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Cafe Food

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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Lovely and creamy. Went really well with the avocado toast.

I was originally seated at table G2, right next to the water feature outside. My flat white ($6) was served first. Before I could drink it, my roach radar went on high alert and I looked down to see a fat cockroach taking a stroll on the bottom side of the water feature, right next to my table. I scrambled up and immediately moved to table E1. So traumatized that I forgot to take photo of my coffee (which was excellent by the way). If u are as terrified of cockroaches as I am, I recommend sitting well away from the water feature. Seats inside the cafe looked comfy and cozy. Service was great too. But my experience is forever marred by the cockroach encounter.

I ordered this with a side of scrambled eggs but it was served on its own, cos they ran out of scrambled eggs and needed to do a new batch. I wanted to eat them together so I had to wait while this went stone cold. Wished they had given me the option of delaying this to be served with the eggs. I was ok to wait cos my truffles fries were already served.

On the positive side, scrambled eggs came hot and creamy. And the avocado was really fresh and wholesome. Just a little odd to have hot eggs with cold toast. I would still give this combi high marks cos I could imagine how much more delicious it could have been if both were nice and hot.

Freshly fried and very hot. Couldn’t detect much truffle smell but the fries tasted very good. The white sauce had a slight garlicky taste to it so I really liked it.

Used Burpple beyond for this. The mushrooms were plentiful but the pasta was too spicy and too much pepper was used. I couldn’t finish it.

This one came from Raffles Hotel kitchen. The stock used was flavorful. Chili was not spicy but quite tasty. A lot of sotong used. And the tiger prawns were fresh. But I could get better for 1/6 the price. Still, I was satisfied, bcos I like to eat atmosphere too. And this cafe was really nice.

This one came from Raffles hotel kitchen. The gravy was thin and watery. Quite bland, as if too much water was added to the spice paste. Lukewarm, which really annoyed me. I feedback to the server when I was paying my bill. He was friendly and offered profuse apologies. I smiled and left, but somehow I didn’t feel better, prob bcos I just paid $25++ for lukewarm watery Laksa.

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This was free with Burpple beyond. I asked for the marinara sauce to be changed to cream sauce. The sauce came with mushrooms inside, which was fine with me. Meatballs were juicy and well seasoned. Quite dry beneath the layer of cheese. But tasted good overall.

This was a huge disappointment to me, cos the egg inside was barely cooked. Mushroom was big and very juicy. Bread was rock hard and cold. I asked for bacon to be omitted. No substitute, so they gave me more salad.

This was supposed to have truffle oil but I didn’t detect any. Nevertheless it was very enjoyable. There was a variety of mushrooms and plentiful too. Perfectly seasoned, with lots of garlic as well.

This had the chef’s recommendation hat but it was really very mediocre. Beef was alright. More slices than steak actually. Slight wok hei. Sliced green chili was the default condiment. I asked for Sambal chili, which I thot went quite well with the horfun. Egg gravy was ok. Super huge bowl, I couldn’t finish.

Refreshingly sweet and sour with sweet pomegranate pearls. This place was quieter than the Starbucks in Vivo. Nice to chill in peace.

Harbourfront Centre

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Enjoyed their Angus sirloin very much previously so decided on the ribeye thou it was $4 more. Requested for well done and it wasn’t tough. Still juicy, with pockets of fats which provided lots of flavor.

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