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Specialty drinks at cafes, bubble tea outlets, restaurants.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng
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Got my hand on these bottles of colourful teas from one of taiwan's famous teashops outlet in singapore KECha: Pictured are the Ocean berry (left bottle) which comprises of layers of butterfly pea, strawberry and lemon and the wandergarden (right bottle) which consists of rose, elderflower and butterfly pea.

I was bummed when they told me their classy glass bottled matcha and houjicha was not available. They usually open only on weekdays and I was dying to catch them on my vacation leave. To quench my disappointment, I ordered a glass to sip outside the coffee joint.The iced houjicha latte was a delightful beverage: Steamed milk foam was blended with high concentration of smoky roasted japanese green tea, to give bring out the rich houjicha flavour.

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Mocha made with latte art served in a cup surrounded with peanut butter, pink peppercorns and almonds. The overall profile was a nutty, pepper spicy, buttery enhancer blended with fruity, chocolate, nutty and aromatic coffee. The dominant creamy texture was primarily from the foamed milk and peanut butter.

Tea drinks at benjamin browns cafe are a pretty colourful sight. Pictured are their osmanthus sencha and blue pea butterfly flower tea. Both are sweetened in accordance to their receipes.Not sure if they are premade or freshly brewed, but would definitely appreciate if the cafe can separate the sugar syrup from the tea so that the customers can personalise according to preference.

If you love the strong fruity-alcoholic bitter taste in your coffee, you should try the cold brew by yahava koffeeworks. The brew was definitely one of the strongest black that I have ever had. Had difficulty sleeping at night after this beverage.

Instagramworthy for its gorgeous spectrum of green and brown hues, dirty matcha was just as awesome in taste. You can perceive the fruity, nutty aroma from the coffee and the astringent, green and tea profile in a milky texture. A very experiential beverage

Guilt free and delicious. They made their cashew milk in-house. Ordered the sweet potato variant. Nutty, aromatic profile which resembles a little like soy, the cashew milk goes well together with the purple sweet potato concentrate.They also have a matcha cashew latte that I really want to try next time.

Quenched my thirst with the grapefruit boom from heytea: icy blend of real grapefruit in a cup that was fruity, mildly bitter and has the iconic grapefruit sulfurous zest. I requested for the minimal sweetness. The queue was not that bad for a saturday noon..I think I was quite fortunate.

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Along the buzzing street of haji lane, littlepo is hard to miss with the large replica of a bubble tea cup with their logo on. Ordered their yorkshire milk tea and it was sooooo good. Although you can't customise the sugar level, the sweetness was just right such that you can perceive bitterness from the tea and the accurate milky thickness. The tea doubtless is high in quality - you can recognise the familiar earl grey-like aroma. I will definitely come back for this again.


Didn't know one man coffee opened at one north. It is a small and quaint shop with some baked goods. Ordered the thick iced chocolate so saturated with cocoa to savour. It was good chocolate- fruity, aromatic, not overly sweet with hint of cocoa bitter.

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Got myself a takeaway cup of white cold brew for $7.50- It was creamy due to the addition of milk, the coffee was fruity and aromatic.Would really want to drop by again to try their artisanal toasts.

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Found in the same space as rakki bowl at 72 Duxton road, candour coffee is offering their beverages to diners. A huge variety of coffee is available on their menu. We ordered the lavender yuzu fizz which has a pretty pink layer with the fizzy soda layer on the top. After mixing the drink, the drink becomes a soda with a pretty pink hue. What we like about the soda was that the pink syrup did not make the soda too sweet and the flavour was not too artificial in taste: citrus, yuzu bitter and a hint of lavender which is earl grey tea-like, effervescence from the carbonated soda.

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Self confessed glutton. Calories should be wasted on the good stuff.

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