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Featuring Kim Heng (HK) Roasted Delights 金兴香港烧腊, Kopitiam (Plaza Singapura), Encik Tan (Kallang Wave Mall), Geylang Prawn Noodle, Ali Khan Restaurant, Hai Kee Teochew Cha Kuay Teow (Telok Blangah Crescent Market & Food Centre), Cheers Cut, Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette (Geylang), Noi's Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles, Cheok Kee Duck Rice (East Coast Lagoon Food Village)
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan

It took me a few years but here I am on this highly rated nasi lemak. They're among the pioneers to popularise butterfly pea. Quite an enjoyable nasi lemak. Apart from the delicious chilli, their stars are those two proteins. I found the fried chicken okay only, but the rendang was great, featuring tender meat and rich spices. Although I prefer soft yolk, the egg was perfect. Portion slightly small.

Wow. Just look at that egg. Matched with their famous prata. Probably the best plaster I've eaten.

This stall opens really late and is popular among hungry ghosts. But that's about it. I've come here a few times and anyone who tells you it's a top kway chap is lying. Both the kway and the braised foods are average. Lor bak was enjoyable enough, but the tau pok especially was lousy.

It's a sensible stall name, as local carrot cake, compared to Western carrot cake, is actually cubic. So imagine the double twists when I saw theirs weren't cubic, but cut much larger. I thought that spelt trouble as large pieces are usually less enjoyable, but this is actually a hipster hawker that knows food. Overall it's a luxurious carrot cake. A lot of egg and great chilli. The cake was fragrant, which made the size a non-issue. Too oily though.

This certainly couldn't compare with the best, which take advantage of the size to deliver something crispy and thick. Here they're like normal prata, just small. I guess you can order this if you're hungry.

Craving for this and I was surprised these three bones only cost $8, the smallest portion. The gravy was on the spicy side but decent. There was substantial mutton too. But sadly marrow was so little! I guess you win some, you lose some.

$2 for beehoon (albeit with ample egg). That can't be economical.

Lunch hahaha. I love going through the different dough items a stall offers.

Elite but visit at your own risk. I always found the estrangement between old and new Singapore sharpened in hawker culture. New Singapore is orderly and mechanical, old Singapore is informal and spontaneous. So you get customers who struggle to order in Mandarin/dialect, you get confusion in the system, and other angst. This coffeeshop is a classic example. They're very busy, they have no structured ordering, they allow callers to jump the queue, and they're one of those notorious hawkers who take liberty with your order, which is neither a good nor bad thing lah. My queue took half an hour although there were only five customers ahead. There, it splits into beef noodle and yong tau foo - and they seem to inter-cook! Both stalls would serve you what's left or what's convenient - that's how we ended up with ytf mee kia. On the food, the balls and soup were first-class. Balls were plump, flavourful and juicy. Soup was so sweet it demanded respect. I think they used the same soup but the sliced beef gave its soup a meatier profile. Although this beef was inferior to the balls, its texture was unique. The noodles and Hakka minced meat were good too.

This was both so Thai and so not Singaporean. I don't know was it because the stallholder was sorry for running out of soup, but look at this mound. Thick layer of meat over ample rice. The meat and the preserved vegetable were also so authentically Thai I could close my eyes and be transported to Thailand.

I have found my paradise. I heard there's an authentic la mian stall here, I heard they fry a wicked dry version, and I heard they're generous. All those are music to my ears. First, visually the portion should be obvious. Price of one serves two. But the sensation of this cannot be expressed in the photo. The wok hei and the flavour were unreal. Add to that the oiliness, which wasn't a flaw but a highlight. Ingredients were mainly fresh prawns and squid. I wolfed down most of the bowl.

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Tried more food than this account shows. Not known for naggy, deep reviews. Just the truth.

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