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Featuring Egg Stop (Paya Lebar Square), Happy Chef Western Food, Flaming Don (Bugis+), Fatburger (KINEX), Délifrance (Toa Payoh HDB Hub), Cafe Mizu, McDonald's (Potong Pasir)
Just A Fat Boi
Just A Fat Boi

Had the Chicken Kiev (S$11), which is actually a Chicken Cordon Bleu, and a taste of the Fish Schnitzel. Don't think the place is worth the good reviews that it seems to be getting. Perhaps the place used to be good, but that is way back in the past, about 10 years or more.

Full review https://justafatboi.com/happy-chef-review/


Cafe mizu is a restaurant that doesn't quite know what it wants to sell. Despite being in a good location I often see that this place just don't draw crowds, and with reasons.

The full reasons can be viewed http://justafatboi.com/mizu-cafe/

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S$7.90. Added S$4 for cheese, bacon, chili and egg (S$1 each).

The beef patty is dry. Nothing else much to say. That one flaw makes the burger unsalvageable. Would rather eat mcdonald's twice.

Full review: https://justafatboi.com/fatburger-review-singapore-aint-making-me-fat/

S$7.40. Expensive. Not a full sandwich. Not Korean, though I'm not sure if the owners are claiming to be but bloggers everywhere sure are.

I feel a little bad about writing a rant, but full rant: https://justafatboi.com/egg-stop-review/


Because it isn't good. Stick to their sandwiches and baked products.

Aglio olio with cheesy chicken. S$17.80 for 2 sets of Pasta plus coffee or tea, with an option to top up S$2 for soup of the day. Discounted price because of national day coupons.

Chicken is tough. Cheese didn't add much flavour except giving a stringy texture. Aglio olio is alright, but is lacking in the fragrant garlic taste.

Even with the discount, I felt dissatisfied with my meal.


2 pieces for S$2.20

Tasted a lot more like salt fried chicken than prawn paste chicken, as did the burger. Felt disappointed. Drumlets may still be worth a try.

Full review: https://justafatboi.wordpress.com/2018/07/18/mcdonalds-haha-cheong-gai-burger-and-drumlets-review/

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I spent $17.90 for the Signature Flaming Beef Don and $1.99 for the free flow miso soup.

Contrary to most Burpple reviews, I did not like it at all, and think it is a waste of my $20.

For people browsing Burpple, you should look at Google reviews and judge for yourself whether you want to continue to visit the restaurant. It is rare that a place has less than a rating of 3/5.

Full review: https://justafatboi.com/flaming-don/