All About Coffee Or Tea?

All About Coffee Or Tea?

Featuring dal.komm COFFEE (The Centrepoint), Isetan Supermarket (Isetan Scotts), Mellower Coffee (Bugis), Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen (Takashimaya), Bugis Junction, Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Omotesando Koffee, The Community Coffee (Far East Plaza), Teafolia (Tampines), Punggol Pasar Malam

Genimatcha Latte (+ $0.50)

I really like the genimatcha mixed with milk and got that strong roasted taste for this. The Genimatcha powder didn't absorbed well with milk and left on the bottom of the drink.

Fifty / Fifty ($4.50)

their drinks are so good but lemonade w iced tea mixed so well but slightly sour aftertaste.

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Gula Melaka Milk Tea w Coffee Jelly

I decided to choose something different from what I usually order from KOI and didn't expect that it's so good for gula melaka milk tea plus coffee jelly topping. My sister add the topping that she know that coffee jelly taste so good from KOI topping.

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most sour drink ever that I have tasted at chi cha san chen lol but good thing I have ask for 50% sugar :) if not I just threw it away the drink lol and also for sakura jelly topping got a bit sweet aftertaste.

Green Tea Latte (Hot & Regular)($6.50)

I want to try their green tea latte for a long time but finally got time to try it out. Green Tea was not bad and diluted as milk was able to mix well with the drink. But it's not really suitable for dairy intolerant so do mind abt it.

Iced Orange Tea (Green Tea + less Ice) ($5.50) (pic 8)

taste like vitamin c tbh but with green tea mixture is ok. really got cny vibes.

Osmanthus Oolong Tea ($4.80) + Chrysanthemum Pearl ($1.70) + Osmanthus Jelly ($1.70)
my sister got sudden craving for bbtea during cny period as i just went outside to run errands at same time. she opt out for less topping and then the person need to be equal for pearl in serving like more or less.

Fuji Pear ($4.60)

Finally tried their fruit based drink after a long time. But it's quite unique fusion drink for imo. I choose sub-o for sugar level as fruit usually quite sweet and I was in fruit diet. It just quite taste sweet as its quite same taste as canned drink.

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added less honey into the drink (less sugar)

Honey Green Tea ($2.70)

hmmm not bad but can able to drink green tea & honey at same time.

Honey Earl Grey Tea ($2.70)

Ume Plum Shirozu ($4.60) (30% Sugar)

never tried their tea series but good enough for me as this is good shit after all. taste like apple vinegar (more atas mood) good thing i add a bit sugar level.

Closing sale 1 for 1 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk ($5.30)

i did noticed that their outlet getting less and less and i guess that brown sugar drink trend get moving on alr. thank u for sharing 1 for 1 drink. taste still the same as the past when i try no sugar version for the drink. the brown sugar pearl still chewy even we opt out for less ice.

Cream Cheese Oolong with Mochi (0% Sugar) ($8.00)

I wanted to take this drink for a long time but kinda distracted for most of time. so this could be last time that I go down to serangoon garden on weekdays already. I really missed this so much. so same drink that I have drank previously with extra mochi. mochi with peanut powder really taste so good and chewy when served in hot. managed to replicate the drink to match menu's picture in slide 10 <3.


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