MY: Cafés

MY: Cafés

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Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan

One of their better options of cakes!

The environment and aesthetic here is to die for. Great lighting, greens and if you look up you’ll see yellow tapestries. But the food - not so much. Brunch was average, but my personal favourites were the dry soba bowl, egg drop bun with sweet caramelised onions and banana bread.

Interesting twist on a dessert which actual popiah layer below all the ice cream. They threw in some fried popiah pieces for crunch & aesthetic.

Gotta say, the coffee here was very bad. Food is also a bit too pricey for simple eggs and roti kahwin. The place is also quite small.

Texture is a bit too watery for my liking, but not a bad smoothie bowl at all!

Love the ice cream here at Whimsical, it always hits the dessert spot for me especially in Publika where good dessert is not easy to find. Some of my favourites there are pistachio, coconut and rum & raisin. Sometimes the Nasi Lemak flavour will be available too! The day I went they also had the chrysanthemum flavoured sorbet which is spot on and reminds me of those herbal teas my mom makes me drink. Plus points for the large & interesting variety of gelato👌🏻

Both delicious cakes to have after indulging in their rice bowls.

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Soft, buttery and jiggly soufflé pancakes are a specialty of Moge Tee’s. Not the best around, but better than expected!

I personally love the combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup, and Provisions does it right. The cheese is savoury and flavourful and goes well with the sourdough. Tomato soup was fine, definitely enough sweetness and tartness to it. Wish they had put more cheese in the sourdough, if I was going to be eating sinfully I’d want to go all the way 😂

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This is the Sunshine bowl with banana, pineapple, mango, chia seeds, granola and coconut flakes. A great combination of ingredients in a smoothie bowl and not overly sweet. A bit pricey though!

The legendary tamagoyaki sando, one of the many reasons why people flock over to this cafe for. For someone who didn’t love omelettes, I quite liked this! I also appreciated how thick the tamago was and how some mustard-like sauce in between the sandwich complemented the dish. Looks small, but best to be shared.

My favourite men is ramen

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