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Specialty drinks at cafes, bubble tea outlets, restaurants.
Gwen Cheng
Gwen Cheng

Their non-caffeinated specialty drink. It is a hot frothy version of bandung. Topped with a verbana latte art and decorated with rose petals. There is a ice version too which looks just as pretty.

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While the brown sugar bobba milk is most well known for at Xing Fu Tang, health conscious people will be glad to know that they serve healthy teas too like the roasted oolong tea pictured. Quirky plastic cup that with the 女神 label. Haha, don't understand why?!?

Morphine coffee is located outside the payar Lebar Quarter Mall, just beside the water fountain. Ordered the cold Matcha Latte ($5.50) which is bottled and served chill. An awesome beverage with thick matcha. If you love high matcha to milk ratio, this is a great drink to buy if you are in the vicinity.

Little oasis lies in the everton park heartlands that is a not-so-secret hipster enclave known for cafes, traditional kuehs and bakeries. Great place to chill. We went over after lunch and ordered their iced citrus mint tea and berries smoothie to refresh ourselves. Will want to go back again to try the food.

The queue at chicha was really crazy when I walk past the outlet in JEM and I was really curious: is it that good? When I saw that they are opening a branch at boon lay mrt, I was thinking - that's great no need to go over to JEM and I will try to get a drink during off peak. So I seized the moment when the outlet was just a few days old and not many people know that they are open in jurong west to get my hands on one of their signature---the oolong milk tea. The oolong was fragrant and smoky. You can tell that its truly premium grade. I love their pretty vintage paper carrier packaging. But for the crazy queue, don't think it was worth spending that amount of time to buy a cuppa.

Kyoto's %Arabica has finally made its way to Singapore and their flagship outlet along Arab street has a pretty crazy crowd during the early days of its opening. We got 2 cuppas- the signature latte and matcha latte to slurp in the heat of summer. I did observed the coffee is in a smaller cup than the matcha- why oh why???!?! Noted that they are going to open another outlet in the west at Holland Village Chip Bee Gardens. Pretty excited about it.

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The honey pearls are the hightlight of the store. Sweet, nectarine and chewy- they go extremely well with the matcha and milk at a lower sugar level. The ratio of matcha to milk is just right - not overly milky and the matcha layer was not too bitter.

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Got my hand on these bottles of colourful teas from one of taiwan's famous teashops outlet in singapore KECha: Pictured are the Ocean berry (left bottle) which comprises of layers of butterfly pea, strawberry and lemon and the wandergarden (right bottle) which consists of rose, elderflower and butterfly pea.

I was bummed when they told me their classy glass bottled matcha and houjicha was not available. They usually open only on weekdays and I was dying to catch them on my vacation leave. To quench my disappointment, I ordered a glass to sip outside the coffee joint.The iced houjicha latte was a delightful beverage: Steamed milk foam was blended with high concentration of smoky roasted japanese green tea, to give bring out the rich houjicha flavour.

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Mocha made with latte art served in a cup surrounded with peanut butter, pink peppercorns and almonds. The overall profile was a nutty, pepper spicy, buttery enhancer blended with fruity, chocolate, nutty and aromatic coffee. The dominant creamy texture was primarily from the foamed milk and peanut butter.

Tea drinks at benjamin browns cafe are a pretty colourful sight. Pictured are their osmanthus sencha and blue pea butterfly flower tea. Both are sweetened in accordance to their receipes.Not sure if they are premade or freshly brewed, but would definitely appreciate if the cafe can separate the sugar syrup from the tea so that the customers can personalise according to preference.

If you love the strong fruity-alcoholic bitter taste in your coffee, you should try the cold brew by yahava koffeeworks. The brew was definitely one of the strongest black that I have ever had. Had difficulty sleeping at night after this beverage.

Self confessed glutton with no regards for calories Amateur Baker Instag: the.chemists.patisserie

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