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you mian 101 💛

you mian 101 💛

you mian, ban mian, mee hoon kuay etc 😉
yl 🌷
yl 🌷

an interesting tasting soup we have here. it smells like chicken soup and when you actually taste the soup, it taste like herbal chicken soup (something along that line, but just faint). but it definitely doesn't taste like the typical you mian soup out there.

just like a typical bowl of you mian in every food court out there, this one is no exception when it comes to the slightly bland soup. the meat was seasoned and has some flavours which was the saving grace of this bowl.

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an average bowl of you mian, however I would say that it is a good comfort food as the soup reminds me of the chicken maggi mee flavour. noodle texture is alright and meat taste okay too.

any bowl of you mian which utilise spinach will automatically become one of my favourites. furthermore the soup was creamy-ish in texture partly due to the beatened eggs which I love. the noodle texture is not bad as well and there was a generous portion of minced meat served there. it's a decent bowl of you mian, and one of the better ones found in hawker centres.

albeit the noodle texture was just normal to me, the broth itself deserves an A. I'm not sure how to actually describe the broth, but it's just so good until its last drop. (yes I polished my bowl off). special mention to the spinach and mushroom, I really love these combi in a bowl of you mian. the minced meat was normal but good and kudos to the generous portion of meat given.

this is a unique bowl of you mian and apparently it has no MSG included. it does taste healthy in a good way anyways.
you have the option to add a splash of sesame oil which I think it is a great idea because it brings out the flavour of the soup more.
I personally enjoyed the generous amount of sweet leaves (mani cai), sliced pork and minced pork. it taste good.
I also love the ikan bilis because it wasn't very salty as compared to typical ikan bilis in other you mian stalls. I love the less salty taste and the crunch is a plus point.
the texture of the noodles was decent as well. this one is definitely worth the try.


the visual of this bowl of you mian looks promising, however the taste to me says otherwise. the minced meat was a little bit too salty for my liking and the texture of the noodles is just like the typical you mian out there. but I do like the crunchiness of the ikan bilis as well as the meatballs that comes with it.

do not belittle this bowl of mee hoon kuay!
at first glance, it looks super plain and uninteresting but you have to dig deeper for a surprise!
at the bottom of the bowl lies braised mushrooms and more spinach leaves. this bowl came with meatballs instead of minced meat as it was sold out.
the flavour of the soup gets better the more you drink it, probably because the bulk of the goodness are at the bottom, so remember to mix it well!
the texture of the mee hoon kuay is chewy and starchy but I really like it.

the visual of the mee hoon kuay was interesting as it wasn't the usual colour we always see. the soup taste very healthy and I think the fresh lettuce contributes to that. the texture of the mee hoon kuay was quite smooth, however for some reason it doesn't draw me in.

first things first, the chilli really packs a punch with every mouth you take!
the noodles and the minced meat feels just quite normal to me, but I absolutely love the fleshy mushrooms that comes with it.
it comes with a bowl of soup filled with spinach. however I would say that the soup taste quite ordinary and it taste quite peppery to me.

this is a normal bowl of you mian but it is a super well-balanced one, everything from the noodles, soup and the meat.
the texture of the noodles is quite nice, and the taste of the soup, although nothing unique but it's enough to draw me in.
it comes with a generous serving of pork and chye sim as well.

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this is one of the more interesting you mian I've tried so far. with the addition of lala, it gave the soup a unique taste to touch.
the noodles is very chewy and qq and I've noticed the cook double dunked it and hence giving it the bouncy chewy texture.
the minced meat was very well seasoned as well and the spinach gave a refreshing crunch.
special mention to the ikan bilis because it is really crispy and crunchy!
for the price point, this is super worth it, jam packed with generous servings of minced meat and lala.

yl 🌷

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