftertaste have changed to normal matcha latte *hmmm* I should keep my standard for Matcha slightly high a bit and didn't really satisfied me recently if they didn't used good Matcha Powder. But they got a lot of variety for drinks and toasts at coffeebreak and u all can tried their recommended drink in menu.

Finally make my way to Amoy Street for Mad Rooster πŸ“ after seeing @my_matcha_moments reviews for Matcha Latte ($4.00) add-on: Oat Milk ($1). Yes it's my first time going to Amoy Street after a long time of waiting. It's just out of my way again πŸ˜… and so decided to try their Matcha Latte. Yes, I just like their bitter aftertaste and just oat milk didn't overpowered their Matcha Latte. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ which most of them will be overflow their proportion between oat milk and Matcha latte. Thank you for being honest by running over that telling me that you use wrong measuring cups and adding more matcha powder without charge πŸ˜….

Finally tried Azu-Hayo-Cha ($8.30) after seeing @betterbebittersweet @my_matcha_moments reviews and also my sister tagged with my by ordering Yuzu Beautiful ($6.80). In the end, I preferred Yuzu Beautiful than Azu-Hayo-Cha. My sister asked me that she just doubt me why I even buy this expensive drink and praised me to be so brave for trying their Yogurt drink. πŸ˜‚ I DOUBT MYSELF TO BE THINKING THIS YOGURT OR MATCHA LATTE WHEN I SIP ON FIRST TRIED πŸ₯΄. YOGURT > MATCHA πŸ€” Yuzu Beautiful was quite nice and refreshing that even my sister think fruit based can matched well with Yogurt and I agreed with her for this πŸ–οΈ. I didn't intended to try again and will be trying another brand instead.

Finally my dream come true lol πŸ€­πŸ˜… managed to buy Matcha Latte (with oat milk) ($6.50) 🍡 from them for a long time. Just some of places I couldn't able to reach out because its due to my working hours and schedule. I want to try their Matcha Latte so long but I just realised the oat milk was quite strong and overpowered their Matcha Latte. I barely taste Matcha Latte πŸ€” but every place i always get a shot if not need to wait for next time ba.

ok I finally went for Beautea after a long time of hiatus and I didn't see the queue anymore since when the shop opened at least one year plus. I tried Matcha Latte ($2.50) (30% Sugar) (another cheap thrills mood) without any toppings. It's quite decent drink after all and got a bitter taste (need to stir well while drinking) as the powder didn't dissolved well (when I almost done with the drinks).

I got hesitation when they did released the halloween drink for Spook 2020 Frap ($9.90). They always released matcha or chocolate flavoured drink but they combined with chocolate with strawberry. that's why I didn't really keen to try but with free drink I considered a bit. so like it was tasting like milo after the ice melted already. For me, I don't fancy strawberry in the first place (no comment for strawberry part) but I just want to experience halloween mood. I decided to write first before releasing post for exact date. I always forgot to write things unless it's planning ahead. I always like to plan things ahead because I got bad memory to remember things on hand. sorry guys, my memory was getting better a bit but sometimes got bad habits cannot remember things on hand.


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