All About Ice Cream

All About Ice Cream

Featuring Takashimaya Food Hall, 7-Eleven Singapore, Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), Artea (VivoCity), Dolce Tokyo (Bugis Junction), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Kane Mochi (Bugis+), McDonald's (NEX), McDonald's (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Châteraisé (NEX)

Classic + 2 toppings ($5.50) (matcha sauce frm matchaya was quite thick and matcha taste ✅💚 + chocolate bit such as white, milk and dark was mixed) I did wanted to try their Matcha Yogurt (Seasonal Flavour) since last Dec but it always missed it 🥲

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Melon Ice Cream (Mixed Flavour) ($1) I felt that its quite creamy and milky but I really like melon's fresh taste 💕

Signature Matchaya Parfait ($16.90)

Uji Matcha (tried before and i felt that their colour change a bit lighter compared in the past), Hojicha (roasted tea)(never tried their roasted tea flavour before and strong taste in flavour), Kurogoma (black sesame) (never tried their roasted tea flavour before and light taste in flavour) and Hokkaido Milk (not available as my friend wanted to try it and they decided to switch Sakura (extra change of $1) :") (tried before and i felt that their colour still remained the same compared in the past) my friend they said that matcha & hojicha got a lot of grainy taste and texture but he didn't really like it sadly. He choose Kurogama and Sakura as for his best flavour. For me, I didn't like sakura as it just taste like cough syrup. I choose matcha, hojicha and kurogama as for my best flavour.

Sis @matchafukuro tempted me to go hvala but its really long time never go there 👌🤌 so just go for their ice cream - Hojicha (Vegan) ($5.90) got less milk and not that creamy but less roasted tea taste 🤧

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ordered medium cup ($5) frm Dec 2021 and almost missed it out by ordering. so i just gonna to clear old photos first during cny holiday before posting new ones.

⚫️white chocolate nori
i wanted to try this flavour for a long time ago but i aim for matcha, genimatcha, hojicha (tea based) last time. its quite nutty flavour tbh but its quite a bit sweet aftertaste.

⚫️dong ding oolong
remind me of @/ when they started to sell atas oolong milk tea 🧋 last 2 years ago. i really like tea based ice cream tbh compared to chocolate based ice cream.

ordered croffles set ($10.80) with different flavour: but i felt that their croffles was quite crispy, hot and not that hard with coated with chocolate n honey sauce.
Raspberry (3.5/5)
berries gelato (tried to order berries based).
Chocolaty (5/5)
rich and thick refined chocolate sauce so I didn't expected that it's so good but melted too fast.
Earl Grey Lavender (4/5)
not that strong taste (mild) but a bit tea taste.
Mint Chocolate (3.5/5)
a bit strong artificial flavour for mint but not much chocolate flavour.

- Okinawa Sea Salt Brown Sugar (Seasonal) (creamy and milky but savoury taste)
- Blue Pea Vanila (artifical but not much taste)
- Rich Dark Chocolate Ferrero (nutty and bitter taste)
- Black Forest (Seasonal) (barely taste due to too strong taste on Peppermint Chocolate)
- Peppermint Chocolate (Seasonal) (too much strong taste for Peppermint Chocolate)

- Salty Lychee Sorbet (Seasonal)
- Earl Grey Lavender
- Mango Passionfruit Sorbet
- Black Forest (Seasonal)
- Peppermint Chocolate (Seasonal)

I tried Honey Chamomile & Butterfly Pea Flower (4.5/5) (Left) & Gula Melaka (4/5) (Right) I felt that honey chamomile was quite strong taste over butterfly pea flower. Gula Melaka was quite strong taste for the flavour.

they recommended me Bailey Ice Cream but I could not tried it that time as I was having medicine that time. But I just like their ice cream was not milky, creamy and also just nice texture and flavour.

So basically I just went to try their new flavour (brown sugar milk tea x chocolate fudge) when they released it. I just felt that it's quite oversweet (太甜了) for my tastebub and also good for sharing tgt instead 🥲 double dose for sweetness especially u got bad day and u wanted to destress it off and this is something that you want to try by yourself 🙂 (2.5/5)

Just returned bck to Orchard after a long hiatus 😀😅 decided to grab ice cream 🥲 so I did cleared their matcha series 🙂 i just felt that their standard is just normal only and don't be inside my list for matcha. But just certain and new flavour attract me more & more only. Matcha Red Bean x Kuromitsu Kinato (Double Scoop - $6.50) Kurosmitsu Kinato just taste warabi mochi tbh and they are using same ingredients :")

Finally tried Sakura x Matcha Mixed Soft Serve ($8.50) from Matchaya. I felt that sakura flavour was quite plain and not much taste whereas matcha flavour was a lot of powder residue but average bitter taste. Matcha cat tongue cookie was quite dry and hard aftertaste to complement well with ice cream.


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