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Featuring Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室), W.A.W Restaurant (Wong Ah Wah), Toast & Roast, Restoran Chan Meng Kee 陳明記燒臘, Restoran Yan Yan A One (仁仁一站式酒家), Restoran Meisek, Dolly Dim Sum (NU Sentral), Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice (Restoran Yat Yeh Hing), Sin Kee Restaurant, Putien (1 Utama)
Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu
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All the way from Chengdu, China, this hot pot definitly attract all diner attention. The queue during peak hour can easily up to 2hours.

Aside from the must have mala pot, we also try out tomato broth during our visit. The menu is quite similar to what available in their China outlet which intestine and beef took big part of the menu.

During my visit, I'm totally in love with the shrimp paste. The perfect texture and freshness from the shrimp is such enjoyable. Wine marinated beef also my another favourite item, cook according to the recommended time you will have a tender succulent piece of beef with a hint of red wine.

Another item that I love about China hotpot is the variety of vegetable they do offer which same as they had in China. Different type of bamboo shoot that cook to the perfect timing is very enjoyable.

One of my go to dinner place is this steam fish stall that located at this ordinary foodcourt.

Steam fresh fish head with the special ginger sauce. A lil of heat with a lot of comfort, the flavor come together very well with the fresh fish that cooked perfectly.

This is real comfort food to me and also a very affordable price tag. A meal like this is below rm35 for 2 adults.

Dinner at this place definitely bring back a lot of memories of grandmother cooking. Very simple and homey dishes such as signature pepper soup,braised pork ribs and braised pork intestines.

My favourite dish got to be braised pork. It seem quite fatty from the picture but the fat was cook until it melt in your mouth. So good I almost doesn't share with my friend.


A special dish from this Chinese restaurant at Jalan ipoh that require a longer cooking time. The aunty that took our order recommend us to try out this dish and we are glad that we did order this.

Made with fish, prawn and topped with fresh coconut flesh, this otak-otak is so yummy.

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This tongshui shop in pudu is crowded that you might need to queue for at least 30mins to place your order.

Aside from tongshui, they do offer some traditional kuih as well. One of their signature stir fry glutinous rice with egg and peanut is made to order. Verdict: too oily for my liking


The famous yam rice in bukit mentajam open up their outlet in kepong. It was so crowded during dinner hour that you might need to share a table with other diner.

The pork soup taste slightly different from the original one in BM but it's still a comfortable bowl of soup to enjoy together with the yam rice.


I'm a big fans for the dumpling from this Chinese restaurant. The restaurant serve China style of Chinese cuisine which feature dishes like fish fillet in chili oil (水煮魚), stir fry corn with pine nut and dumpling in different filling.

Most of the time I'll skip the white rice so I can had more dumpling. They do sell frozen dumpling as well that you can easily cook at home.


Traditional hakka luicha. Rice with various of vegetable served with savoury tea broth. You can choose your broth to be serve on side or directly pour into your rice bowl. I do prefer it mixed together for that comfort feeling


My first experience on pork free dimsum and I'm impressed by the quality. Most item taste similar or even better than regular dimsum shop.

My recommendation will be the siewmai and hargao. Both execute really well.

However I don't enjoy the bbq chicken and cheong fun that much :)

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The hargao from dolly dimsum is surprisingly good. Crunchy shrimp filling wrapped in thin translucent skin that just so nice.

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The famous curry fish head restaurant in Sri rampai area. We had a small claypot fish head that come with generous amount of fish, rich and creamy curry gravy also topped with veg and bean curd puff.

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Drive pass this area on a raining morning and decided to give it a try. Ordered a mix of roasted chicken and steamed chicken together with a plate of chicken feet.

The roasted chicken cooked perfectly, it's so juicy and flavourful. Will highly recommend to give a try on their chicken feet, so crunchy and refreshing!

Tips: soup is self service.

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