Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Featuring 85 Fengshan Centre, Fat Cow, Poulet (Bugis+), Mad For Garlic, Tom's Palette, POLLEN, Zion Riverside Food Centre, kinki, Hainanese Village Centre (Lorong Ah Soo Market), Casuarina Curry Restaurant (Upper Thomson)
Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

Tender chicken drumstick. Roasted pork skin was crispy but the bottom part was a little hard to chew. Love it when stalls have the ginger for me to put on the rice and meat. Yum

Ever seen an egg tart bun? I haven't. I was full from lunch but I couldn't help but buy this. Bread was soft and egg tart wasn't too sweet. Just the right combination. Might go back to try their other buns, some were also interesting.

Waited 1.5hours for our turn and no regrets trying this place. Meat was well marinated (didn't even have to top up extra sauces - though we added on LIKE cheesy curry for $2.80 and truffle sauce $2+). Think the best meats were karubi and harami. The one in the picture is karubi. Have to be careful when grilling the meat as there will be flames when you flip over the meat but it was fun. Total bill came up to be $51.20 but we were rolling out of the shop by then. Note that there is a 40mins time limit.

Haven't eaten this in a long time and there was a deal for the set (rice + drink) on shopee for $8 (with $1 voucher to offset) so I decided to get it! Still taste exactly like how i remembered it with the crispy bits and mayo sauce. Still the best bowl among the others imo. The crisps just give it a whole new texture that isn't there for the other bowls. There used to be a side dish (radish kimchi, etc) but sadly, seems like there is only a soup. Soup was tasty with some beansprouts inside.

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Shared this before our steak arrived. Surprisingly good and cheesy. Even the white sauce at the side had garlic infused flavour in it. Really made me mad for garlic, literally :) portion was just nice for 2 people to share

Came back again because of cravings and decided to try something else. The deep fried yellow fish was even better than the one I ate previously. Wiped it out in an instant. Loved the orange chicken, couldn't really taste the orange but it tasted a lot like sweet sour pork in those caifan stalls which was surprisingly good. Ordered mild spicy seafood soontofu soup. Was surprised that they actually gave half a small crab. Sucked out the meat and juice. Might be hard to eat if you don't wish to dirty your hands though. Super filling meal. Didn't know the last time I came but you could get a small free bottle of yakult (different brand but similar) after your meal.

Feels like the japanese version of caifan. It includes 1 hot deli and 2 cold deli with soup and rice. For hot deli, ordered garlic pork & roots vegetable in togarashi sauce. For cold deli, ordered thick omelette with japanese styled mushroom sauce and hijiki seaweed with tofu salad. I think the best dish for was the hijiki seaweed with tofu salad. Pork was quite tender and the omelette came with lots of vegetables in it. Portion was sufficient. You can choose either miso soup or cumin carrot soup and i would highly recommend the carrot soup. It is thick, creamy and tasty and served hot. Wish i could have like 5 bowls of it. Definitely coming back again!

After more than 1 month in advance reservation, finally got to try this restaurant with a good view! The century egg with tofu is a must try. We probably ordered like 3-4 servings of that. Loved the aburi salmon sushi and the fried river shrimps as well. Sashimi was good. Japanese fishcake (looks like luncheon meat) was good too as a snack while talking and waiting for other dishes to arrive. Octopus tentacles was not too tough/chewy. The lift to level 2 goes straight into the restaurant, so we could only enter from 11.55am (it starts at 12pm).

Most of the people eating here are patronising this store and I can see why. Forgot to asked for the knife cut noodles which should have a more interesting texture to it. The soup was a little salty for my liking (but probably because I have been eating clean lately with little or no salt) but the flavour was amazing and the meat was quite tender. Loved the intestines. Different from the kway chap version or the mala xiangguo kind, probably braised in their own sauce and they gave so many that i think it is worth for the $3 paid. Next round will probably try the tomato and egg version, this time round to ask for the knife cut noodles instead.

Dabaoed back (+30c) and added rice (+60c). However would strongly recommend eating there because you can refill the soup. More rice when eating there as well. The soup is addictive and so shiok when drank hot. Meat is so tender too. You can understand why the queue is so long and it is not just the social media hype when people of all ages come here to queue.

Used the burpple 1 for 1. Total bill came up to be $8.90 for 2 large cups. The honey lemon oolong tea was refreshing and sweet enough cos of the honey. The cheese macchiato tasted just like the old liho drinks when they had cheese foam. Best when the cheese foam is stirred together with the pudding. Yummm

Okay i think this is one of their best products, even better than Nest Snow which is more popular. You can just eat it with the fork or with the glove (if it is more tasty using your hands). The cream and onion on top taste like coleslaw drenched on chicken. The cold creamy sauce, crunchy onions and tender chicken was just the perfect combination. Portion was also just nice for 2 pax. Impressive.

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