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Featuring Kim Heng (HK) Roasted Delights 金兴香港烧腊, Bee Kee Wanton Noodles (Lorong Lew Lian), Da Lian Traditional Noodle (Jalan Besar), Encik Tan (Kallang Wave Mall), il Piccolo Pizzeria, Ali Khan Restaurant, Cheers Cut, Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette (Geylang), Geylang Prawn Noodle, Noi's Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan

Do you realise how penyet and curry meet? Here, they do, and given how delicious both are, it's orgasmic.

Quite a mouthful, as with most soups here (although there was no tofu). I just love this stall and the owner lah. Today he decided to serve chicken rice for no apparent reason. Look how gigantic the soup was. Sorry you can't see but below the cabbage were several giant meatballs rolled with black fungus and mushrooms. Delicious.

Hidden find. Run by a very nice and polite PRC national, this stall serves the biggest soups at the lowest prices. You really feel he's running the business out of love. With an ever-changing menu, it feels like omakase or a home kitchen. That's a random lion's head he decided to serve today. I came here wanting a lighter lunch and ended up with this.

...shame on me lol. In my virgin review, I ordered Hakka-style meepok and it sucked. Here I was with the exact same combination. The noodles were so alkaline it's ridiculous. Anyway, I'd still come back because the ingredients are great. Apart from the pungent yam mushroom ball, there's this fried meat-fish ball and something like 炸蛋, made famous by Tiong Bahru Pau. Unpictured is also a slab of pork belly, which is uncommon at ytf stalls.

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Sure, there are better, but if you're looking for a good chicken rice, this does the job. Chicken was great. These days you get either boneless cold chicken or bone-in warm chicken - here's a boneless warm chicken. Rice was also fragrant and oily enough.

Noodles with kang kong, pumpkin and 斋鹅. Nothing to say.

Decided to give them a second chance after the owner contacted me apologetically. Again, they had sold out what I wanted, so went with this. Overall, still could be better. Chicken, although juicy, would've benefited from longer cooking. Mushroom sauce was terrible. Lastly, I think this would be more popular if the rice was flavoured and not plain.

Mutton curry, cabbage, potato. Mediocre, especially the meat.

To its credit, it's a pleasant bowl of laksa, as compared to some laksa which are fiery, oily or choking. Other than that, nothing special.

Gorgeous ayam lemak. And as mentioned, I love the variety of chilli sauces here.

I've tried buah keluak flavour but this was the first time I confronted it head on. It's famously an acquired taste and although I can accept it, I'm not enthralled. Although there were several nuts with generous meat stuffed in, I can't get over the fact this dish only has one drumstick. Fyi the taste is very strong in the nuts.

Some of my favourite ingredients - meatball, brinjal, yam roll, hash brown, napa cabbage!

Tried more food than this account shows. Not known for naggy, deep reviews. Just the truth.

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