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meeatmetry I Am
meeatmetry I Am
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Its their special recommendation. I thought its the cut and the egg will cover the whole rice under kinda thing but neh. Its omu yet rice isn't within. Its a whole piece of omelette . Curry sauce is plentiful and its a mixture of beef chicken and pork inside. #burpplesg #hoshinocafesg #omurice #burpple #sgcafe #sgfoodie #japanesecurry

Uniquely its own with crispy skin. First time knowing Mr Pancake King franchise. 还不错 Its chewy inside crispy outside. Even though i did not eat on the spot but it taste as good few hours later. #burpplesg #sgsnacks #sglocal #burpple #pancakeking #mianjiankueh #imisspeanut #azuki

Plentiful of vegetable. Chicken is tender slight grilled. #homgrill #burpplesg #burpple #sgfoodie #grilledchickensalad

Fascinating spread for me. Never seen a spread for steamboat from seafood to meat to cooked food to vegetables to niangdoufu to sauce table, drinks and desserts ! My friends say prawns are good and oh there are five soup base for you to chooose and you can either have individual pot or group pot. Wow . their mala hotpot is not bad but at the end of it the soup really gets too salty. Should go try #burpplesg #burpple #manlehotpot #nextwhenguys

Finally i try it todsy . Its sweet but 50% of the bowl is soup. I dont know if it is the proportion thus making me feel it isnt really a lot of ingredients. There is no Q but can see everyone is having a bowl of it. Curiosity satisfied. #burpplesg #sgdessert #burpple #幸福就是有人陪你吃你想试的 #chengtng

It took over london duck shop. Layout didnt change much. And like most restaurant now we are presented with a iPad and no human takes order from us anymore. But this ipad has a ask for help and even this ask for help doesnt call a human! Its categorized to the common thing a human is asked such as children utensils or serve dessert now ... One day perhaps we all no need to communicate. Anyhow the food is served fast and the service is good. They are attentive and put the hot soup away from my child. Free flow rice i Love it ! Saba shio teishoku thick slab of a fish slightly grilled with soya. Miso katsu teishoku . Normal miso sauce fried chicken. 5 pcs of ebi tempura which my girl finished means its pretty good haha . Oh now u can like and recommend in Facebook and get x2 pcs of karrage foc! Yeah! #burpplesg #burpple #sgfood #teishoku #japanese

The pork belly is soft and tender. #insadongkorea #burpplesg #burpple #kimchi #stew

Tried the chicken and vegetable only version which isnt on the menu. Sp3cial ! Very nice warm crew. Good service always win me over #burpplesg #burpple #tendonkohaku #sgfoodie #sgfood

#pie #burpplesg #sgpie #burpple #sgfoodie #sgdessert #sgcafe

Swipe to the right. Right is cheaper by half . The purple grape is juicer but the jelly on the left is much refreshing. #moreexpensivemoreyummy #japdessert #jelly #grapes #burpple #sgfood #dondondonki

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