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Joey  Tin
Joey Tin
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If you’re a big fan of Korean BBQ, and you’re also craving for Japanese cuisines, here at Super Boring Club they’ve got you covered.

This place serves fancy Korean-Japanese fusion cuisines, which Korean BBQ actually tasted very authentic and guess what? We had BBQ with Sake cocktails instead of the normal Soju (Korean tradition) which I think was actually quite interesting. Some authentic ala-carte Korean dishes were also given a different vibe. It is authentic but it doesn’t actually taste like the original. It just excites our tastebud in short.

p/s : Try this for yourself and tell me your experience. Full post on this place, is up on my Instagram

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I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese food, especially Teriyaki. I can have everything with Teriyaki 🤣🤣

This cafe actually serves Japanese fusion, which means there is actually local twist to the Japanese food. They’ve got a wide range to choose from, ranging from the rice to noodles to Onigiri.

Most of the food are available for the entire day, except for their dinner menu which is available only from 6pm daily, and the breakfast sets that is only available from 8-10am

Craving for hotpot is real when the weather is freaking hot and you still want to torture yourself for this kind of meal 😂😂😝

I’ve always preferred going back to basics, hence I’ve ordered this “Two Pesos hotpot set” which required me to stir fry the meat first till it’s half cooked before cooking the soup with the ingredients provided. Well that’s the fun of hotpot right? Cook yourself before eating.

Every hotpot set comes with either rice or noodles, and you can always add on some other ingredients to your liking. Since it is a self service concept, you’ve to refill the soup on your own whenever you need more.

This plate of Wok fried pan mee with spicy tuna, may seem like fried noodles that you can get from the mamak but trust me it’s different. It has a perfect combination of the Malay and Chinese cuisine, which actually gives a perfect twist to how the appearance is.

Rata Subang serves modern contemporary Malaysian cuisines, fancy pizzas and cocktails too. If you would love to take nice photos of your food, sit near the glass windows during the day. The place is really cozy at night.


Burritos served in sushi rice, wrapped in seaweed. Any takers?
This Japanese inspired healthy meal has got to be one of the new picks from the current ones in the market. This concept of using sushi rice instead of the usual, has got us intrigues on how a giant sushi will actually look like.

Of course, you can to pick your ingredients for this as well. It’s a bespoke healthy meal. Other than burritos, you can also get tacos or the usual rice bowls.

If you’ve been a big fan of Thurs 2.0, the Earl grey boba cake shouldn’t be new to you. Great news! They’re now launching different types of toast into their menu, and this particular one, Blackpink is made up of taro (pink) and charcoal toast (black).

The outlook might not look too good, as seen in this photo (for illustration purposes only) but it’s definitely worth the try. Taro toast is a rare combination 🙈

One of my favourite snack from Super Ramen.

Deep fried mushrooms are best paired with two different sauces that was provided. Usually order this alongside my mains (the ramen) and this is good for sharing.

Why I love them because it’s not exactly oily and it’s just very very addictive. Reminds me of the Taiwan snack but it has a little twist to it.

Super Ramen has finally launched their lunch menu which is available daily from 12pm to 3pm.

Those dishes on the lunch menu aren’t available on the regular ones, and fret not the price are more reasonable, ranging from RM16++ to RM20++

Be sure to try those, if you’ve tried almost everything on the regular menu like I did.

If you didn’t know, Super Ramen was rebranded from Ru Di Fook. It’s just noooooodless all day err day because the owners love noodles.

The signature dish here at Super Ramen has to be none other than “King of Pork Chop”. Just look at the size of pork chop 😍😍

I usually pair my ramen with small bites, and my favorite will be this Kungfu Mushroom. Always a best combo but the varieties are great as well.

Try out the lunch menu for food prices at a more reasonable price. You won’t regret trying this and I definitely prefer this over the overpriced ramen out there.

Pretty sure that we are all big fans of healthy eating and rice bowls like this aren’t so alienated. Different variations and combinations, and what makes this special, they use sushi rice on top of their usual brown rice and white rice.

Besides, they do serve taco and burritos, wraps in seaweed instead of the usual wraps

Price are reasonable and most importantly ingredients are fresh.

Do pair your “Soufflé, paired with a hot cup of Earl grey milk tea”. In contrary to their sister cafe, Wild Sheep Chase, there are mains and ice creams served here.
I like how fluffy the soufflé is, and how it melts down in my mouth.

Healthy food, healthy me.
Always loved a meal that consist of meat, quinoa and vegetables. It should be topped with Avocado but they’ve replaced it with sweet potato for me the other day.

It’s really filling and that meal actually lasted me for the entire day, I’m not kidding.

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