All About Coffee Or Tea?

All About Coffee Or Tea?

Featuring Symmetry, The Bakery Chef, Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee (Queenstown), elemen (Millenia Walk), Hi Tea (Far East Plaza), Isetan Supermarket (Shaw House), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), PARTEA (Suntec City), A Juicery, Bugis Junction

Ice Lemon Tea mixed with passionfruit and garnish with mint leaves. It made not that sour taste and having mild sweet taste from passionfruit.

I just went to purchase M sized ($4.90) with 25% of sugar level for Matcha Latte from bober tea. For taste otherwise, not bad like got a bit of matcha taste and milk (latte) like quite strong. I think need to increase sugar level or add pearls for add-on topping if order Matcha Latte.

Green Tea Macchiato (L Size - $4.30) had bitter taste and less sweet due to 25% sugar level. With Macchiato add-on, it become less bitter and more sweet. They didn't have Matcha Latte or Macchiato on KOI Thé Menu :(

Cha Tra Mue had ended the licensing aggreement with Singapore Franchise Management last year. It already replaced by new brand called Tiga Tiga. I just drank Matcha Latte ($4.50) for a few sips and realised quite diluted, milky probably due to add too much milk into the mixture and having weird taste for Matcha Latte. I saw some loose tea leaves leftover at bottom of the cup as they didn't filtered the tea properly.

Matcha Latte (30% sugar) with Cocoa Pearls ($4.90) The staff told me that please shake the Latte before consuming. I decided to order with Cocoa Pearl first since its recommended by my friend. I felt it was so good to eat cocoa pearls (sweet) with Matcha (bitter) since it's quite delicious and sweet aftertaste. I want to try Matcha Latte with Honey Pearl next round if I happen to be at there.

Morning Ham & Egg Burger (set meal - $10.90) (ala crate - $8.90) is one of their best selling burger. Consisted of Benedict Egg, chicken honey baked ham and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I accidentally broken Benedict Egg before starting to eat burger 😭. Overall taste, it was quite savoury and satisfied experience.

Can be make a set meal (fries + salad / soup ($1.50) + drink from winnies) - $3.90

Zoey's Truffle Fries (ala crate - $7.90) consisted of grated parmesan cheese, parsley and white truffle oil. I felt that fries was too thin compared to McDonalds and having strong truffle aftertaste.

Mushroom Soup (ala crate - $4.50) consisted of cream, crouton and buttom mushroom. It was creamy and thick texture with diced mushroom inside the soup.

Corn Soup (ala crate - $3.90) consisted of corn, fresh herb & cream. It was creamy and thick texture with a bit of corn inside the soup.

Milk Tea (25% Sugar) - my friend + Green Tea (25% Sugar) under winnie's come with the set meal. Drink (winnie) can be order in ala crate from the counter itself. Wanted to order Matcha Latte but it's out of stock at that time. Green Tea taste not that sweet and got mild green tea aftertaste.

(Tea Love Flowers 茶恋花) Hawthorn Plum Tea 山楂酸梅茶 ($3.90) was mixed flavour between sour and sweet aftertaste. Recommended by my friend she saw the shop pop-up pasar malam at punggol mrt.

Matcha Latte ($5.50) was quite creamy, thick texture and much bitter aftertaste before stirring with milk. After stirring with milk, it's less bitter and milky aftertaste.

I felt Mocha Praline Latte (Venti) (hot) taste for milky and creamy bittersweet chocolate drink and drizzled with mocha sauce.

Final Breakfast @ Coffee Shop before heading back to home. Most of people would realised that I always ordered Teh C (RM 1.30) (Black Tea without sugar and milk - milk tolerant) hard to find toilet around coffee shop area to be honest. My sister they always ordered Teh O Susu (Tea with Milk and less sugar) (RM 1.50). Fried Koay Teow (RM 6.50) located at outside of the coffee shop and need to find person for order food. Roti (bread) Mentega (Butter) & Kaya (RM 1.00 ea) was quite crispy and a bit dry aftertaste. Roti (with egg) was quite crispy and a bit moisture after adding two egg. Add on: egg (RM 1.00 ea) for dipping with roti.

Roti Kaya & Butter (Sliced - 6 Pieces) (RM 2.80) was quite crispy and kaya was quite thick than butter.

Half-Boiled Eggs (2 Pieces) (RM 2.30) was served in coffee cup and can be dipped with Roti Kaya & Butter

Honey Lemon Juice (RM 4.50)

Iced Almond 'C' Drink (RM 3.30) I didn't heard of Almond 'C' Milk drink before and it was seldom selling at Singapore. The taste for Almond was quite strong and thick texture.


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