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Featuring Wang Yuan Fish Soup, Ah Er Soup (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (Jem)
Koh Hui
Koh Hui

One of my favourite bowl of bak kut teh in singapore. Nice amount of pepper flavour for the spicy kick, not too much that it covers the fragrance of the soup itself. The broth has a deep, meaty pork flavour to it, savoury in every bite. Meats are off the bone for this one, packed with flavours too! Plus point: the staff here are very friendly, they go the extra mile to make little simple interactions with you as well, which i appreciate a lot. They are very generous with they soup refills too, YES REFILLS, and every refill still taste as flavourful!


This stall probably has over 30 different types of fish soups to offer. Definitely many plus points to variety! As the stall owner has admitted, they do not add msg to the soup, making it healthy but also rather bland in taste as well. However, the ingredients in the soup are well seasoned and tasted fresh as well, above that, they have many types of chilli to accompany your every bite. Hence to me, though the soup can be bland tasting, i appreciate the insistence on making in healthy for customers and focusing their efforts on tastier ingredients and condiments. Its not the best fish soup out there, but a comfortable healthy choice if you cannot decide what to have for your meal, theres plenty to choose from!

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For hawker standards and price point, this is by far the best herbal soup i have ever had. The taste is much deeper and rich than regular herbal soups. Ingredients tasted fresh too! To be honest, it tastes like the double boiled chicken soup you have at Chinese restaurants which costs 15 dollars for a small bowl. This only costs $6.50, what.

Then the pumpkin rice, gosh, savoury and sweet from the pumpkin, you can sense that they were generous with the ingredients with the rice, which help to pack it with much more flavour unlike the regular ones you have. Whats more, the amount of rice they gave is a bigger portion than typical, more plus points!

One more thing is while having the soup, I realise they do not pack tons of herbs at the bottom too, meaning even more room for their delicious soup, yay!

Koh Hui

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