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Roasted Pork Belly

Roasted Pork Belly

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Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

Ordered 1/2kg of Roasted Pork again after my first positive experience. Today’s cut had all crackling crisp and meat was pinkish, plus all neatly cut up! 👍

Ordered 1/2kg worth of roasted pork. The crackling was good! I like that the meat isn’t too salty, unlike some other stalls; it’s just amount the right amount of tastiness.

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Came to this outlet for our company annual gathering dinner. This was one of my favourite dishes amongst the various dishes ordered. The cracking was crispy and meat was warm and moist.

The food from Starkers is generally good, hence we chose Starkers. However, the staff at this outlet needs some customer service retraining. After approaching a male staff of our reservation, he told us that the centralised aircon switches on at 6pm only (we were a few minutes early), and so we could wait outside if it’s too stuffy inside. Whilst standing outside to wait, GE actually said “can you all take a seat, because from the CCTV, to the management it would look like we haven’t been attended to”. Would it have been better if he had said “take a seat on the chairs available while waiting”, instead of telling us it would reflect badly on him that we stood around and not be seated. (Amongst other service comments made by this service staff).

Back here for their roasted meat. The perpetual queue is worth the wait for the superb warm meat and crispy cracking! 😋😋👍

This is my favourite roasted meat stall. The meat is warm with crisp crackling skin, and best value in terms of quality and quantity for the price they charge. Plus, the stall owners are very friendly and smiley. This portion shown in the picture is $10.

Rare chance to be in the area during lunch hour. So, first thing I did was to queue for this. It was only around 12.30pm when I saw that all the duck were sold out! That was unfortunate for me as I wanted to try their Roast Duck. Instead, I decided to give their Roast Pork a go since I was there anyway. I must say the portion was a paltry handful amount, and the crackling wasn’t crisp anymore but was chewy from having been left out for too long after being roasted.

Hope to have better luck with their duck next time!

Decided to try the roasted pork belly this afternoon.
It was not bad - crispy crackling, but with little fat though. It’d be nicer if there was more fat, like 50:50 fat:meat.

Passed along Neil Road/Keong Siak Street and I recall there was at least one stall which sells roasted pork belly in the area.
And found this one - here’s a plate of $5 worth. I still prefer the Tiong Bahru Stall at the Interim Market Street hawker Centre though.

Plain roast pork belly ($5 worth). Asked for fatty parts.
In terms of quantity it’s fairly the same as most other places. Average portion. As for the proportion of fat vs meat, I’d prefer if there was more fat though.

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Ordered $5 worth of roast pork belly. Requested for the fattest cut. Not too bad - thick cut of meat with crispy crackling. Much better deal then the other stall at the next coffeeshop, which I mistook and ordered by mistake. Although, it allowed me to compare the portion and cut of the meat given. I’d return to Rong Liang at 3838 coffeeshop!

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I asked for $4 worth of roast pork belly. I must say the portion is quite good. For the roast duck leg, they charge $5. Not much fat though. I’d return to have their pork belly, and not for the duck.


Very little fat, mostly lean meat.
If you’re looking for those with a thick layer of crispy skin and fat, this may not be for you.