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Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu

Made freshly in house I really enjoy the slice of thai milk tea chiffon. Soft and pillowy texture with thai milk tea cream to enhance the flavor. I dont mind having a second serving

Back here for my favourite kakigori at the moment, the "tie guan yin" tea kakigori. Serving with taro ball, boba, cincao and jelly pearl.

The tea gave a nice fragrant with the not too sweet sugar level, pairing very well with the topping. Taro ball and bubble serve on the side to retain the perfect texture instead of placing on the kakigori that harden the texture.

Underneath the shaved ice, the jelly pearl surprised me with the nice crunchy and lighter texture compare to traditional boba.

Perfect dessert to share on a hot afternoon

Guilt free ice cream with fresh milk and unrefined sugar in this pastel ice cream store in TTDI. I had the dates ice cream which quite creamy with the nutty ness from almond bite. Not too sweet just perfect for after meal dessert.


Black and white Burnt cheesecake.
Earl grey chiffon.
Matcha latte.


Back in school time, I always love the combination of beancurd + soymilk. However most taufufa place doesn't serve that unless you request for it.

Soylab serve their beancurd with soymilk, brown sugar and two types of topping. Aside from the boba and red bean that I choose to go with the set, I also add additional glutinous rice ball for my beancurd.

Ya...I know I'm greedy...lol


Aside from soy based dessert, this soy speciality store also serve savoury item like the fried tofu.

You get to select the different sauce you want with your tofu, we choose the salted egg sauce without a second thought.

Silky smooth tofu fried to perfectly golden brown, the salted egg sauce is the BOMB. It enhance the whole experience of fried tofu, very addictive dish.

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The new place for non GMO soy creation in Damansara Uptown. Extensive menu ranging from soymilk, soy beancurd, shaved iced, souffle pancake to even a boba drink.

The soy shaved ice come with glass jelly, boba, redbean and brown sugar syrup. The dried ice definately making this dessert more insta-worthy.

We also had the Christmas special souffle pancake. Three thick airy pancake stacking up and served with a side of red bean and matcha ice cream. I believe this is by far my favourite souffle pancake in town.

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Some delicious Chinese pastry from this breakfast place that famous for their pork ball noodle.

Egg tart came in flaky crust and smooth custard center. Smaller than regular egg tart which you can get nice amount of crust to custard ratio.

Siewbao was surprisingly good when had it warm, crunchy skin and flavourful barbeque pork in the center.


Doesn't know I love hazelnut so much until I had this dessert from Dew that highly recommended by a friend.

A choux pastry with hazelnut praline, hazelnut mousseline, toasted hazelnut and sea salt. The nuttiness balance of flavourful burst on the palette. So good


All time favourite kakigori flavour from this Japanese shaved ice shop. It's sweet and with a hint of houjicha , milk and kinako powder. Perfect for hot afternoon


Always happy to get a chance to revisit this place that doesn't open on Sunday. Their banana loaf is very moist and loaded with chunk of banana. Definately a must try if you visit this place.


Follow the trend, front room also come with their version of burnt cheesecake. On the back is their white forest cake which so light and yummy.

instagram :alyssia_yu

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