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Featuring Plaza Brasserie (PARKROYAL on Beach Road), Sugarhaus (Tampines 1), Ah Dong Teh House, London Fat Duck (Waterway Point), Putien (Tampines Mall), Changi City Point, Eatz 19, Bangkok, Thailand, Fish & Co. (Tampines 1), Orchard Hotel Singapore
meeatmetry I Am
meeatmetry I Am
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Still my favorite and I love their green chilli! #burpple #burpplesg #sgfood #meerebus #heavenlywang #sgcafe #sgbreakfast

Taste similar from someone who had tried Issac from Seoul and from Singapore. Bulgogi and fiery kimchi . #burpplesg #burpple #issactoast #issactoastsingapore #thehappinesstogether

Spicy tuna roll that isn't any fascinating. Who puts capsium in a roll !!?? #burpple #sfo2019 #nigirisushi #maguro

Must try when you are in SFO #burpple #sfo2019 #boudin #boudinbakery #clamchowder #foodstagram #checklistticked

crab feast .. shrimps. Wow #burpple #crabhousepier39

Very amused by giant Nutella,skippy peanut and jams. And the huge variants of bread choices #sfo2019 #sfobreakfast #burpple

Avocado toast Jr with mel's blend ... Luckily asked for Jr ... It's wholesome. #burpple #sfo #melsdriveinsanfrancisco #rsaconference2019 #avocadotoast

It's pretty decent margherita pizza and it's thin crust. Six slices for $14 . I thought I tasted a tinge of spiciness within but my big sensitive taste bud girl ate two slices so I guess I taste wrong. Nice wings with tons of herbs within but again devoured by my girls. I love their chilli flakes I love their citrus chilli dip. We also had their lava cake add on gelato vanilla ice cream. Yups totally for the dessert. But on top of all the foodie comments , I wanna compliment their service. Just enough attention , checking on if all is okay .. very careful when my kid is walking. Full of smiles and they don't give the feeling of rush .. Lunch enjoyed. #burpplesg #pizzaexpress #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodie #pizza #centurysquaresg

Everything is so pretty! The new machiatto is yummy . Mocha frappucino is that possible sweet for my liking .. the lychee blossom cheesecake is a must try it's so fragrant ! And the red velvet cake which is just alright . But everything is so pretty with the little sakuras on them 🌸💮🌸💮 #burpplesg #burpple #starbucksg #starbucks #venti1for1 #sakura #calorieskiller #sgcafe #sgdesserts #2isbetterthan1

Everything has some vegetables in them.. Such as my beetroot spaghetti with zucchini, mix bell peppers, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and onions in tomato sauce. It originally came with spicy tomato sauce but they can do non spicy for us. Lucky! Everything seems customizable for we had their parmesan truffle fries customized into fries with sauce aside haha. The serving portion is very generous although the price is 18 for the spaghetti but I felt its well worth. Two girls can share this main and order others to go along. We ordered their dessert as well. My girl is attracted to their
French toast brioche with yoghurt ice cream and mix berries. Just look at their display and it's $7.. And I have my to go again motivation haha. Watch out for my post again on mahota kitchen! #burpplesg #sgcafe #burpple #centurysquaresg

First impression is messy! So it's Mac and cheese hashbrown with zinger patty. The mac and cheese is super oily. The box top and bottom is soaked! The zinger is of course nice and tender. The Mac and cheese isn't enough. The hashbrown is a little hard too. Okay tried once enough ^^ #burpplesg #burpple #kfcsg #macandcheese

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