All About Ice Cream

All About Ice Cream

Featuring Takashimaya Food Hall, 7-Eleven Singapore, Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), Artea (VivoCity), Butterknife Folk (Funan), Dolce Tokyo (Bugis Junction), Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Kane Mochi (Bugis+), McDonald's (NEX), McDonald's (Tiong Bahru Plaza)

Just returned bck to Orchard after a long hiatus 😀😅 decided to grab ice cream 🥲 so I did cleared their matcha series 🙂 i just felt that their standard is just normal only and don't be inside my list for matcha. But just certain and new flavour attract me more & more only. Matcha Red Bean x Kuromitsu Kinato (Double Scoop - $6.50) Kurosmitsu Kinato just taste warabi mochi tbh and they are using same ingredients :")

Finally tried Sakura x Matcha Mixed Soft Serve ($8.50) from Matchaya. I felt that sakura flavour was quite plain and not much taste whereas matcha flavour was a lot of powder residue but average bitter taste. Matcha cat tongue cookie was quite dry and hard aftertaste to complement well with ice cream.

Finally went to Inside Scoop 🍦on last Saturday so I walked passby and quickly u-turn back 😅 so all the flavours are rotating at daily basis and i wished they could put the stories for different flavour on the counter daily. Ordered Mixed Berry Yogurt & Crunchy Genmaicha (Premium Flavour - $1) (Double Scoop - $8.30) I really didn't like milky and creamy for ice cream flavour so that I can barely taste mixed berry yogurt and crunchy (contained of Ferrero Rocher chocolate - and nuts) instead of genmaicha.

Finally managed to try Special Promotion under Azabu Sabo X Donq Bakery for Japan Melon Bread Ice Cream (2 Scoops) ($5.80) I felt that Japan Melon Bread was quite dry aftertaste tbh but just complement well with ice cream. I chose Matcha X Hojicha as I felt that Matcha was not that strong taste but Hojicha was strong roasted tea taste. I wanted to try it but I always forgot that until I just noticed Azabu Sabo relocated to outside near boost.

Mixed Flavour (Matcha & Vanilla) Soft Serve ($2.40) was quite rich and thick milk taste and melt quite fast when you took photo too long.

Finally headed bck for ice cream or gelato during Christmas Day and finally tried burnt white chocolate from people's post and also soursop mint ice cream recommended by my sister. I felt that burnt white chocolate got that strong coffee or caramel (cannot differentiate between) aftertaste and also milky aftertaste. But soursop mint (premium - $1) was quite refreshing and cool ice cream tbh and my sister did wanted to get a pint of it.

I felt that I didn't really used to eat strong saltier taste for Sea Salt Gula Jawa ($4) but got mild caramel aftertaste 😅 so I found its was quite milky and creamy for flavour. But I like Chocolate Gelato ($4) so much as its not milky and creamy as its strong bitter flavour. (suitable for dairy tolerant 👌)

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Finally tried out Hersey Mcflurry ($3.00) so like chocolate with oreo toppings. I already tasted the rest of the series last year. Just missed out this before discontinued 😳 and wait for one year to return bck lol. I felt that their design for Mcflurry was quite weird lol 🤔 without the lid.

Finally tried it out butterknife folk but didn't wanted to order bc the flavour for mooncake didn't attracted me initially. I thin But I just order classic flavour instead.

Single Scoops - $5

1. Valrhona Chocolate
I found it's quite milky and got strong dairy (got hard time to digest bc dairy intolerant again).
2. Popular Flavour - Pistachio
3. Mango Sorbet

I didn't expected that Daifuku Cornetto ($2.60) arrived so fast 😅 so I did walked towards my home area 7-Eleven Store. Good thing they started to sell yesterday already. Most of people started to buy already so the stock was already halfway 🙃. For taste otherwise, I thought it was sweet aftertaste but the sauce for strawberry was quite sour and sweet. But I really like bits of red bean and mochi inside the ice cream 🥰 Its really made for strawberry lovers but I am not the one lol 😪

1. I felt Butterscotch (best selling flavour) got that quite strong salted flavour ever and filling with chunks of sea salt with graham pie crust.

2. Valrhona Chocolate (premium flavour) got that bitter and dark chocolate flavour and can be complemented well with any flavours.

3. Nutty Beer (premium flavour) (not in pic) got that strong and alcoholic flavour but didn't managed to taste nutty  flavour tbh.

4. Peppermint Mocha (premium flavour) (not in pic) (forgot that taste)

5. Kopi Peng (not in pic) got that strong caffeine kick and good enough for tea break dessert instead of drinking iced coffee.

6. Thai Milk Tea (not in pic) was not that strong tea flavour and got room for improvement in putting more flavour into it.

I find Earl Grey taste like strong Thai Tea aftertaste whereas Awesomely Chocolate taste a bit bitter aftertaste. The waffles was very quite dry aftertaste and hard to cut into the pieces after reheating.


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