Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

Food I Had And Will Come Back Again

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Athena Khoo
Athena Khoo

Didn't order the big prawns. Weekday 11am but you can see a long queue forming. The soup is shiok and prawns were fresh enough. So much pork lard i felt like i was in heaven.

Wow. Literally wow. The whole dish is so good. The prawns and scallops were so fresh and i drank the whole prawn bisque down to the very last drop. If you have entertainer, please come and try this dish. Worth it with the 1-for-1. You will not regret it.

Ordered the braised pork rice ($8.90) with the onsen egg ($1.30). Worth it especially with the 1-for-1 burpple deal. Recommend to order the egg though the 1 for 1 deal is only for the rice itself. Also, best eaten with the fried shallots that they placed on some tables. Really fragrant and totally enhanced the taste of the bowl. Will come back to eat the other dishes.

I love mos burger's corn soup ($2.60). Sweet and savoury and you just can't stop drinking once you start. This is even better than the ones you can get on ANA flights. 😍

Impossible burger ($6.95) that is sooooo simple and good. The fried onions on top were crispy and provided a whole new dimension of flavour when you bite on it. The mayonnaise also went well with the whole burger. Also, impossible meat is a must-try. I love it! Slightly on the expensive side though. Rice burgers are half the price.

Would recommend the black one over the white one, and ordering just the black would be cheaper than the yuan yang kind- both black and white carrot cake ($5). Taste wise is good but portions are a bit too small to feel satisfied especially if sharing.

Ordered the $8 prawn noodle with pork rib. The soup was so good that I went back for a refill. That was even before I started eating the ingredients. Long queues even at like 2pm on a weekend. The prawns were fresh and big. Ribs were tender with a bit of fats. Stall name is fresh taste big prawn noodle, find the one with lots of newspaper cutting

Baaaaaa the lamb burger. Great for lunch gatherings and it is halal too. Cheap with burpple beyond (1 for 1 deals) and you can even use shopback or grab (earn grabpoints) to save even more. However, the meal does not include drinks and you will have to pay the ala carte price. The lamb was really tender and juicy and the fries were the airy kind which i like! The iced chocolate ($6 + $1 for ice) was really meh though, so don't order it. Overall a good experience. Others who ordered different burgers also said it is good :) will come back again once the burpple beyond deals reset

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So good that I came back a second time! Order it and they will help you fry on the spot. Super tasty and they seasoned it really well. Taste totally different from the kway chap version but if you love ngoh hiang and big intestines then this is definitely a must try.

The pasta which I will always order if I am going to Poco Loco. It never disappoints! I like the thick pasta and it goes well with the truffle mushroom sauce. The beef was also tender, don't need to chew too much and it is easy to digest.

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This is one super good hokkien mee ($3) that is worth having at any time of the day. Highly recommend if you are in this area and I'm definitely coming back again. They have a container of lard that you can scoop out as much as you want. Taste was great and not overly wet or dry. Prawn was normal but the noodles alone will blow you off your seat. Legit good. Portion was sufficient too.

Ordered the traditional toast set ($3.50). Crispy bread that melts in your mouth when you dip it in the soft boiled egg. Teh-o bing (add on $0.40) is not overly sweet. Not bad. Staff may forget your order if you come in a group, have to remind them.

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