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Roasted Pork Belly

Roasted Pork Belly

Featuring Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Foong Kee Coffee Shop, Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café (Rendezvous Hotel), Market Street Interim Hawker Centre, Fatty Cheong (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck (Queen Street), Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck, Stärker Bistro (Zhongshan Park), Stärker Signature (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Lee Kheong Roasted Delicacy (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre)
Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

Look at those thick pieces of roasted meat! The only roasted meat I’ve come across that serves it warm with crisp crackling! Still is my favourite roasted meat stall! 😋😋😋

Been a while since the last time I had roasted pork belly from my favourite stall. I figured why it’s so good - because the meat is served warm and the crackling is crisp and crunchy! Unlike other stalls, the meat is cold and sometimes you can tell the meat has been “out” for a while when you bite into the meat. This stall still wins hands-down!

I’ve found this is the one of the best value-for-money. I ordered this through delivery, and when I received it, a good portion of the meat was still warm, and the crackling was still crisp and crunchy.

Love the way the meat was roasted as it’s tasty, without being overly salty. Plus point is, at the price of $20 for this 500g of meat! 👍

Ordered this via delivery. That’s a good portion of 500g. Crackling was still slightly crunchy. This portion had too much fat vs meat though (in my opinion). Overall, still good, especially at a reasonably priced deal.

After my first positive experience with their pinkish roasted pork belly, I was craving for it. I ordered 500g of it via delivery. This time, though, the meat was cold and crackling not as crisp, and meat is not as succulently pink (evident in the photo taken). Disappointed.

Not sure if the packaging had a part to play as this time, it was packed in a paperbox with their name and logo printed on it. Precisely, it as packed in a white styrofoam box, which would have helped retained the warm food longer. Plus, their roasted pork belly doesn’t come cheap. I’ll think twice and three times the next time.

Interesting texture for pork belly, plus peppered with chilli powder on the top. Wanted to try this just to taste how is it vs all other typical roasted pork belly (Chinese and Spanish style); but I wouldn’t order this side dish again in my next visit, as this was not the star of the three dishes that I ordered.

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Ordered this 500g roasted pork belly to try as I’ve heard friends rave about Kay Lee’s Roasted Meat.
Crackling was still crisp and meat was savoury, and not overly salty. Although I think their price was little steep (especially since I’ve tried Fatty Cheong’s which is equally good, and they charged a more competitive price).

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Decided to give their Pork Belly a try since I’ve always had their Pork Knuckle (which is one of the best in SG!). I ordered this via delivery; which was rather prompt. The pork belly was still warm when I had it, and the meat texture of different from that of done by our local roasted method. Meat was nicely roasted and crackling was still slightly crisp. The only disappointment is the portion - perhaps that explains it’s their Appetiser dish.

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Duck Master has introduced new items on their menu for quite a while now. Gave this a try as the price is unbeatable! This is pack is 500g for just $13!!
Nice evenly roasted and meat was tender with a good balance of fat and meat.

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That’s 500g if roasted pork belly. After much contemplation (because they’re not one of cheapest priced), decided to try their roasted pork.

I must say, it was good! The pinkish tender meat and crisp crackling 👍👍


Ordered 1/2kg of Roasted Pork again after my first positive experience. Today’s cut had all crackling crisp and meat was pinkish, plus all neatly cut up! 👍

Ordered 1/2kg worth of roasted pork. The crackling was good! I like that the meat isn’t too salty, unlike some other stalls; it’s just amount the right amount of tastiness.

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