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Hunt for delicious pasta
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

This lounge hidden in the OUE Oakwood on the 7th floor boosts some decent pasta - truffle carbonara is mildly fragrant while we enjoyed the chilli soft shell crab pasta (which taste more like tangy tomato sauce).

The add-on of $5 chicken thigh was sliced, slightly oily and somewhat feels less than expected (maybe because its sliced thinly)

Enjoyed having a quiet corner to catch up. Perhaps can consider coming for the salad bar which comes with some mains.

(~$22-24, on entertainer)

First time trying the Cavatelli Ragu pasta with red wine pork ragout sauce, with Cavatelli being a sort of pasta rolls. Honestly spoilt for choice with the wide range of pasta here. The unique saffron ravioli is worth a try too! ($24.90)

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This Mentaiko Belachan Prawn Pasta didnt really sit well with me, likely because both the strong flavours of mentaiko and belachan didnt come out, and it resembles more of a light carbonara. Prawn was also slightly mushy and didnt bring out the strong grilled flavours. For $18.90, may have expected a little more. Acoustics is slightly loud here, and its still serving a crowd at 2-3pm.

Very aesthetic cafe with good customer service (will deffo be back for the pancakes)

Always bookmarked as one of my favourite place to eat at - and now even more so with their new menu! For their DIY pasta option, theres more variety and it finally includes real meat: popcorn chicken chunks!!!, minced beef e.g. It used to be just the few options of dog...

All these for $9.20 ala carte, or $7.20 for student price. Even though I have bidded student price farewell, i will still come back for their melty crust of cheese bed 😍

They also have more on their new alacarte menu, with baked pasta ranging from $11-$15~

The carbonara in mushroom was amazing. You get the kick of the shaved gorgonzala cheese, and the mushroom sauce reminds me of the thick mushroom cappucino that I love, and of course, they pair it with the unique blue butterflypea pasta. What a joy to eat it! The sliced pork deserves a shout out too as it is on the leaner side

Wanted to try this as it looks like an authentic pasta chain, out to have some whacky fun with its pasta and recipes ;) and yes it is worthy of recommendation.

We both love the carbonara > the meatball pasta, which i felt the meat taste was slightly too strong, and the tomato is too tangy. Still, a good friday dinner out!

Would come back just for this soulful pasta. ($21.80 for its burpple one for one! It comes with free flow drink)

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A rich creamy truffle farfelle and a poached egg with salmon to kick off this long weekend. The farfelle dish comes with crisp bits of bacons and mushrooms: an absolute delight

In a chill cafe surrounded by chickens ~
✏ About 10 minutes trek from harbourfront
✏ Net prices here
✏ $16 for pasta, $18 for salmon
✏ on burpple one for one!

Tucked in the basement of hong leong, this unassuming place does serve some interesting fusion dishes - mostly thai with western. Tried their green curry pasta with chicken cutlet (+ mushroom soup) with meal pal. The green curry taste is more creamy and less thai than usual but does pack a punch of flavours. (~$8)

Hanging plants and spacious minimalism makes for aesthetic eatery

We had the Prawn and Chorizo Orecchiette (o-reh-kiat-teh) or seashell/ear pasta ($19) and Carbonara with shaved parmesan ($19) - thankful for Burpple Beyond's one for one! We were disturbed by some bugs but kudos to the chef for replacing the pasta after a bug invasion. Carbonara is decent though not outstanding and its cream based. The fried garlic prawns were in generous portions and are our fave!

A pretty place that deserve more fanfare

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They do make a mean fusion pasta oozing with the creamy laksa sauce and the soft shell crab was lip smacking good too. Sometimes i forgot i am eating a fusion dish and it reminds me of the usual laksa though. Perhaps i'm just not a fan of laksa sauce.

The richness of the beef ragu comes through in this pasta dish. And they are pretty generous with the meat ration, with pasta:meat a ratio of 2:3. But it leaves pasta lovers like me wishing theres more of my favourite parpadelle.

($26) thankful for this lunch treat to mark the end of a crazy month

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This is easily one of my favourite pasta places: i was spoilt for choice in deciding which pasta! 😍

I had Manzo! which is a decadent plate of fettucine in truffle cream with beef, (check check check). Its like a rich carbonara and is very fragrant, and not too rich till you feel overwhelmed ($13.50) definitely one of the most affordable and authentic pasta places around - and I will definitely recommend it

May have wished for the beef to be slightly more tender but i must say it does pair well with this mix.

Plus, kudos to them giving a rose for valentine's.

Thats my first reaction when i saw this, the garlic wine broth was strong and not too oily, sweet but slightly spicer than i expected. The plating did impress me though, and i must be famished because i'm certainly hoping for more after i wiped it clean. Garlic and wine mmm 👌

$3.50 on mealpal


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