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All About Coffee Or Tea?

All About Coffee Or Tea?

Featuring The Bakery Chef, Kakuida's, Hvala (CHIJMES), Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee (Queenstown), elemen (Millenia Walk), Hi Tea (Far East Plaza), Cio Enzyme Drink (Suntec City), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Bober Tea (Bishan), PARTEA (Suntec City)

Finally got the chance to order bubble tea from Hollin (Suntec City) and Suntec City got a lot of bubble tea recently opened at there. Matcha Macchiato with Rock Salt Pearls ($4.90) is quite overwhelming difference between from sipping small hole to the straws. The staff told me that please don't shake the Macchiato as I realised it's not best to shake it since you want to experience for sipping Macchiato from small hole. I felt its a bit weird to eat rock salt pearls with Matcha since it's quite savoury and a bit salty aftertaste. I didn't ate the rock salt pearls finish because it was not suitable for Matcha. I want to try Matcha Latte with Honey Pearl next round if I happen to be at there.

Kyoto Matcha Latte (M Size - $4.40) I decided to try Matcha Latte out since chateraise ice cream was really so-so. The staff told me that the double cup was already sold out so asked me whether its okay for me to change into single cup. I was okay with changing cup type so I am not keen in milk tea or oreo topping part. I just drank for a few sips and realised quite diluted and weird taste for Matcha Latte. I didn't threw it since I got bad experience with ice cream at chateraise.

Apple Enzyme Drink ($4.80) its long time never drink enzyme or fermented drink since Kakuida closed down 😓. I really appreciated enzyme, fermented and vinegar drink since it brought some healthy benefits for body and ownself. Since I was noticed the store opened at Suntec City for quite some time at there and realised most of bubble tea market increase and spread over Suntec City. Apple Enzyme Drink taste not that sour and a bit of sparking aftertaste.

elemen Drinks
- Berry Bliss Tea (Hot) (ala crate - $4.80)
- Sea Salt Coffee (Hot) (ala crate - $4.80)
- Iced Lychee Green Tea (ala crate - $4.80)
Under 8 Course Set ($32.80 ++ per person)

Brown Sugar Boba with Pearls with Cream Mousse (GrabFood - $5.60) its most expensive drink for brown sugar series drink but the sugar level cannot altered or choose according to own preference. I really find its too sweet for my taste bubs for first tries of sip. I like the boba and normal pearls got chewy feel, sweet and brown sugar taste.

Can choose which tea, favouring and topping to mix according to your own preferences. I came with my friends and waited for 45 mins of queue during last weekend. It's worth it for first time to try it out for taste and its best to come back for ordering during off-peak hour (weekday afternoon).
Step 1: Tea Selection - Osmanthus Oolong Tea
Step 2: Flavouring - Mango (My friend's fav)
Step 3: Topping - Bubble
Step 4: Sugar Level - 50% & Ice - Normal Ice

Ordered Matcha Latte (M Size - $4.70) with 25% sugar level and add on 3P options ($0.80) - a mixture of chrysanthemum (quite sweet), pink cactus (taste like bandung), black sesame (got strongest taste out of three pearls) and burnt caramel (a bit of caramel aftertaste). I tried to taste matcha before without milk and its quite strong bitter taste and dark green colour. After mixing with milk, the overall taste for latte is not that bitter but a bit of sweet aftertaste and colour change into slightly light green colour.

108 Matcha LOVE ❤ Parfait ($8.50) is ultimate set for Matcha Parfait. 108 Matcha LOVE ❤ Parfait consisted of (x2) white mochi, matcha jelly (topping), (x2) matcha warabi mochi and lastly not list, choice between matcha or brown sugar syrup dipped over the top of ice cream. I found its too bitter without for first few tries without having matcha fragrance enough. I realised that matcha ice cream melted too fast and getting too watery with matcha jelly afterwards. Good to share with friends and worth it to try for deluxe set for Parfait if you are at Suntec City.

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Pop Pop Tea Latte 🍿🥤 (M Size - $4.40) is under KOI🥤 (Black Tea Latte) × Garrett Popcorn🍿 (sweet CaramelCrisp TM) order 0% sugar (totally no sugar inside tea latte), u wait for CaramelCrisp popcorn absorb into the black tea latte first and u can start to drink latte if u start to drink after the collection, it's taste literally like plain (normal) and zero sugar black milk tea.

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Kecha Singapore (Taiwan Brown Sugar Milk Tea (w Pearls)) - $4.90 add on w Pearls ($1.00). It taste like ice lemon tea according to my friend and I didn’t taste for this because of I recently got dairy allergy at around same week. #AlolaBeachesBugis #AlolaBeachSPH

I got english breakfast tea with promotion for set costs $12 for June and promotion ends till the end of June. So don’t missed the promotion for lava cake series.

I got 20% discount for hot drinks from 8 may to 10 may. I decided to try on o-matcha latte since I got houjicha latte on previously. Its one of common latte selection from the customers. The temperature of o-matcha just nice and good to have during cold weather. Its bitter aftertaste probably I didn't stirred matcha before consuming.


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