Thai • Viet • Indo.

Thai • Viet • Indo.

Featuring Ploy (WORK @ Clearwater), Kaiju Company, Sanoook (Pavilion Elite), The Majapahit, Super Saigon (Seventeen Mall), Go Thai Restaurant (Atria Shopping Gallery), Bali & Spice, Sanoook (Sunway Pyramid West), Ngon, Rak Somtam
Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu

New item on the menu that almost got me a heart attack. 😆 This beef fried rice is full of heat topped with a perfectly cook sunny side up.

Fried rice is super flavorful with sliced beef. The choice of veg in the fried rice is slightly different from your regular fried rice, in Super Saigon broccoli is use in the fried rice.

In Super Saigon, deep fried spring roll is served in a different way. Instead of just enjoy it by itself, you'll wrap the spring roll with fresh lettuce and mint before dipping into the dipping sauce. It's a new experience to me having deep fried spring roll in this way.

To my surprise, the spring roll became very refreshing with the fresh vegetable and hint of mint. Instantly fall in love with this spring roll combination.

Visited Super Saigon new outlet at seventeen mall. Aside from the familiar Melbourne style pho to bahn mi and spring roll, we also tried some of the new item on the menu.

A friend introduce this new Thai Street food place to me and immediately i have fall in love with it.

Like a boat noodle place, food here came in small portion which allow you to try out more variety of food.

I had the signature braised pork leg noodle (rm4.9) which came out surprisingly generous portion for a small bowl. Flavor is on point and the generous portion of shredded pork leg that cook to fork tender.

Aside from noodle, rice, veg and small street food like moo ping and fish cake. Thai boy do serve dessert as well. However the mango sticky rice was a bit let down compare to their savoury dish.

On the last day of operation in publika outlet, I had their Thai Basil Chicken as lunch. This dish is full of heat, I barely able to finish half of it.

One of the snack that I love to enjoy with my friend. However I'm still on search for a place that serve cockle that cook perfectly with chili dip.

The new restaurant in the Mont kiara neighbourhood, combination of indonesian and thai cuisine under a roof. My personal favorite got to be the curry galore platter which featuring 4 different type of curry that serve with roti.

Thai red curry, Malaysian curry, thai green curry and indonesian curry. Each curry showcase a different flavor profile, it's unique and interesting how the spices is used in different curry to compliment the protein choice.

Apart from the curry platter, the satay of the SEA platter and fried rice platter also interesting item on the menu to check out.


The nasi lemak burger trend is hitting Kl. Instead of the regular burger bun, here a variation that you don't need to sacrifice the key ingredient - rice. Sanoook is introducing The Nasi Lemak Sushi Burger.

Chicken thigh, sambal, peanut, anchovies, egg and cucumber sandwich between the pandan rice patty. Now you can enjoy your nasi lemak in a fun way.

It's available for the month of August in conjunction with the national month. Thanks @sanoookmy & @burpplekl for the invitation.


Papaya salad here is full of heat 🌶️🌶️ much needed Thai milk tea to rescue


Moo ping is one of my favourite Thai street eat. I do wish moo ping here could be more juicy.


A casual Thai dining in the neighborhood mall to get a quick fix of Thai food craving.

In frame with the Khao moo (steamed pork leg), somtam (papaya salad) and thod mun moo (homemade pork cake).

Do order the cha nom yen (Thai milktea) if you were here!


A clear broth with various cut from beef. I do wish the soup is hotter so the herbs can be more flavorful in the soup.


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