Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

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Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

Wow come to drink this at the end of the day is the best. The soup is being boiled since morning so what's left is this rich and creamy goodness that leaves you wanting for more. This bowl and maybe one side dish is more than enough for 2 pax since they allow for a 1 time refill. It is basically like getting two full bowls of soup for the price of 1. The pig stomach portion is a lot too! Very worth it

Super wowed by this dish. There is currently a 1 for 1 promo for UOB cardholders which makes it even more worth it. First bite into it and you can already smell/taste the fragrance from the sesame seeds, followed by the crunchiness of cucumber and actual pieces of lobster that you could actually bite into. Great price for great food.

Ordered the signature large bowl (dry) at $16.90. There is also soup version if you’re not a gravy person. Love how generous they are with the ingredients! There’s tender beef slices, springy tendon, tender shank, springy handmade beef balls, textured tripe. Pair it with the chilli. So much kick! Really good deal with burpple beyond 1 for 1!

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I think the Phase 2 Heightened Alert affected their business a lot. Still many cream buns and bread after 8pm. They were running a promo for the bread at 2 for $2.80 so I got those.

Thought it was just a normal bread but wow, it is dense and had lots of filling. The meat was also tasty and getting it for only $1.40 was a steal! Good buy and glad I bought it last night.

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Fragrant basmati rice with crispy chicken skin. Finally had a chance to try this stall since I was around the area. Worth it for this price.


In the same place as paik's bibim where you can enjoy healthy bibimbap. I like that you can taste the chocolate yet not too milky. Ice was finely shaved so there are bits of ice with every sip. Not too crowded so you can just sit and chill.

It is 3.14 tomorrow which is Pi day so pies were on offer at $1! Bought both the apple pie and the chocolate pie. Haven't eaten the apple pie for many years and it is still the same taste like how I remembered it. So good! First time trying the chocolate pie. Not too sweet and jusy gooey enough. Would be better if I ate there and it is hot. Yumz

Had craving for mala xiang guo and decided to try this since I was around the area. I think the price was reasonable and food wasnt too salty or oily. Ordered non spicy since I couldn't take chilli. Intestines didnt have a smell. Overall satisfied with the food. Not much queue during lunch so I got my order quickly.

Tender chicken drumstick. Roasted pork skin was crispy but the bottom part was a little hard to chew. Love it when stalls have the ginger for me to put on the rice and meat. Yum

Ever seen an egg tart bun? I haven't. I was full from lunch but I couldn't help but buy this. Bread was soft and egg tart wasn't too sweet. Just the right combination. Might go back to try their other buns, some were also interesting.

Waited 1.5hours for our turn and no regrets trying this place. Meat was well marinated (didn't even have to top up extra sauces - though we added on LIKE cheesy curry for $2.80 and truffle sauce $2+). Think the best meats were karubi and harami. The one in the picture is karubi. Have to be careful when grilling the meat as there will be flames when you flip over the meat but it was fun. Total bill came up to be $51.20 but we were rolling out of the shop by then. Note that there is a 40mins time limit.

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Haven't eaten this in a long time and there was a deal for the set (rice + drink) on shopee for $8 (with $1 voucher to offset) so I decided to get it! Still taste exactly like how i remembered it with the crispy bits and mayo sauce. Still the best bowl among the others imo. The crisps just give it a whole new texture that isn't there for the other bowls. There used to be a side dish (radish kimchi, etc) but sadly, seems like there is only a soup. Soup was tasty with some beansprouts inside.

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