All About Ice Cream

All About Ice Cream

Featuring Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis), Tom's Palette, Hatter Street (Kovan), Geometry, Takashimaya Food Hall, Three's a Crowd, Kane Mochi (Bugis+), Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), The Naughty Corner Gelato House, Tsujiri (The Centrepoint)

I felt that Black Hojicha ($2.60) was leaning towards chocolate taste and not much Hojicha taste :"( Like not much roasted tea taste. Got 1 for 1 on Valentine Deals from 13 February to 15 February.

So we decided to go Xpress at Petrol Station for Ice Cream Break during CNY Day 1. I picked Coconut & Red Bean Sorbet (UP: 4.50) and decided to get 3 mini tub for $10 (promotion ends 10 Feb) I felt it was quite hard to melt and scoop up the ice cream from the small spoon. It was very refreshing feel for coconut but quite sweet for red bean.

Mixed Flavour Soft Serve (Matcha + Houjicha) ($7) Houjicha was not that intense and more towards strong roasted tea taste whereas Matcha was more heavier, intense and stronger taste. Thank you, Tsujirihei Honten for giving free Yamari Jelly for every soft serve. I really like yamari jelly so much that contain a lot of Dark Green Powdered Tea Warabimochi, Shiratamako and grounded red bean paste. It's so good for warabimochi, shiratamako and ground red bean paste was quite soft and chewy.

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Chocolate Devotion was one of most popular selling flavour (special closing deal - $5) consisted of chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips and Brownie & Fudge. I felt that it's quite milky and sweet aftertaste. But Brownie & Fudge and chocolate chips were quite harden due to fridge and hard to chew. It is going to close down by end of the month (31 January)

Matcha Soft Milk With Dips ($4.20) was most messiest ice cream that I have tried ever as soft serve was melting too fast. It was quite milky and having thick dip inside the soft serve.

Houjicha ($7) is less intense than matcha and more towards strong roasted tea taste. I decided not add sauce into Houjicha Soft Serve as got bad experience during first time having soft serve was melting too fast with adding sauce and also want to try original taste without adding sauce at same time.

Cookie Butter (with Almond Flake Topping) ($6.00) it was quite refreshing taste and having real cookie aftertaste. I felt sad when stateland cafe announced to be leaving on 31 December 2019 along with softserve and mochi burst. I decided to go there on final day of operation for grabbing softserve for takeaway with my sister. We wanted to share cookie butter ice cream together but turned out it's so good quality of ice cream and in the end, I went back to order cookie butter ice cream for second time. Thank you for great memories for creating softserve and mochi burst at stateland cafe !!!

It's well matched with Earl Grey Mochi. As for mochi is very hot serve, I realised that mango softserve is very easily to melt. Earl Grey Mochi is very interesting combinations with mango softserve. Highly recommendations for dessert-addicts.

It's well matched like sweet and salt cornflakes. Taste - 100% 👍👍👍 and hope that I can try other flavour besides mango. Most of people order for this as a takeaway or dine-in.

Twisted Flavour (Matcha X Sea Salt) Aqua Cup (Regular - $5.40) I felt it's milky and creamy towards the end for me and didn't managed to eat soft serve finish last round with my friend. So I decided to get regular cup for Matcha X Sea Salt in this time. Matcha was mild sweet flavour and milky aftertaste due to too much milk contained soft serve and complemented well with Sea Salt. Sea Salt is a bit salty and good thing you can mixed with other soft serve flavour like sour or sweet-based if you don't like salty taste. It's worth it to try it as they have different variety of soft serve flavour in 1th and 16th of every month and also selling tubs for different flavour if you prefer takeaway instead of dine in.

Drumstick Pika Pika Cone (RM 2.50 or 3) taste like caramel but its pecan flavour, topped with almond nuts and wrapped with chocolate cone. I really the chocolate sauce flow throughout the ice cream until the tip of ice cream. I wanted to eat first day of the trip but I managed to clear on last night of the trip before leaving Penang. I want to buy Top Ten Matcha Ice Cream at 7-Eleven but I saw the long queue when I go into the shop.

Variation of Citrus (RM 20) consisted of different herbs, fruit and nut included blood orange sorbet, lemon curd, cucumber, lemon grass, orange, almond. I realised the dessert serving was quite small size but the taste for dessert was surreal between sour and sweet. It's so cooling and refreshing effect after a long day of walk and hot weather at there.


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