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Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Featuring 85 Fengshan Centre, Fat Cow, Poulet (Bugis+), Tom's Palette, Mad For Garlic, POLLEN, Zion Riverside Food Centre, Hainanese Village Centre (Lorong Ah Soo Market), Casuarina Curry Restaurant (Upper Thomson), Pool Grill (Marriott Singapore)
Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

Okay this is really good but i suggest you leave this for the last. Otherwise nothing you eat after that is gonna beat this. Really fresh and wow, crab sashimi? Have never tried it before. Loved this! Also, this is such a beauty to look at. Worth the price. Honestly becoming my favourite sushi place to go to.

Wah legit worth the 1hour wait. First bite into the burger and the juice of the beef patty fills your mouth. Eat it while it is hot! One of the best burgers i had. Used to love going to five guys during our USA trip but i think this beats five guys based on price point and the burger. Even the fries was awesome. Crispy and flavourful. Definitely coming back here again soon. Can't wait to bite down another of their burgers.

Used to eat this very frequently and missing this so I came back. The thai food here is legit good. Love this dish especially. Sadly the egg yolk probably got cooked when i was travelling back to office otherwise the runny egg yolk plus the sauce and the chicken mixed together is one deadly combo. Good stuff. Stall is within the tekka food centre

Was around the area for lunch and decided to have some cockles as snack before my meal. Thought marinated meant that it was not spicy but omg it was spicy hot (but that is considering my spice tolerance is at zero). Who can resist cockles though? Decided to brave the pain and finished it all. Super yummy 😋 wish they have a non spicy version next time so i can enjoy it better.

You can get to purchase it at $11.90 if you order with any lala dish.

Went to this shop just for otoro and at first they told us that otoro was out of stock. Imagine the disappointment on our faces 😅 guess they saw that and somehow told us they could get us this o-toro don set. Glad we tried it and it was such melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Don't think I ever tried such fatty tuna before. Even the rice has the vinegar-y taste and all was so legit. Miso soup was not too saltish and the tea was awesome. Good place for birthday celebrations 🥳

Came on a Thursday night but still close to a 1hr wait. The food was worth the wait though. Eat the jjajangmyeon while it is hot. The sauce dries up after it cools down. The noodles texture was the chewy type and the black bean sauce tasted authentic. It was my first time trying jjamppong (wanted to try after watching korean drama Record of Youth). For someone with zero spicy tolerance, the spiciness of the jjamppong was bearable (might take a few coughs to get used to it). However, the soup was addictive and you just keep going for more and more spoonfuls. Tasted of seafood and capsicum. The sweet and sour pork (or tangsuyuk) was interesting. The sauce tasted similar to those caifan stalls but the flour coating the pork was a bit chewy? I think it is glutinous rice flour or something like that. Love the lotus roots too. There was free flow hard boiled egg (too full to eat it), plain water for you to drink and one free ice popsicle just before you exit the shop. Worth it for this price and will come back again.

Back again at sushiro and tried new dishes. Surprisingly good and served hot. Get the crab cream croquette but it is best for sharing though, as it starts to get filling after the first one.

Ordered the pork porridge ($3.50) with egg add-on (50c). Used the kopitiam card as well so there was 10% discount. Interesting way of cooking? They cook the porridge with the ingredients and then mix the egg whites into the porridge (while still in the pot) and then pour the ready porridge into the bowl. Mixing the egg yolk with the porridge and eating every spoonful of it was just amazing. Rich and flavourful. I think the porridge itself is an even bigger selling factor than the super crispy youtiao that many reviews were raving about.

Imo the two best soups in Shang Pin hotpot. Tomato soup is a must order and chicken pumpkin soup is a pleasant surprise to the tastebuds. No crowd for weekday lunch. Ordered lots of meat and it turned out to be less than $90 for 2 pax. Worth it. It was my friend's birthday and they prepared a large fruit platter at the end of the meal. Chicken meat is a must order (super tender), can skip the beef cubes (quite hard to control when it is fully cooked). The other meat dishes were good too.

Smokey cheese with tender chicken, pineapple and mushroom. French fries, baked beans and coleslaw as sides. Worth the price and combination was perfect.

Heard many good reviews at this place and decided to try it. The restaurant do not accept dinner reservations at this place during the peak hours (6.30pm to 8pm) so best to come a little earlier to write your name on the paper first.

Both dishes were good and worth the price. The LA galbi was well marinated and the unagi was soft and tender. For the combo meals, you can choose any of the soontofu. Ordered intestine soontufu (mild spicy) for myself. For someone who can't eat spicy at all (zero tolerance for spiciness), it was spicy but tolerable if you drink the corn tea ($1++). The beef(?) intestines had quite a strong taste. Quite different from the pork intestines so might need some getting use to. The beef slices inside were tender. I love the corn tea also, you can actually taste the corn flavour in the tea. I also like eating the scorched rice at the bottom of the hot stone pot.

They also give a small yellow tail fish as part of the side dish. Be careful of the small bones! They cooked the fish well though, super tender even though it was fried.

Coming back again and can totally understand the long queues. Too much food for 2 girls though 😅

Single scoop for $5.50 while waiting for dinner. Surprisingly the dark chocolate ice cream wasn't bitter and the milk chocolate wasn't super sweet. The cone was quite thin though, was so afraid that it will break into 2 but glad that it managed to stay in place until my last bite. Will come back again!

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