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Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

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Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

Once again, back at Teppei Syokudo and tried the lunch set ($16.80). Ordered the signature kaisen don which comes with karaage and your choice of hot/cold green tea. The seasoned sashimi needs no additional soy sauce. Enjoyed the set and yes, will be back again! Remember to use shopback go or favepay for additional rebates in store.

Ordered the $13 claypot rice for 2 pax. Almost every table ordered the claypot rice. Best to call in advance, even when we did, we still had to wait for abt 15mins. The portion of rice was just nice for 2 girls if you don't order anything else and the chicken was super tender and they gave a lot! Honestly the biggest portion of ingredients i have seen for claypot rice. We still had chicken to eat even after finishing the rice 😂

I liked the customer service where they helped us pour black sauce over and stir it nicely. There were some chaotar bits when eating and they dont scrape all the way at the bottom of the of the claypot (that is really black).

Coming back again!

Walked into the shop and immediately got attracted by the ice cream. Looked good. There is a burpple 1-for-1 so i got the bonito pizza ($25++) and the squid ink risotto ($28++). No regrets on both food choices. The bonito pizza was juicy and they weren't stingy on the bonito flakes which is good! 👍🏻hahaha was practically wolfing the pizza down. Then the risotto came. While stirring the risotto, saw a few big chunks of squid and a huge piece of scallop. The ingredients and risotto were cooked to perfection. Comparing the two, the pizza still won hands down. (There is free water btw, self service)

There were a few bday celebrations today so they played the "happy birthday" song on speaker mode and had a few "happy birthday" sticks for you to hold and take nice photos.

After that, we ordered the ice cream (large cup 2 flavours $10). Ordered the new flavour (dark choc with nuts - forgot the name) and chocolate mint. Both were good. Try the dark chocolate with nuts. You need to try to know it. 😂 overall, a good experience and 10000% we will be back for the bonito pizza! Maybe try another pizza too.

Always good to be eating this. Not necessary to add on, the original portion is good enough. Liked how they marinate the sauce together with all the sashimi. Simple and good. If you only eat salmon, you can request for an all-salmon bowl - just need to top up another 80cents! The bowl was full of salmon belly. Good deal, must come :)

Long queue at night. Most people ordered the avocado fruit juice which what they are famous for. I don't eat avocado so i ordered the kiwi juice instead. Surprisingly refreshing and good!

Honestly not bad, but lacks the kick as it isn't peppery enough. Tried their new promotional item - charcoal youtiao ($2++). Didn't taste any different from the normal youtiao, except for the colour and the poster said that charcoal has detoxifying properties so i guess it is good for the body? Used the burpple 1 for 1 and got the prosperity bkt ($7.80++) for free. You can choose any mains of a higher value (not necessarily bkt). Ordered the premium ribs ($11.80++) which were tender. Managed to earn another 2 free drinks (homemade barley $2.50++) after i "recommended" the place on facebook. Spent a total of $28.95 for 2 pax.

Another thing to note is that the reserve button on burpple doesn't work. They don't use the website anymore so you have to call in to reserve if you dont arrive early enough.

Had the cheapest kaya toast set at 40c each thanks to klook deal! Happy to be able to start the morning with breakfast so simple and good. Live the thick slab of butter that came with each bread.

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It is so worth it to get 1-for-1 ice cream at this shop. Shared this deal with my friend and each of us only had to pay $2.50. Good deal! Even better when there are interesting ice cream flavours for you to choose from. The salted egg ice cream is always a must-try and must-order for me, but this time round i decided to try something different. Chanced upon new flavours and decided to try them - white chocolate nori and parmesan cheese. Glad to say I have found my 2nd favourite flavour (white chocolate nori) which was like seaweed ice cream with white chocolate bits. So so good!

When you have cravings for mala xiang guo but can't eat spicy, this is the best place to go and one of my regular hangout spots. Super fragrantly stir fried and not too expensive. Portion for 2 pax at $26.30 and we were bursting full by then. Get the other kind of instant noodle (green in colour). Texture is different but it is good and locks the flavour in. Remember to let the cashier know to put less salt and oil. If you don't say, it is going to be too saltish and you will need to eat it with rice.

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Managed to get the 1 for 1 deal that is available yesterday and today only. Got the le shrimp trio tossed ramen ($19.80++) and completed the meal ($3.20++) which included an appetiser and a drink. Braised lava egg ($1.90++) was alright - somehow not as tasty as the ones u get at ramen restaurants. Added on noodles ($1.20++) for one of the bowls but not necessary unless you are really really hungry. The soup was thick but not gao to the point where u get gelat after a while. The prawns were fresh and big, the fillings in the dumplings were generous and the ebiko prawn paste was nice. If i had to choose again, i would go for just the dumplings so i dont have to peel the shells off the prawn (getting lazy and because they don't provide wet towels). Got the braised tofu with tonkatsu sauce but tasted normal, can skip. The apple black tea is nice, though didn't expect to see it come in a form of a can drink. They had preserved vegetable soup base as well, sounded interesting. Surprisingly attracted quite a few of the older crowd today as well and had to queue for slightly more than 1hr even though we only started queueing at 1.30pm. Total bill came up to be $34.60 as the add-ons are not considered under 1 for 1.

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Ordered beehoon with ngoh hiang and chicken wing ($3.20). The chicken wing is crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Bee hoon is moist but quite bland. Will come back for the wings.

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Always wanted to try this stall. Finally tried the truffile mushroom rice ($6.50) with smoked duck (add on $3). Popcorn was a nice touch though a bit lao hong. Smelt good and taste good. Portion is good and glad that i did the add on but maybe i will choose the chicken chop instead of smoked duck the next time. Smoked duck is a little too dry and tough. Loved the egg and yolk was super viscous and shiok when you eat it with the rice. Overall, not bad. Will come back to try the soba menu here.


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