All About Coffee Or Tea?

All About Coffee Or Tea?

Featuring The Bakery Chef, Isetan Supermarket (Shaw House), Bugis Junction, SOD Cafe (Ci Yuan Community Club), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Omotesando Koffee, Teafolia (Tampines), The Community Coffee, KOI Thé (Bugis+), Punggol Pasar Malam

Matcha Boba Latte (Iced) (25% Sugar) ($6.90) was quite smooth texture and not that milky taste. I really like their chewy and not that sticky boba pearls. I want to try their other drinks next time if I am at the area 😅.

I felt that their soy milk is not strong for Iced Matcha Latte ($5.50)(with Soy Option - $1.00) but it's quite hard to absorb or mix well tgt 😅 and a bit vegetal taste inside the drink.

Matcha Green Tea ($4.90) was quite strong thick taste and didn't expected that can digest food so much 💪

Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappe (got free drink - 60 stars) (Venti - $9.90) oh yes everyone dm me abt the taste for frappe. So I felt that I drank the drink was quite plain or not much taste for a few sips but I managed to taste for chunks of strawberries towards the drink. U can bring the drink to garden by the bays for taking photos of drink as the flower display is under sakura season 🌸

Strawberry Matcha Latte (Hot) ($7.90) they served in hot drink only, so I didn't know that until I went back to coffee bean and ordered another drink (will be reviewing soon) instead. It just taste strawberry meji milk drink over matcha tbh. strawberry > matcha (in proportion) It's was not that bitter and strong milky taste for me. finally done for strawberry matcha series except matcha brownie.

Peach Green Tea White Pearl ($2.90) (M, Normal Ice, 0% Sugar) Peach > Green Tea and white pearl was quite chewy and usually went tea based for no or less sugar.

Roasted Oolong (M) (Cheese Cream) (30% Sugar) ($3.80) I didn't covered previously last year so I managed to try for first time. I felt that cheese cream was quite thick and melted off the drink quite quickly.

Aloe Vera Honey Lemon Ai-Yu (Free Upsize and Normal Ice) ($2.90) I felt that it was quite sweet for me but I like their aloe vera bits and ai yu topping inside their drinks.

🟢Thai Green Milk Tea🟢 ($3.50) w 🔴Thai Tea Boba Pearls (Handmade)🔴 ($1.20) milk > green tea seemed that milk covered up green tea mostly. I like their thai tea boba pearls to be chewy texture. 🔴

I wanted to get Matcha Latte but it went out of stock that day. It's alright bc that they got promotion (buy 2 drinks and get 1 free drink) for opening new stores that week before CNY. Green Milk Tea ($3.30) M Size, Normal Size, Sugar (25%), Ai Yu Jelly (80 cents) It's not that strong milk tea so I managed to drink finish 😅 I always like Ai Yu Jelly topping and didn't fit well with the drink.

Discovered another bbtea shop at my house area got good standard for Matcha Macchiato Drink ($3.50) (Medium, Normal Ice, 25%)👍 (that smooth and light texture for Macchiato) but the matcha standard is so-so only 😅

Ordered Hojicha Latte ($5.90) (25% Sugar) (Less Sugar). Wanted to order Matcha Latte but the matcha powder didn't reached yet from Taiwan 😩 so decided to order hojicha instead. Didn't really taste much hojicha taste inside the drink as it was probably due to strong milk's taste and covered up the whole drink instead.


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